Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Ultimate Tier List

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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt brings a refreshing take to the battle royale genre where 40 players battle it out on the streets of Prague. Surprisingly, this game has a lot of archetypes and weapons to explore and we’re here to rank them in this ultimate Bloodhunt tier list.

Bloodhunt Ultimate Tier List

We’ve split the tier lists into two categories: archetypes and weapons. May this guide be helpful in your task to figure out what kind of archetype and weapon combination may suit your playstyle.

Archetype Tier List

Here’s a quick summary of each of the archetype’s ranking in terms of the following playstyles. Take note that we are ranking them in terms of their abilities. If you have the right weapons, this tier list can change according to your preference.

Read more below by clicking on the links to learn each of the archetype’s strengths, weaknesses, and different strategies on how you can utilize their skills properly. While it’s pretty difficult to rank the best archetype, we’ll give you different insights and perspectives on why you should give each archetype a try.




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Brute | Bruja Clan

Archetype Power: Shockwave Punch

Passive Power: True Grit

Clan Power: Soaring Leap

The Brute archetype may suit you if your playstyle is more of a conservative tank and damage approach. Its Shockwave Punch is capable of deflecting bullets so this archetype is pretty powerful if you time both your offense and defense against your opponent.

When in a group, the Brute can also act as a defensive distraction while your other teammates can go for the kill. Playing the Brute solo can also increase your survivability through its True Grit passive, giving you the ability to replenish up to half of your health while not taking damage.

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Saboteur | Nosferatu Clan

Archetype Power: Sewer Bomb

Passive Power: Unseen Passage

Clan Power: Vanish

The archetypes in the Nosferatu clan are the most fun to use in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines because it’s the only clan that has the power to turn themselves invisible temporarily.

This is where the Saboteur comes in, the archetype with the most user-friendly power kit in our opinion, especially when playing solo. The pros in this game might consider this archetype one of the weakest, but if you’re good with positioning strategies, the Saboteur could be your potential favorite.

Unseen Passage has got to be one of the most powerful passives in the game giving you the ability to become semi-invisible while crouching. This is useful if you picked up a marksman or sniper rifle and you have a good rooftop vantage point.

The Sewer Bomb power is pretty useful in a lot of situations where you can surprise your enemies. It’s a proximity bomb that releases toxic gas when enemies approach it. You can somewhat spam this around an area that you are patrolling in Prague, making it overpowered if you place your traps in the right places.

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Vandal | Bruja Clan

Archetype Power: Earth Shock

Passive Power: Adrenaline Rush

Clan Power: Soaring Leap

The Vandal is more of a high-risk high reward damager archetype if you have a more mobile playstyle. Earth Shock is a pretty flexible skill where you can use it to either be aggressive towards your opponent or use it as an alternative escape skill in addition to Soaring Leap.

A good example of using Earth Shock is surprising your enemies from an elevated position. The Vandal can leap forward and crash upon the ground, dealing damage and hurling enemies upward, while finishing off with a shotgun or a melee attack.

Adrenaline Rush gives the Vandal moderate damage resistance when it’s in close vicinity of enemies. In a duo/trio team, this archetype can be a good combination with defense archetypes such as the Brute or the Enforcer.

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Enforcer | Ventrue Clan

Archetype Power: Unyielding Charge

Passive Power: Subjugating Presence

Clan Power: Flesh of Marble

The Enforcer is a new addition to Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt as an alternative tank to the Brute. Although its archetype power is slightly more difficult to use compared to the Brute, when used in the right hands, it packs a punch.

Once you hit someone with Unyielding Charge, they become silenced for a few seconds catching them off guard.

Flesh of Marble is pretty overpowered when used correctly. You can activate this power while reloading pressuring the enemy to attack while not realizing that you become immune for a few seconds.

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Prowler | Nosferatu Clan

Archetype Power: Scouting Famulus

Passive Power: Sense The Beast

Clan Power: Vanish

If you want a more challenging archetype to use in your battle royale sessions, you may want to give the Prowler a try. Although this archetype is slightly more difficult to use solo compared to the Saboteur, mastering its powers can give you an unfair advantage against your opponents.

Sense The Beast leaves a trail that reveals the enemies’ latest movements, giving the Prowler the liberty of finishing off both low-health and downed enemies.

The Prowler can be a very reliable scout when playing this in duos and trios because of its Scouting Famulus power that can spot enemies from a distance. Think of this archetype being similar to Bloodhound in Apex Legends.

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Siren | Toreador Clan

Archetype Power: Blinding Beauty

Passive Power: Kindred Charm

Clan Power: Projection Dash

The Toreador is another clan that you can consider if Nosferatu isn’t your cup of tea. Sure, you have the Bruja clan with their Soaring Leaps, but the Toreador has the element of surprise attached to their Projection Dashes.

If you want a mix of flanking and support, then consider using the Siren archetype. Although the game categorizes them as a support role, you can use them as an initiator similar to Valorant when playing as a team through Blinding Beauty.

