Where to Find the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6 (Explained)

This is Where the FromSoft Classic Weapon is Hidden....

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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The Moonlight Sword is a classic weapon that has always been a part of every FromSoft game, whether the Souls or the Armored Core games. And AC6 is no exception to that trend. Sure enough, you can also find the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

To acquire the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6, you must play through the “Reach the Coral Convergence” mission in Chapter 4. You will come across a broken bridge. The Moonlight Sword is hidden inside a chest at the bottom left side of the bridge. Loot it and complete the mission to unlock the weapon.

Let’s discuss the process of acquiring the Moonlight Sword in AC6 in more detail and look at the weapon part’s stats.

Finding the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6

Chapter 4 Reach the Coral Convergence
Play the Reach the Coral Convergence mission in Chapter 4

You must first unlock the “Reach the Coral Convergence” mission in Chapter 4 to find the Moonlight Sword in AC6. Start playing the mission and fighting off ACs and generic mechs until you reach a broken bridge.

Arrive at the Bridge
You’ll find the Moonlight Sword in a chest on the spot marked in the Image.

Once you reach the bridge, don’t just drop down, as you’ll have to fight a lot of spinny enemies. Instead, go to the end of the bridge and then do a drop attack on the few unsuspecting enemies guarding the chest.

Deal with the enemies and then loot the chest to acquire the Moonlight Sword weapon part. You got the part, but it doesn’t end here. You have to finish the mission to obtain the part you just looted. Dying would mean that you’ll have to do it all over again.

Moonlight Sword Stats in AC6


Not only does the Moonlight Sword look extremely cool, but it’s also a very deadly melee weapon with ranged slashing capabilities. Here are the stats for this weapon part:

Attack Power615
Consecutive Hits2
EN Load544
Moonlight Sword Stats

The Moonlight Sword has a pretty fast moveset and animations. You can either perform 2 consecutive slash attacks that can hit anything up to 290m, or you can charge your attack and send a wider, more damaging slash that is effective up to 220m.

The Moonlight Sword is perfect for those lightweight AC builds, as it allows for a lot of mobility during close-quarters and ranged slash attacks.

That’s how you can acquire the Moonlight Sword in AC6 and add it to your arsenal of deadly weapons. Keep checking out the Armored Core 6 category on WIG daily for more informative guides on becoming the best Merc for hire on Rubicon 3.

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