Where to Find the Heat Suit in Biomutant

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The Heat Zone Suit grants you protection against the hot zones in the game. Follow our guide to find out where to find the Heat Suit in Biomutant.

There are various Heat Zones scattered around the map. They are characterized by the visible magma and heat wave-like signatures surrounding the area.

If you enter a Heat Zone without some proper heat-resistant armor or some Heat Resistance stats, a Heat Zone meter will start filling up. Once this meter reaches 50%, you’ll start to receive some damage, slowly increasing as it reaches 100%.

Other zones like the Radiation Zones will only damage you once you fill the meter up to 100%. This eliminates the need for the Radioactivity Suit if you are only planning on entering the zone quickly.

However, with zones like the Heat Zone and Cold Zone, where you already get damaged at 50%, the need for environment suits increases. Read the steps below to find out where exactly to find the Heat Suit in Biomutant.

The Heat Suit Quest

Like the other environment suits, starting the Heat Suit quest only requires you to enter a Heat Zone. You can encounter a Heat Zone relatively early on in the game since there is one located just north of Sknapptrutt Outpost.

This is where I was able to trigger my own Heat Suit quest, and you can also enter this area to start yours. Regardless of which Heat Zone you enter, the cutscene should still play, and the quest should still start. It all leads to the same Pingdish and Bangshelter, after all.

Locating the Pingdish

Once you have the Heat Suit quest, it should direct you towards another Pingdish. The Heat Suit Pingdish is Pingdish 6K and is located south of Mushimosh Mire and west of Hoof Puff Place.

After arriving at the location, you will be greeted by a Klup Lurf and a Tincan Tougho fighting each other. The best strategy here is to simply be patient. Let them fight each other to lower both of their health bars.

After a while, you can attack the Klup Lurf first since it probably has a lower health bar at this point. You can then defeat the Tincan Tougho before heading to the Pingdish.

At the Pingdish, you’ll be required to solve a rotation puzzle where you’ll simply have to match the pong paddles.

Solving the Rotation Puzzle in Pingdish 6K
Solving the Rotation Puzzle in Pingdish 6K

You’ll then be able to completely move the Pingdish as you try to locate the trans-message. To locate the trans-message, try to aim the Pingdish just a little bit to the right of the blimp, where you can upgrade your weapons or armor.

After you find the ping, a new marker should be available to you. This new location should be Bangshelter 6L, luckily it is only 360m away.

The Signal Back

When you arrive at Bangshelter 6L, you’ll be greeted by a Buff Pocus Timbo. His main attacks are throwing huge chunks of rocks at you and slamming the ground for an AOE damaging ability.

Fighting the Buff Pocus Timbo found in Bangshelter 6L

The best strategy I found is to keep your distance. I primarily used my guns to damage it. Fire your guns at it, and then dodge when it attempts to throw a rock at you. Just repeat this process, and you should be able to take it down.

You can also simply try to dodge and run right past him and into the Bangshelter if you’re not equipped to fight him or simply not in the mood.

There should be a door near the end of the tunnel to the right. To access the room where the Heat Suit is located, you’ll have to pry open a door using your Old World Klawbar. Then, simply interact with the locker to obtain the Heat Suit.

Be sure to collect all the superb loot in the area. You should be able to get a total of seven superb loot before you exit the Bangshelter.

The Heat Suit

The Heat Suit will give you a total of 27 armor and 145% heat resistance when equipped. Each part offers 9 armor. The Anti-Heat Hood grants 20% heat resistance. In comparison, the Heat-Resistant Jacket and the Heat-Resistant Pants give 75% and 50% heat resistance, respectively.

Fully equipped Heat Suit
Fully equipped Heat Suit

The environmental suits are great pieces of equipment that allow you to explore the different environmental zones without taking any damage. Unfortunately, their biggest downside is that they offer very low armor.

Some of the enemies inside the zones are very strong and can deal a ton of damage if you don’t dodge on time. This is why it’s better to mix and match the pieces of the environmental suit with some of your more powerful armor. This allows you to stay safe from enemies while not taking damage from the environmental hazards.

That’s everything you need to know to find the Heat Suit in Biomutant.

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