Blinding Beauty damages and blinds surrounding enemies so the Siren can be a reliable teammate in duos/trios. If ever you get knocked down after surprising your opponents, let your teammates do the cleanup.

Kindred Charm is a helpful passive power that can get you quick buffs from civilians, especially when playing solo.

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Muse | Toreador Clan

Archetype Power: Rejuvenating Voice

Passive Power: Final Act

Clan Power: Projection Dash

The Muse is the pure support in Vampire: The Masquerade. This archetype is not really ideal to play in solo queues but if you want to play passively in a battle royale session, the Muse has a decent survivability rate.

When played in a duo/trio, this is where the Rejuvenating Voice power shines because it gives off a healing aura that affects both you and the entire team.

Final Act gives the Muse the power to instantly refresh its cooldowns and enable the use of powers when downed. Just hope that you don’t encounter a Prowler to finish you off when playing solo assuming that you teleported to a safe area.

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Weapon Tier List

In the next section of our Bloodhunt tier list, we’re taking a look at the weapons.

Weapon Tier List

Depending on the archetype that you’re using during your battle royale runs, these weapons that you can find in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt can make or break your chances of survival.

These are the following color-coded rarities that you need to take note of when finding your weapons:

  • Common (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Golden)

Here’s a quick summary of the weapons that you can find in the streets of Prague. You can click on each tier for more details about a particular weapon set found on this list.

  • S-Tier: Minigun, Pump Shotgun, Katana
  • A-Tier: Marksman Rifle, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Silenced SMG, Scourge Blades, Double-Barrelled
  • B-Tier: LMG, Tommy Gun, Burst Rifle, Toggler, 9-Barrel, Spiked Bat, Fire Axe
  • C-Tier: Crossbow, Pistol, Revolver, Dual Pistols, Dual Crossbows

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S-Tier Weapons

If you’re really lucky with your battle royale runs, then you should keep tabs on these weapons. The minigun is a legendary weapon that you can find in-game and it packs a lot of damage if you’re in the right ambush spots.

Use the Pump Shotgun if you’re more of a close-quarters combat type of gamer. This weapon is suited for the Bruja Clan archetypes as well as the Enforcer archetype. You could also use the Double-Barrelled shotgun if you’re precise with your aiming.

The reason why we also placed the Pump Shotgun on top is because of its magazine capacity, giving you more chances of putting down your opponents.

Between the Katana and Scourge Blades, we’re picking the Katana on the S-Tier because of its ability to block ranged attacks. Plus, you feel like playing as a Star Wars Jedi for a brief period.

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A-Tier Weapons

Weapons under this tier are actually pretty easy to find except for the Scourge Blades. The Assault Rifle is everyone’s favorite since even if you die on the map, once you get the Last Chance pop-up, this is one of the default equipment that you’ll receive. Plus, it’s versatile in all ranges of combat.

Both the Marksman and Sniper Rifles also fall under this category if you have a good sense of tracking enemies from long range.

If your playstyle is more mobile, especially in melee combat, then you may want to keep your eyes on the Scourge Blades just in case you can’t find a Katana. The Scourge Blades weapon skill gives you the ability to dash-strike towards your opponent, leaving them startled in their crosshairs if they don’t have a melee weapon equipped.

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B-Tier Weapons

The weapons that you can find in this B-Tier list mostly have a high magazine count. The only downside of using these weapons is the accuracy it provides. The LMG and Tommy Gun fall under this category and they are best suited for close to medium range combat.

The 9-Barrel is a decent long-range weapon if you can’t find a Marksman or Sniper Rifle lying around.

If you want a mix of semi-auto and full-auto modes, then the Toggler would be your best bet. The magazine capacity isn’t that attractive though compared to the other ARs. However, if you can get a better rarity Toggler then this weapon can bump up near the A-Tier.

You can also find the other melee weapons here such as the Fire Axe and Spiked Bat which are decent enough to down opponents if ever you can’t find the rare ones. If you want more of a medium to a long-range combat style, you can refer to the A-Tier list.

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C-Tier Weapons

Here you will find the weakest weapons that you could probably find in Bloodhunt if you’re not lucky with your loots. At the start of your spawn, you’re given the Pistol but if you could find Dual Pistols then you may have a slight advantage of taking down your enemies in the early rounds.

Picking up a Revolver will give you better damage output instead of a Pistol but you’ll sacrifice magazine capacity in the process.

The Crossbow is mainly used for escaping since it emits a toxic cloud, similar to the Sewer Bomb of the Saboteur but weaker unless you get a better rarity.

We could put the Double Crossbow near the B-Tier but it’s really situational at this point. Maybe if you’re able to spot a firefight, you could steal a couple of frags by spamming its explosive projectiles.

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And that wraps up our Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt tier list! We hope this guide helps you in picking your preferred archetype and the weapons that you need to find to fit their current power set.

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