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Rizwan Anwer
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One of the Music Sheets you can collect in Stray

With the release of Stray yesterday, many players are undoubtedly looking to make the most of the feline adventure title. This includes doing an optional side quest for one of the characters in the first world you enter – The Slums. Right after arriving, if you take the stairs to the left of the guardian, you will meet a musician by the name of Morusque. They are looking for music sheets and if you bring any to them, they’ll play them for you. Here are the 8 locations to help you find the music sheets in Stray.

Finding the music sheets in Stray

Remember, you have two opportunities to earn this. However, once you exit the slums via the giant door that is opened for you next to Morusque, that means the end of the level. If you didn’t bring all 8 sheets to Morusque, you won’t get the badge or the trophy.

Here are the music sheet locations in no particular order. It doesn’t matter as long as you bring all 8.

The very first music sheet is sold by Azooz. You meet them by going down the right stairs where you meet the guardian, this is the small shop where you will see 6 Robots in a small shop covered in blankets as shown below, i.e. the place where the first cutscene starts, we will use this as our central landmark:

To get the music sheet sold by Azooz, you must get them an Energy drink can. So far in my findings, I have only been able to find 3 vending machines. However, keep in mind that in this playthrough, I recommend going for the music sheet, as you can load up the save after you complete the game. The mystery item that Azooz is selling is a memory you need to collect for B-12 which costs 3 energy drink cans, which is the total number of vending machines in the area.

Music Sheet 1 – Azooz (4/8):

The closest and easiest vending machine is right in front of Morusque. If you see a lit up vending machine like the image below, you need to go up to it press the Triangle or Interact button on PC. It will give you an energy drink and you can trade that with Azooz for the music sheet.

Approaching the Vending Machine in front of Morusque
Vending Machine in front of Morusque
Music Sheet sold by Azooz

Return to Azooz and choose to give them the Energy drink can to get your first music sheet.

Music Sheet 2 – The Duffer Bar (5/8):

The Duffer Bar is as it describes, a Bar. If you don’t know where it is, this is where Momo asks you to meet them in Part 2 of The Slums.

Music Sheet location in the Bar

When you enter the bar, go up the stairs to the left, and hop on to the table in front of the only other robot on the upstairs. On the table in front of them is the music sheet.

Music Sheet 3 – Elliot Programming (3/8):

This is the building directly next to the bar. You will see a red door that you can translate with B-12. Simply go up to the door and press triangle to scratch it to be let in. As soon as you’re in, the very first portrait you see after entering through the door has a music sheet.

The door to reach Elliot
Music Sheet location in Elliot Programming

You need to find Elliot Programming for the story mission as well, as you have to give them a blanket in order to help you with a story related mission.

Music Sheet 4 – Doc (7/8):

This is another story location you will come to. Momo will ask you to find the diaries of their friends. Doc is one of them and you have to open their safe for the diary. However, if you do some exploring and see the piano, the music sheet is propped up on it.

Piano in Doc’s apartment
The music sheet in Doc’s Apartment

Music Sheet 5 – Opposite of Doc’s apartment (6/8):

This is another location you have to come to for story purposes, when you enter the apartment you will see a bed on the right after going through the apartment. Infront of the bed is a small bookshelf with the music sheet.

Entering the apartement
How to enter the apartment
Music sheet location

Music Sheet 6 – Right after the above (2/8):

Right after you exit the apartment, use my screenshot as a guide to see the location. Climb back on the pipe and head to this small balcony. On the balcony is a little table with 2 chairs, the music sheet is on that table.

Music sheet location on the small balcony

Music Sheet 7 – Password safe next to Morusque (8/8):

Go to where you meet Morusque and look for a blocked alley to the right of them, next to the giant shutter. You will see a safe with a sticky note on it. The sticky note needs to be deciphered.

Normally, you would have to do a side-quest that is also a part of the main story. You have to give Elliot a Poncho so that they are encouraged to help you with Momo’s device. However, you can bring the note too for Elliot to decipher. Elliot says the note will take you to Duffer Bar.

Within Duffer Bar, you need to scratch this painting on the bar which is above the neon sign on the ground floor. The code to the safe is behind it.

However, if you want to skip all of this, the safe combination is 1283.

Music sheet location in safe

Music Sheet 8 – Momo’s Apartment (1/8):

The last music sheet is in Momo’s apartment, which is where you will come after finding the diaries of their 3 friends.

After you enter their apartment, look for this very small corridor which will have 2 doors on either side. You will go through the door shown below.

Look for these two doors
Enter the door on the left
Parkour up the boxes
Music sheet location in Momo’s apartment

Parkour to the shelf and you will find the music sheet at the top.

Now all you have to do is bring back all 8 music to Morusque. They will play each one by one, and you can’t speed up the music.

After giving them all 8 sheets, you will get a trophy and a badge from Morusque, which is a separate collectible you get in the game.

The Music Badge

For helping Morusque, they give you the Music Badge. which is one of the collectibles you’ll need for the platinum trophy.

We hope this guide was helpful, and you were able to find all the music sheets in Stray. If you have any questions, make sure to post those in the comments below.

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