What Ranks Can Play Together in VALORANT

Let’s queue together! “Skill disparity too high.”

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Playing with friends is one of the best ways to rank up in Valorant. It ensures that you have somebody you can count on, even if the rest of your team doesn’t have comms. Unfortunately, not everyone can play with their friends due to the difference in their ranks. So, before queueing, you need to find out what ranks can play together in Valorant.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Join us today as we explain the rank differences and what ranks you can queue with. Here are all the ranks that can play together in Valorant.

Valorant Rank Queue

In general, you can always queue with ranks exactly one tier below or higher than your current rank. However, these conditions can change depending on how high your rank is and how many players you are queueing with. Riot has strict restrictions around these, which is why some high-rank players prefer to smurf instead, just so they can play with their friends.

Rules for Duo or Trio Rank Queue

Playing with a duo in Valorant.

If you are playing in a duo or trio, the restrictions are a bit different, depending on your rank. Determining what ranks you can play with can be tricky, so we’ve made a table to make your life easier.

Lowest Rank Allowed in PartyHighest Rank Allowed in Party
PlatinumDiamond (Exactly one tier lower)
DiamondAscendant (Exactly one tier lower)
AscendantImmortal (Exactly one tier lower)
ImmortalRadiant (Exactly one tier lower)

As a quick summary, Iron and Bronze players can queue with players up to Silver. Silver players can play with Golds, while Golds can play with Plats. So if you’re wondering, can Bronze play with Gold in Valorant? The answer is, unfortunately, no.

However, once the highest rank in your party starts at Diamond, the restrictions change a little. You can only play with ranks exactly one tier higher or lower than your rank. So, if you are Diamond 2, you can only play with as low as Plat 2 or as high as Ascendant 2. Any higher or lower and the rank disparity will be too high, and you can no longer queue together.

All of these restrictions make climbing the higher Valorant ranks that much more difficult.

Rules for Premade Groups of Five

Playing with a variety of ranks in Valorant.

The ranks that can play together in Valorant get vastly wider when you’re in a premade group of five. This is done to help combat smurfing. This allows most Valorant players to play on their main accounts while still being able to queue with their friends in low ranks.

For the most part, there aren’t any restrictions to what ranks you can play together in Valorant if you’re a group of five. Players all the way from Iron to Ascendant can play together. However, if the ranks are outside the standard rank restrictions, RR reduction penalties will be applied. Penalties of 25% up to 75% will be applied, depending on how large the rank discrepancy is between the highest and lowest rank.

As for higher ranks, they can still play with lower ranked players. However, if one or more players from your group are Immortal, the group will automatically receive a 25% RR reduction penalty. If at least one player is Radiant, then you will automatically receive an RR reduction penalty of 75% to 90%.

That was everything you needed to know about what ranks can play together in Valorant. Hopefully, we were able to help you out. Enjoy playing with your friends!

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