Where to Find Sulfur in Palworld

Easy Sulfur Mining.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Soon after getting a gun in Palworld, you will realize the importance of Sulfur. You’ll need this resource to craft gunpowder steadily and then turn that into ammunition. So how do you get it? Is it readily available throughout the map? Find out in this guide!

Sulfur Deposit Location #1

Sulfur Resource Location
Sulfur deposit location in the desert region.

The first place where you can find a steady supply of Sulfur in Palworld is located in the desert region, which is in the upper middle portion of the map. This area is a bit difficult to traverse though. You’ll need heat-resistant gear for the day and cold-resistant gear for the night.

Make sure you take pals like Cattiva and Broncherry with you, as they’ll help you hold more mats per run. Go to the spot marked in the image above and use a pickaxe or Digtoise to mine them quickly.

There are no fast travel points in the surrounding desert areas, so we suggest that you bring some flying mounts like Vanwyrm with you to make transportation a lot easier.

You’ll have to explore the area a bit during your first few visits but the mat spawns are easy to memorize. Get sulfur, turn it into gunpowder, and then craft whatever kind of ammo you want.

Digtoise is a very resourceful pal that can also help you set up an AFK Ore farm in Palworld.

Sulfur Deposit Location #2

High level area where you can even build a base.

The second location where you can find an abundance of Sulfur nodes is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the map, in the volcano mountains. It is close to the Mount Obsidian Midpoint fast travel point.

You can build a base here and assign a Digtoise along with a Nitewing to constantly mine Sulfur for you. Place a chest near the Palbox of your base, and you’ll be able to easily transfer resources from one base to another.

These are the two locations where you can easily mine Sulfur for all your needs. Check back to find out more guides on how to farm individual resources in Palworld.

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