Where to Find the Cold Suit in Biomutant

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The Cold Suit will help you explore the snowy areas within the game without getting damaged. Follow our guide to find out where to find the Cold Suit in Biomutant.

There are five different resistance suits in the game. The suits are the Radioactivity Suit, Biohazard Suit, Heat Zone Suit, Cold Zone Suit, and Oxygen Suit. Each suit gives you resistance to different areas and allows you to explore more areas of the world.

Today, we are going to find out where to find the Cold Zone Suit in Biomutant. For the most part, the suits are easy to locate and have pretty straightforward quests.

The Cold Suit Quest

To start the Cold Suit quest, you’ll simply have to enter any Cold Zone in the game. This automatically triggers a cutscene and starts the quest. This is pretty much the same method you’ll have to use if you want to start the quests for the other suits.

For me personally, the first Cold Zone I encountered was at the Spark Plant located in Sector 9E of the map. It’s close to the Glurp Paddock and Bow’s Teak. I discovered it accidentally while trying to go to Out-of-Date in the Tree of Life. You can also go to this area to start the Cold Suit quest.

The Cold Zone Pingdish

Starting off, you’ll have to go to a Pingdish to find the location of the Cold Suit. This requires you to go all the way to Pingdish 9H, where you’ll have to fight a few enemies along the way. The location is relatively close to Yerpfields and just a few hundred meters away from the Sparkatorium.

If you’ve been here before, you’ll have this area marked down on your map. Once in the area, there are a few enemies that you’ll encounter. The most annoying one for sure is the turret located in the left part of the area.

I highly suggest taking down the turret first by dodging its shots and then hitting it when you are close enough. After that, you can deal with the smaller enemies before interacting with the Pingdish.

The location of the Cold Zone Pingdish
The location of the Cold Zone Pingdish

You’ll have to solve a simple rotation puzzle before using the Pingdish. You’ll just have to lineup the nodes and match each color to activate the Pingdish. Afterward, you’ll just have to move the Pingdish a little bit to the right, facing the mountain, to find the trans-message.

This will mark another location in Fnackyleaves where you can find the Cold Suit. The exact location is Bangshelter 10E and requires you to fight a few enemies.

The Signal Back

Once you’ve traveled to Bangshelter 10E, you’ll be greeted by a few enemies before entering the Bangshelter. These small enemies should be easy to deal with. But don’t celebrate too early since there is one more monster waiting for you.

Bangshelter 10E Entrance
Bangshelter 10E Entrance

The most challenging one will be the Klup Lurf. He mainly uses his tail to attack, but he also has an AOE cloud-like attack. Be sure to watch out for his special attack and dodge out of the way if you can.

At this point, everything should be very straightforward. Just enter the room to your right, and you should be able to find the Cold Suit in its locker.

There are also five Superb loot items in this area, so be sure to collect those as well.

The Cold Suit

The Cold Suit Fully equipped in Biomutant
The Cold Suit Fully equipped in Biomutant

The Cold Suit comprises three different pieces, the Anti-Cold Hood, Insulated Pants, and Insulated Jacket. Each piece gives you 9 armor and offers anywhere from 20% to 75% Cold Resistance. If you wear the whole set, it’ll give you a total of 27 armor and 145% Cold Resistance.

This completely eliminates the damage you take from entering Cold Zones. You can also choose to only wear a piece or two if you already have some Cold Resistance or if you only need to enter the area quickly.

Using the Cold Suit is the best and easiest way to get some Cold Resistance in the early game. Especially if you don’t want to spend too much Bio Points on getting some resistance stats for your character.

Be careful when entering the different environmental zones when wearing the complete set. 27 armor isn’t a lot, and the enemies within these zones can deal tons of damage if you don’t come in prepared.

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