Where To Find Copper Ore in Lightyear Frontier

Copper Ore for mech upgrades, anyone?

Anwell Patdu
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Copper Ore is a necessary resource whenever you’re starting to get upgrades for your mech-Aluminum Rods don’t cut it anymore. However, it can be quite confusing to find them around the island. So, here’s how you can get copper ore and where you can find them in Lightyear Frontier.

How to Get Copper Ore

You can mine Copper Ore from Copper Deposits found across the map, uniquely available in Edge Cliffs. This means that your first step should be to clear the Noxious Weeds found in the area and give Edge Cliffs its natural glow back.

The only thing you’ll need to restore Edge Cliffs is the Vacuum Harvester, which shouldn’t be an issue since it’s one of the first items you get in-game. If you haven’t explored the world yet, Edge Cliffs is the area directly south of The Meadows. I recommend taking the path near the western coast, for a more traversable terrain.

Copper Ore is sitting in my Inventory.

Once there, just suck the life out of all weed you see in the area until the bar reaches 100%. All you have to do now is get some shuteye and the next morning the cutscene showing Edge Cliffs’ healing process will trigger.

Now, get your mech stomping through the field and back to Edge Cliffs. The Copper Deposits should now be able to hold Copper Ore. To mine them, all you need is an upgraded Spike Saw, and hammer away.

Where to Find Copper Deposits in Lightyear Frontier

I discovered a couple of reliable spots for Copper Ore after the time I spent exploring Edge Cliffs. You get a decent amount from every deposit and there should be plenty to get your upgrades going. However, I did need to make multiple fully encumbered trips before completing every upgrade I wanted.

Copper Deposits Map in Lightyear Frontier.
  1. There’s one deposit near a pond sitting below the gigantic Yellow Tree, towering over the area.
  2. You’ll find three Copper Deposits just across the Stalktail Nest. It’s best located by going near the “Edge Cliffs” label on the map.
  3. The best source is found near the southeastern base of the cliff. There are a total of nine mineable Copper Deposits here and you can’t carry all of them back unless you have an upgraded inventory. It’s also located near the Stalktail Nest.

Those were all the sources of Copper Ore I can find in Lightyear Frontier. Were you able to spot more? Make sure to comment below.

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