Where to Find Black Marketeers in Palworld

Need to get rid of human Pals? I know a guy.

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The Black Marketeer is an NPC that gains significant value once you’ve unlocked breeding. I’ve wandered all throughout the map in search of these merchants, hoping to find rare and valuable Pals. After all, buying Pals with great passive skills is easier than hunting them. I’ll simplify your life by revealing where to find Black Marketeers in Palworld.

All Black Marketeer Locations in Palworld

Black Marketeer World Map in Palworld.

The Palpagos Islands is home to a handful of Black Marketeers – business is thriving with the arrival of all these new players. You’ll surely be close to one wherever your journey takes you. Here’s a list of all Black Marketeer locations in Palworld.

Abandoned Mineshaft – Windswept Hills (45, -405)

Abandoned Mineshaft Black Marketeer

There’s a Black Marketeer who has set up shop in an Abandoned Mineshaft. It’s just a quick jog from the Plateau of Beginnings and will likely be the first one you encounter. You’ll stumble upon an Abandoned Mineshaft underneath a massive cliff within Windswept Hills. Oh, and there are also a couple of Ore nodes in the area, allowing you to swing your Pickaxe and bring some home.

Across Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings (145, -360)

Across Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings

Another Black Marketeer is near the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings, AKA Penking’s Alpha spawn location. When facing south, you should see a grass-covered rock formation pointing to the sky. Grab a mount and head southeast of the formation toward its lowest point. A Black Marketeer merchant should be standing right between the two rock formations.

Southern Edge of Windswept Hills (15, -550)

Standing near the Black Marketeer in Windswept Hills

The final Black Marketeer in Windswept Hills is a bit harder to find as there are practically no significant landmarks close to it. It’s right at the edge of Windswept Hills, in the yellowish region indicated on your map. It’s around southwest of the bridge connecting the two yellowy hills, with steep cliffs going down.

South of Beach of Everlasting Summer – Mount Obsidian (-790, -615)

Standing South of Beach of Everlasting Summer

The heat of Mount Obsidian is a bit too much to handle, even for the Black Marketeers in Palworld, which is why there’s only one merchant within the area. Fast travel to the Beach of Everlasting Summer and continue heading south until you reach the point where the desert biome meets the volcano.

Cove Mineshaft – Bamboo Groves (-293, -186)

Black Marketeer in Cove Mineshaft Palworld

One of the easier Black Marketeers in Palworld to find lives within the Cove Mineshaft. All you have to do is fast travel to the Sealed Realm of The Winged Tyrant, face west, and glide down to the entrance.

Waterfall Crevice – Moonless Shore (-20, -94)

Waterfall Crevice in Moonless Shore

Fast travel to the Mount Flopie Summit and continue traversing northwest. You’ll need to descend steep cliffs until you arrive at a waterfall. Once you’re at the waterfall, glide down and discover the Black Marketeer standing at the edge of a crevice. I suggest taking a flying mount or a decent glider to explore the area smoothly.

Small Cave – Eastern Wild Island (460, -125)

Merchant from Small Cave in Easter Wild Islands

If you pull up your map, you’ll notice a huge gray rocky patch near the middle of the Eastern Wild Island area. Here, a small cavern will permanently shelter a level 40 Black Marketeer. I suggest fast traveling to the Eastern Wild Island point and heading west. There’s also a Lifmunk Effigy just a short walk northwest of the cave.

Bottom of Waterfall – Verdant Brook (215, -10)

The Black Marketeer from the Waterfall in Frostbound Mountains

The nearest landmark is the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance. Face southwest and head over to the cliff where the icy plains meet the grasslands. Find a way down, preferably using a flying mount, to the bottom of the waterfall. He’ll be across the Mountain Stream Grotto. It’s kinda funny – these Black Marketeers really love hanging around waterfalls in Palworld.

Edge of a Cliff – Verdant Brook (142, 175)

The Merchant at the edge of a cliff in Verdant Brook

Starting from the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance, face north and get your glider ready. Run forward and leap down those icy cliffs until you see this stretch of land pointing to the Astral Mountains. That Black Marketeer is just hanging out, sightseeing right at the tip of the cliff.

Cliff – Astral Mountains (-38, 216)

The Merchant in The Astral Mountains

Surprise, surprise, another Black Marketeer at the edge of a cliff in Palworld. Start by fast traveling to the Icy Weasel Hill point, then simply follow the path north of the statue and find the merchant absorbing the icy cold winds.

Outside the Duneshelter – Dessicated Desert (351, 368)

The Black Marketeer in the Duneshelter

Go on a little sprint north of the Duneshelter fast travel point and find another Black Marketeer. He lies just outside the walls of the Duneshelter, right beside an ore node. Be careful not to agro any of the Duneshelter inhabitants, or else you’ll get a wanted status with the PIDF right behind your tail.

Secret Mineshaft – Dessicated Desert (525, 333)

The Black Marketeer in the Secret Mineshaft in Palworld

The final Black Marketeer in Palworld calls another Mineshaft his home. Head west from the PIDF Tower Entrance until you find a narrow gap between the rock formations. Drop down and look for bright torches illuminating the entrance of the Secret Mineshaft.


That’s where to find Black Marketeers and all their known locations in Palworld. Luckily, most Black Marketeer locations feature a nearby fast travel statue, creating easy access, despite most being in obscure areas. We’ll make sure to update the list if more Black Marketeers get added to Palworld.

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