Where to Find The Sqvip Grotto Ultimate Weapons in Biomutant

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There are various Ultimate Ranged and Ultimate Melee weapons scattered in the game. Here’s where to find the Sqvip Grotto Ultimate Weapons in Biomutant.

Ultimate weapons are some of the best weapons that Biomutant has to offer. Both the Ultimate Ranged weapons and the Ultimate Melee weapons are very powerful in the early game.

Luckily, you can get a few Ultimate weapons by simply progressing through the main story quests. The Old World Klonkfist is a good example. It’s a very powerful weapon that you can use very early in the game.

This guide will help you find the Bangbitsky Jupsitko Ultimate Ranged weapon and the Hoover Grooblade Ultimate Melee weapon. These weapons are located in The Sqvip Grotto and should give you a significant boost in power.

Helping Gizmo

After capturing your first rival outpost and taming your first mount, you should head to the Chugyard to help Gizmo. You’ll encounter a few enemies, including a Bompa Bonker. The smaller enemies should be very easy to take down. Just focus on attacking them one at a time to avoid being swarmed.

The Bompa Bonker can be relatively hard to kill since it is a very tanky enemy. He also does massive damage with his large pipe, so be sure to dodge regularly.

After you’ve killed the enemies outside, you’ll have to open the door with your crowbar and kill an enemy working on the Sprocket. As you inspect the Sprocket, you’ll be sent flying, holding on to the Sprocket.

The Sprocket will crash into another door which will lead you towards Gizmo. Be sure to find the chest with some Bio Points in this area and then head to the elevator.

A screenshot in-game of the player talking with Gizmo

Gizmo will ask you to recover enough Skrap to repair the Mekton. You’ll need to enter a Hypoxia Zone, which will deprive you of oxygen. Make sure to sprint as you get the Skrap and rest in the safe areas when needed.

You’ll have to climb and do a bit of tightrope walking, but aside from that, this should be an easy quest to finish.

Moog Knows

After returning to Gizmo, he’ll do some finishing touches on the Mekton, and he’ll tell you to use it to find Moog.

The Mekton is a cool mount and is the first mechanical mount you get in Biomutant. It’s still missing a few upgrades at this point, but at least you’re no longer affected by the Hypoxia Zone while riding it.

A screenshot in-game of the player talking with Moog about the Sqvips.

You’ll have to suck some oil-flooded areas since the Mekton can’t walk through the oil. Continue heading towards Moog, and he’ll give you more information about the Sqvips.

Where to Find The Sqvip Grotto Ultimate Weapons in Biomutant

Moog will tell you the location of a cave with some Sqvips that you can capture for Gizmo. Once you are done talking to Moog, head back to your Mekton and find the Sqvip Grotto.

In the Sqvip Grotto, you’ll need to suck up some oil again and battle a few enemies. The enemies should be easy to deal with, thanks to the Mekton’s Kannons and melee attacks.

Once at the end of the cave, enter the door to your left and take the elevator. Jump across the floating wooden planks and head towards the oil tanker. Open up the oil tanker by hitting the corresponding buttons, flood the area and, jump into the fence.

Enter the room and catch the Sqvips hopping around the room. To catch them, simply get close and interact with them. After you’ve captured at least five Sqvips, you’ll be able to interact with the Pew-Pew Locker, located just before you exit the room. This is where you can get the Ultimate Ranged Weapon, Bangbitsky Jupsitko.

Obtaining the Ultimate Ranged Weapon, Bangbitsky Jupsitko
Obtaining the Ultimate Ranged Weapon, Bangbitsky Jupsitko

Make sure to restore the electricity after getting the Ultimate Ranged Weapon. This will make the elevator operational and ready to use. You should then immediately find the Knock Locker after exiting the elevator. This locker contains the Ultimate Melee Weapon, Hoover Grooblade.

Obtaining the Ultimate Melee Weapon, Hoover Grooblade
Obtaining the Ultimate Melee Weapon, Hoover Grooblade

Finally, exit through the door, ride your Mektron once again and get back to Gizmo. The Hoover Grooblade and the Bangbitsky Jupsitko are two great early game weapons that should help you take down strong enemies.

If you’ve followed all instructions carefully, you now know where to find the Sqvip Grotto Ultimate Weapons, which are among the earliest you can find in Biomutant.

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