What is Revenge in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Explained)

Get your revenge from enemies that defeat you!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty features some similar mechanics to the Souls series. One such mechanic is called Revenge. If you are not familiar with this, you will have a tough time in the game as you can potentially lose a lot of your hard-earned Qi and Morale.

However, worry not because we will explain how the Revenge mechanics work so that you can become stronger and not die to random enemies on the map. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

What is the Revenge Mechanic?

If you are familiar with how this mechanic works in Dark Souls or other similar games, you will already know what to do. However, if you are new to the game, you’ll want to learn this because it is extremely important.

Since there are tons of enemies spread across the map of Wo Long, you are bound to die to a few of them. Once you do, you will lose your Morale Points and half of your Genuine Qi. At the same time, the enemy that kills you will have their Morale increase – making them stronger.

Keep in mind that your Fortitude determines the base number of Morale. So, if you have 10 Fortitude, you will get 10 Morale minimum if you die. Also, the maximum number of Morale you can get in each stage of the game is 25.

Getting the “Crushing Defeat” screen after dying.

Once you die to an enemy, you will get the “Crushing Defeat” screen that is similar to the infamous “You are Dead” in Dark Souls. When this happens, you will respawn at the latest Battle Flag.

How to Get Revenge?

Defeating the target that killed you will give you your Qi back.

The good news is that dying to an enemy is not the end of the world in Wo Long. You can get back your Moral Points and the Qi that you lost by defeating the enemy. As you can see in the image above, you can find and defeat the enemy that killed you.

After doing that, you will see a prompt appear that states “Revenge Accomplished”. Now, you will get half of your Qi and Morale Points back. However, if you die to the same enemy or anyone else, your Morale and Qi that you lost will permanently disappear.

So, make sure that you tread carefully once you die once so that you can get your Qi and Morale back. Having high amounts of Morale is extremely crucial in Wo Long since you will deal increased damage and take reduced damage as well.


There you have it, that’s everything you need to know about the revenge mechanic in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Getting revenge after you die to an enemy is vital as you can regain your Qi and Morale which is quite important.

What are your thoughts about the game so far? Do you think it is too difficult? Let us know in the comments below!

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