What Happens If You Butcher Your Pals in Palworld

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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You can catch dozens of differnet pals in Palworld and will almost always have duplicates of each pal in your inventory. So, what do you do with the copies? Sell em? Eat em? or….should you butcher them for resources? This guide will provide insight into what happens when a player decides to butcher pals in Palworld.

Butchering Pals in Palworld

Players can sell their pals to merchants around the Palworld map for gold or butcher them for resources. While it might seem cruel to murder such cute-looking creatures, it is an option given to use by the developers.

Here’s How You Can Sell Your Pals in Palworld.

Let’s discuss the prospect of butchering pals in Palworld, how to do it, and just how beneficial it is. But before we get to the bloody bits, we need to unlock and craft a certain tool from the Technology tab in the game.

How to Get a Meat Cleaver in Palworld

Cleaver Unlocks at Tech Level 12
Technology Level 12

You need to have a meat cleaver to be able to butcher pals in Palworld. You can unlock the meat cleaver’s recipe by unlocking Level 12 in the tech tree. Once done, you can craft the tool at the workbench by using the following resources:

  • Ingot x5
  • Wood x20
  • Stone x5

Have you ever wondered what Lucky Pals are in Palworld?

How to Butcher Pals

Butcher Pals
Pals get blurred when you decide to butcher them.

Equip the meat cleaver as your weapon, and then go near the pal you want to butcher. Open the radial menu, and you should see the Butcher Pal option instead of the Pet Pal option. The moment you press it, your pal will get pixelated, and you’ll cleave it to death. *You evil…evil person!

Butchered pals will drop some meat and other resources for you and then vanish forever. It is still more beneficial to just sell them for gold. Gold will give you more benefits in the long run.

You can also catch humans in Palworld and do the same to them. (。>﹏<)

And now you know what happens if you butcher your pals in Palworld. Informative, wasn’t it? Find more of the same in the dedicated Palworld category on our website.

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