When is Cross Progression Coming to Apex Legends?

Even though the situation looks grim, there's still hope that Cross Progression will come to Apex one day.

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One of the most pressing questions that players keep asking Respawn is when is Cross Progression coming to Apex Legends? It’s understandable really. Nobody wants to spend all those hours leveling up in Apex only to do it again on another account.

What’s more. Cross Progression is technically already in Apex Legends, just in a limited form. We discussed the issue when we talked about Crossplay in Apex Legends. So long as you’re transitioning from Steam to the EA App or vice versa – you’re fine.

However, if you want to transition from Console to PC, then you’re basically out of luck.

When Did The Issue With Cross-Progression Start?

Players have been asking for Cross-Progression to be implemented as far back as 2019. It all started when Ryan Rigney did a Reddit AMA for the Emergence update.

when is cross progression coming to Apex Legends

This was the first glimpse into the hurdles that needed to be overcome before Cross Progression could be implemented in Apex Legends. Still, the general demeanor of Rigney and his team at least showed that they were hopeful and optimistic about reaching a solution soon.

However, a few years down the line, the burning question of “When is Cross Progression coming to Apex Legends?” has yet to be answered.

Even in 2022. The senior design director of Apex Legends, Evan Nikolich, was asked the question during a preview event for Apex Legends Season 15. His reply? “We’re still working on it.”

The Problem With Implementing Cross-Progression in Apex

The reason it’s been so hard to implement Cross-Progression across all platforms is the fact that the game itself is built on some pretty old software. How old you may ask? – The Source Engine old.

Apex is built on a heavily modified version of the Source Engine. And, as with all game engines, it’s far from perfect. Couple that with advancing technology over the last couple of years, like the PS5 and the Xbox X/S; and you get yourself a situation where you fix one thing, only to break two more.

Will We Ever See Cross-Progression Implemented in Apex?

This is a tough question to answer, as it would require a hefty prediction to be made. However, there’s still hope. In 2023, game director Steven Ferreira commented that Cross-Progression is “still being worked on”.

Hopefully, this means that we will get to see the feature implemented in late 2023, or at least in the course of 2024.

Now that the latest generation of consoles has been out for a while. And with at least a few years until the next generation comes out. Hopefully, the team over at Respawn Entertainment will be able to resolve all the issues, so that we can finally see Cross-Progression in the game.

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