What’s Causing Long Queue Times in League of Legends?

Find out why the timer is so long before finding a match.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Long queue times are not a fun experience as you are forced to do nothing but wait. If you are stuck waiting for Riot to find you a match, worry not we’ll tell you what’s causing long queue times in League of Legends.

There are multiple reasons why the queue time is long in League of Legends, namely:

  • Your role
  • High MMR
  • Playing at an early/late time
  • Game mode


Lane Role

Lane Role

Depending on what role you choose, you might have to wait longer than others. Some roles are extremely popular (like mid or jungle), so, you’ll have to wait longer if you want to get these roles. Plus, if autofill isn’t active, you can get other roles instead to find the match quicker.

However, if you play a role that isn’t popular (like support or adc), you’ll find a match relatively sooner. If you main an unpopular role, you’re in luck since you will always find matches easily.


High MMR

High MMR

If you reach a rank that is considered high MMR, you will find a match after a long queue. This is because there are fewer players in that rank so Riot has to carefully set you up. While this doesn’t apply to every rank, it mostly happens in Challenger.

Players have to wait for a long time (10 minutes or even higher) to get a match. Since I’m in Platinum/Emerald, I get matches quickly.


Playing Too Early or Late

Playing Too Early or Late

Depending on which region you are playing in, you might have to consider the time. If you are like me and playing in EUW, playing late at night when most people are sleeping will cause long queue times.

The same can be said if you are playing early in the morning on a weekday. Other players might have to go to work or school, and might not be available. Since fewer players are playing at times like these, you have to wait longer.


Game Mode

Game Mode

Finally, the reason why the queue time might take long is because you’re playing a game mode that isn’t that popular. For example, if you play flex queue, you’ll have to wait longer than solo/duo or even normals.

This is because the game mode isn’t played as much as the others. I have noticed that if you queue up as three in flex, it takes a long time to find a match. However, going as a full team can find you a game quickly.

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