Very Shaky Crysis Next Gameplay Leaked on 4Chan

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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We thought we saw horrible camera handling when we saw the leaked Elden Ring trailer, but it seems that someone managed to top that level of recording with the new look at Crysis Next Gameplay Leaked straight from 4chan. If you are prone to vertigo or nausea, we recommend watching this with supervision.

Crysis Next Gameplay Leaked – You’re going to need a helmet

We have talked about Crysis Next a couple of times but it seems that now we have definitive video proof of the concept existing.

The gameplay starts at 1:29. Uploaded on an unlisted YouTube link.

You can see from the very shaky footage that this could be Crysis Next, but due to the lack of stability, it is very hard to discern just exactly what we are watching.

While we have heard little from Crysis these last few months except for the Crysis Remaster.

While Crytek and EA have yet to talk about bringing the series back on the map, we are still uncertain what lays ahead for the IP.

According to the leaked documents we covered earlier, the path for Crysis branches in two ways. One will be a dedicated VR game, which makes sense.

The second path for it would be to take the Battle Royale approach, which in the world of Crysis could be something that can actually make the IP relevant again.

If you are to give players the abilities of the powersuit in the game paired with the graphics, it is definitely a novel idea.

While Crysis 2 multiplayer was an okay offering, a dedicated and preferably free-to-play Battle Royale mode could be just what the doctor ordered for this aged franchise.

For now, we are trying to get our hands on stabilized footage for us to show, but until then you will have to make due with the footage that was shot while the person was riding a roller coaster.

This footage is similar to the infamous Halo 4 barn footage which is another example of leaked media with an uncanny twist to it.

Once your head stops spinning, do let us know what you think of the Crysis Next Leaked footage? Is there enough here to pique your interest?

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