When’s Deathloop Heading to Xbox?

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Arkane Studios’ Deathloop was unveiled during the E3 held in 2019. Fans were pretty excited as the Studio had been delivering back-to-back bangers. First with the unmatched stealth game series Dishonored, and then with Prey. Both games were epic in their own way.

Deathloop, on the other hand, was a blend of everything Arkane had been learning over the years. Arkane Studios has been a subsidiary of Bethesda for years. If you’ve been keeping up with the company as of late, you already know it’s owned by Microsoft.

Initially, it was slated to be an only on PlayStation timed release. This didn’t age well, though, as Microsoft announced the acquisition of Bethesda the following year – early 2021. As shocking as this news was, it left an even bigger unanswered question. Would the previously stated timed exclusive remain as such from day one for the PlayStation 4 console?

Surprisingly, what could’ve been the ultimate blow by Microsoft to Sony, was instead upheld. Microsoft announced that they’ll honor Bethesda’s standing commitments.

This led to titles like Deathloop releasing as timed exclusives for the PS5. But that period soon runs out on 14 September 2022. So is Deathloop going to release on Xbox this year? Yup, Microsoft has finally agreed to give the fans what they want.

Is Deathloop on Xbox?

Yes, Deathloop is heading to the Xbox Series X/S consoles. The game has served its preordained exclusivity period for the PS5, and Microsoft has given word that the game is headed to its consoles soon enough.

Deathloop Xbox
Image: Arkane Studios | Deathloop

Deathloop has had a terrific run since its release. It’s won major noteworthy awards. That includes getting the Best Game Direction, and Best Art Direction wins at the famed yearly Video Game Awards (VGAs). The game’s pretty popular, so naturally, it’ll have demand on all platforms.

Though the game has received widespread praise, it didn’t exactly sell well. It debuted with the lowest sales figures of any Arkane title. A pretty shocking piece of information considering it being named Game of the Year on multiple websites. Having said that, you can judge that Deathloop caters to specific audiences, those willing to learn it.

It takes the best elements of stealth from Arkane’s Dishonored 2 and mixes that in with Prey’s world-building. The end product of Deathloop leads to a wonderful adventure through and through.

Is Deathloop On PC?

Specifically, Deathloop was a part of the PS5 console exclusive category. Sounds like many other PlayStation-PC exclusives we know of.

As you can view in the tweet above, the cover image explicitly states, “Also available on PC. Not available on other consoles till at least 09/014/2022”.

So yeah, you can play it on PC as well. The game is available for purchase on Steam for the standard $59.99 price tag. But you should wait for a sale to get it.

Deathloop Xbox Release Date

Deathloop’s exclusivity tenure seems to have expired. Now, exactly one year after its release, the game has started appearing on the Xbox console store. Microsoft has officially stated that Deathloop will be made available for purchase as well as to Xbox Game Pass users on 20 September 2022.

The Xbox port of Deathloop will be accompanied by the “Golden Loop” update. It’ll expand upon the base game by adding a new weapon, new foes, new upgrades, cross-play matchmaking, and a never before seen addition to the original plotline’s ending.

This would mark the end of its exclusivity agreement for the PS5. Though Xbox could’ve released Deathloop sooner on 15 September, they chose to wait a few days. Probably to build some anticipation or remind the people who’ve forgotten about it.

Deathloop Xbox release date
Image: Arkane Studios | Deathloop

We might get an exclusive DLC after the game’s release on Xbox. This could be a viable scenario to have gamers who’ve already purchased the game on PC buy it again on their Xbox console.

Will Deathloop come to Xbox One?

This is a tricky one. It didn’t release for the PS4, so coincidentally, we might not get it on the Xbox one due to hardware constraints. On the other hand, a toned-down version could be brought to the Xbox one.

It’ll be a pretty nice addition to the Xbox one line-up. Mostly because the majority of gamers still haven’t upgraded to next-gen yet. One factor that contributes to this is the obvious console shortage. While the other is the relatively small line-up of next-generation games.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda will evidently bring a massive expansion into that number. Starfield and Redfall are already on their way, so seeing Deathloop shortly presents itself as a likely possibility.

Is Deathloop on Xbox Game Pass?

Deathloop is heading to Xbox Game Pass on 20 September 2022. The Xbox Game Pass is stated on the website to have all first-party games available on day one, and so as soon as the game is made available on the store for purchase seperately, it’ll be added to the service. Deathloop’s exclusivity for the PS5 ended on 14 September 2022, and now you’ll see it arrive about a week later of that commitment’s end.

Deathloop Xbox release date
Image: Arkane Studios | Deathloop

It’s no secret that the Game Pass has been on an absolute wrecking spree. Hands down, it’s the best gaming subscription service in the market right now. The catalog is expansive, retaining over a hundred unique titles, including the Yakuza saga, Halo: Infinite, No Man’s Sky, and Arkane’s masterpiece, Dishonored 2.

Due to Xbox’s keen focus on Game Pass, it was highly likely to see Deathloop added to it. Surprisingly, Microsoft continues to live up to its Day-One Game Pass exclusive motto. The new Playstation Plus might be performing well, but the Game Pass still remains dominant.


Deathloop’s a great game, and getting to see it on Xbox would be even better. The chances of it coming to Xbox were extremely favorable, and now it’s headed to the Series S/X consoles on 20 September.

When is Deathloop coming to xbox
Image: Arkane Studios | Deathloop

As for more content, the Golden Loop update brings a lot to the table. While it isn’t confirmed yet, Deathloop might get exclusive DLC for Xbox, but for now let’s just wait and see. Here’s a look at more Xbox-related content for you to eyeball through.

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