Where To Find Iron Ore In Lightyear Frontier

How much Iron Ore do you need? Yes.

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Once you get a bit deeper into the game, the mech upgrades start to get more expensive. The higher-level ones all require Iron Ore to craft. This led me to a search to find what area holds Iron Deposits and how I can find them in Lightyear Frontier. I’ll share all the locations I’ve found.

How To Get Iron Ore

47 pieces of Iron Ore sitting in my inventory

Iron Ore can be mined from deposits, similar to Copper Ore and Aluminum Rods. You can get them from two key areas: Yellow Forest and Stepstone Peak. However, Yellow Forest only holds three Iron Deposits, which is nowhere near enough for all the upgrades you’ll need. This leads us to Stepstone Peak.

It’s a long trek to get to Stepstone Peak, requiring you to cross The Meadows and take a shortcut through Edge Cliffs. I generally like to venture into the area first thing in the morning after watering my crops to have enough time to collect Iron Ore and get back in time for bed.

Stepstone Peak is filled with Noxious Weeds, starving the area of nutrients, which is why it can’t produce resources. To restore the area, you’ll need to get the first Vacuum Harvester Upgrade to suck up these harsh poisonous plants.

Remove enough of the weeds to fill the bar and go to sleep. Stepstone Peak will be lush with resources and wildlife the following and you’ll unlock the ability to mine Iron Deposits in the area.

Where To Find Iron Ore Deposits in Lightyear Frontier

As I’ve mentioned, Yellow Forest isn’t the best area to stock up on Iron Ore-there’s barely any there. So, I explored Stepstone Peak and created a map of all the Iron Deposits I could find. Stepstone Peak is filled to the brink with Iron Deposits. There’s so much Iron Ore here that you can’t even bring them all back in one go without being over-encumbered.

An Iron Deposits Map of Stepstone Peak
  1. The first set of Iron Deposits can be found right at the base of the peak, just before entering the neighboring area, Mountainside Coasts. There are two nodes here.
  2. This one can be found within the same area, a little to the west, going away from Stepstone Peak. Another two Iron Deposits can be mined here.
  3. On the other side of Stepstone Peak is a series of Iron Deposit sections. Two nodes can be found as soon as you go down the eastern part of the area.
  4. Continue your trek west, and you’ll stumble upon two more Iron Deposits that you can collect.
  5. When facing south, you’ll spot two Iron Deposits near the edge of Stepstone Peak.
  6. Just past the curve is a single Iron Deposit waiting to be mined. But don’t go yet. You should see a small cave on the wall to your left. You’ll have to leave your mech behind to enter. You’ll find three Iron Ore, three Coal Deposits, and a Ratscallion Nest inside.
  7. Finally, there’s a huge flat area with three more Iron Deposits just before you exit Stepstone Peak. There’s also a bonus node a bit across from here, bringing up the total to 4.

Wrapping Things Up

I’ve nearly explored every inch of Stepstone Peak to find a total of 15 Iron Deposits, along with a small cave housing three more Iron Ore. These should be plenty of resources to fund your upgrades and create a better mech to unlock the other surrounding areas or tend to your farm.

Make sure to leave a comment if you spot a different Iron Deposit or Iron Ore location in Lightyear Frontier that I wasn’t able to include in the map.

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