Where To Find All The B-12 Memories In Stray

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One of the memories in Stray

Collecting all the B-12 memories serves two purposes – The first being helping with building the lore of the world as B-12 is a very important character to help the players learn about the world they’re in, and second, there is a trophy called “I Remember!” for anyone keen on trophy collecting. Here is how you can find all the B-12 memories in Stray.

Find all the B-12 Memories

With that in mind, the earliest you can collect memories is in Chapter 3 – The Flat, where you build B-12.

Here is a rundown of the memories you need in each chapter after it.

NOTE: The Slums has 2 parts, when you return from the rooftops, you can still collect memories, but once you leave the slums you have to complete the game and unlock chapter select to clean up any you missed. Whatever you collect in both parts counts for the overall completion, so the guide will cover the slums as a whole.

  • The Flat (1/1)
  • The Slums Part 1 (7/7)
  • Rooftops (3/3)
  • The Slums Part 2 (7/7)
  • Dead End (3/3)
  • The Sewers (2/2)
  • Antvillage (2/2)
  • Midtown (7/7)
  • Jail (1/1)
  • Control Room (1/1)

The Flat – (1/1)

The one in the flat is a story one and can not be missed. It is a freebie. You will collect this automatically toward the end of the level when you come to the big mural.

The Slums (Part 1 and 2) – (7/7)

These collectibles can be found in any order.

The first memory can be found at the vending machine on the alleyway down the laundromat. You need to visit these vending machines to get the 3 energy drinks for the last memory anyway.

Memory next to Vending Machine

The second memory is in Elliot’s Programming. Enter the house by scratching at the door, go up the stairs and it will be at the back of the room against a potted plant, near the window which you exit the room from.

Memory behind Elliot

The third memory is in the Duffer Bar, go upstairs to the pool table and on one of the tables is a memory.

Memory in Bar

The fourth memory is particularly tricky to reach, so I made a quick video for it.

How to get the fourth memory

The fifth memory is also a little tricky, so here is another video to help you reach it.

How to get the fifth memory

The sixth memory is in Momo’s place, go toward the bed directly opposite of the window and it will be a poster on the wall. The screenshot below will help point it out to you.

The last memory requires you to collect all 3 cans from the 3 vending machines on the map. Once you have all 3, head to Azooz and buy the memory from them. Follow our guide for the vending machines to find all 3 and buy the memory.

Finding the last memory from Azooz

Rooftops (3/3)

You must collect these in order as you can’t backtrack

The first memory you get is slightly missable and is on the path you follow. Right after outsmarting some Zurks, you will come to a place where you have to climb upward as shown in the screenshot below. when you do reach the higher ground, head forward and below the neon sign is a memory.

Where you will be
Where you have to climb to
The Memory

Later in the level, you will enter an abandoned building via a giant tower crane. When you enter the building, there will be a puzzle where you have to roll a barrel out of the gate to reach a beam above you. Before you jump on the barrel, head to the left and the memory will be over a small wall that you can leap over.

Use the screenshots below to match the scene that you are looking for.

Solving the puzzle
Location of the memory after the puzzle

The last memory is story-related memory. You unlock it automatically at the end of the level.

Dead End (3/3)

You must collect these in order as you can’t backtrack

The first memory, At the start of the level, as soon as Seamus opens the door for you, keep going straight until you see a fence and the path ends. You will take a left and look at the metal shutter at the end of the road.

Memory location
Background of the location

The second memory, comes after a scripted on-rails section. After the on-rail section, you will have to climb up to a high point to proceed to the level and when you reach that new vantage point, you are supposed to turn left. However instead of going left, keep going straight and through the fence.

Climbing to a location
Approaching the memory

The last memory will be after you first meet Doc and wake him from their chair, there will be a couch with junk on it to the right of Doc’s table, and a mannequin propped up by it. The mannequin is the last memory for this stage.

The memory in Doc’s apartment

The Sewers (2/2)

You must collect these in order as you can’t backtrack

Momo will open the gate for you and you will be on your own. I made a video to show you where the next memory is from here. In addition, you will have to clear this small alley of Zurks, but with the new device you got from Doc, it will help you kill them.

The memory in Sewers

After you survive a Zurk encounter where you have to outrun a massive horde of them leading to your escape to a pipe on a lower level. Follow the video below that will lead you to the last memory for the stage

Memory in Sewers

Here is an alternative video to show you how to get there:

The full path to take to reach the memory

Antvillage – (2/2)

This is another freebie, it’s a story-related memory and can not be missed.

The second one is on your way to Zbaltazar, you will see a guy on the left end of a red couch watching TV. on the wall to the right of them, is a memory.

Memory in Antvillage

Midtown (7/7)

These collectibles can be found in any order.

The first one is automatically given to you at the start of the subway, it’s another story-related one and can not be missed.

For the second memory, after the subway station, go up the escalator and take a right to a fence area. There will be a person in here and the memory will be on the bookshelf beside them.

Reaching the second memory
The memory location

For the third memory, when you enter Midtown, head to the center of town until you see a giant robot hologram. Around the hologram will be the restaurant shown below. there will be a hole in the ceiling behind the counter you need to parkour to.

A restaurant in Midtown
Climbing towards the broken ceiling
Reaching the memory in the ceiling

For the fourth memory, find the club in Midtown and look for an alley to the right of it. Head down the alley until see the blue neon sign.

Fourth Memory location in Midtown

From here, climb up the blue cover, and up the yellow AC’s to a path above for the next memory.

Memory location

For the fifth memory, after you retrieve the battery for Clementine, a store around the center of the Midtown which was previously closed is now open. This is where you will find your fifth memory. This is also around the giant hologram where you found the restaurant.

Store in Midtown for Fifth Memory
Fifth Memory location

For the sixth memory, when you’re headed back to the residency for Clementine, head to the barber shop and do the parkouring shown in this video.

Path to the sixth memory

The last memory will be in the nightclub, after you go to Clementine’s apartment and decipher her message. You need to go behind the bar, specifically, behind the bartender and look for the dumbwaiter that will take you to a secret compartment in the club. Getting out of the dumbwaiter, the memory will be in plain sight.

Sixth Memory

Jail (1/1)

Shortly after rescuing B-12, you will come to a prison yard where Clementine will instruct you to trap the sentinels in rooms. After you trap the first sentinel and proceed to the next part of the yard, Clementine will open a gate in the yard. Immediately after opening the gate, the last memory is on your immediate right by a robot lying against a dumpster.

The memory in Jail

Control Room (1/1)

There is no need to find this memory. This is a core memory that B-12 unlocks by themselves. With that, you have now collected all the memories in Stray.

With that done, you have now unlocked all of the B-12 memories in Stray. Enjoy the additional story and exposition that will be provided to you by B-12 as your reward and that shiny trophy that goes with it!

We hope this guide was helpful, and you were able to find all the B-12 memories in Stray. If you have any questions, make sure to post those in the comments below.

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