Where To Find Aluminum Rods in Lightyear Frontier

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Aluminum Rods are among the first resources you need for more advanced buildings in Lightyear Frontier. You’re going to be needing a lot of them early on when you’re first starting out your farm. Luckily, they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

How To Get Aluminum Rods in Lightyear Frontier

You can get Aluminum Rods from the Aluminum Deposits located around the map. These deposits spawn in Aluminum Rods every few days, so you can always come back to get some more.

You can find most deposits near the rocky walls. The Meadows has a ton of them to offer, so you shouldn’t need to go far from the starting point to gather them.

There are three Aluminum Deposits right next to where you find the Vacuum Harvester. This area should be just a short walk northeast from where you first assemble the mech. However, you can’t mine these with your mech yet if you haven’t found the Spike Saw attachment first.

We’d have to put our spine to work to get the first bit of Aluminum. I recommend dropping down your mech and using your pickaxe to manually break the Aluminum. Hop back into your mech and walk over the Aluminum Rods to add them to your inventory.

Continue heading north, in between a small gap where you’ll find a couple of Blue Colorflowers. You can suck these with your Vacuum Harvester and use them for redecorating later on. Not too long after, you’ll end up near a Ratscallion Nest with four more Aluminum Deposits waiting to get mined.

Where To Find Aluminum Deposits In The Meadows

I’ve managed to find a handful of Aluminum Deposits during the time I spent exploring The Meadows. These should be plenty to build out your early farm, along with a couple left over for crafting.

Aluminum Deposits Map in Lightyear Frontier
  1. I mentioned earlier that there are three deposits next to the Vacuum Harvester location.
  2. Just a bit north of the Vacuum Harvester box, there are four more deposits, landmarked by a nearby Ratscallion Nest.
  3. You can mine three Aluminum Deposits down the hill a little stroll northeast of where the Sprout Cannon attachment lies.
  4. There’s a tall rock here surrounded by three Aluminum Deposits, bordering the Pine Heights and The Meadows areas.
  5. Three Aluminium Rods are inside a small cave on the hill on the eastern part of The Meadows. The mech isn’t big enough to fit the hole, so you’ll have to use your pickaxe to break and bring them outside. There’s also an egg here and a Blue Colorflower that you can gather along the way.

Those were all the Aluminum Deposits in Lightyear Frontier that I could find for now. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything.

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