Where to Find Pure Quartz in Palworld

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Up next, let’s talk about where you can easily find pure quartz in Palworld. We’ll need this material to craft circuit boards, so it’s pretty important. You’ll be going to the mountains up north, and the weather is not going to be great. So, suit up!

Pure Quartz Location – (-212, 249)

So far, the best place to mine for pure quartz is located on the mountaintops of Palworld. You’ll need cold-resistant gear to venture through these lands. We recommend using a flying mount to travel quickly and avoid fighting pals on the ground. There are nine Pure Quartz nodes at this location.

We’ve also covered a guide on where to find Sulfur in Palworld. Check it out if you need this resource!

Once you are done with this location, head further down the mountains to another area where find can find another cluster of Pure Quartz nodes.

Pure Quartz Location – (-256, 392)

We recommend using a flying mount from the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point.

Bring a mining pal like Digtoise to make the mining process a lot easier, and use a flying mount like Vanwyrm to get to this location. You’ll be able to mine eight Pure Quartz nodes from the same area. These are the two best spots for mining Pure Quartz in Palworld.

Other than these locations, you can also acquire Pure Quartz by killing these pals:

  • Astegon
  • Frostallion Noct
  • Jetragon

Keep checking WIG for more on Palworld. We’ve also got guides covering the best attacking pals in Palworld, or how you can capture humans in the game. It’s a wonderful game requiring some level of learning for a player to utilize all of its mechanics.

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