Where to Get Coal in Palworld (With Images)

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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In our efforts to highlight the most common spots to farm essential mats in Palworld, today, we’ll be discussing the best spots to acquire coal. Let’s take a look at two different areas in Palworld where you can easily farm coal for ingots and carbon fibers.

One of the areas where you can mine for coal in Palworld is located in the desert region, while the other one is in the mountains towards the right side of the map. Read on for more details!

Coal Location #1 – Desert

The first area where you can find a lot of coal nodes is located in the desert region of Palworld. If you’ve read our Sulfur farming guide, you’ll know that the desert region is a bit treacherous for low-level players.

Make sure you take heat-resistant gear with you if you brave the desert during the day and cold-resistant gear if you travel during the night. We recommend going in the day since the coal nodes are black-colored, and you’ll have less difficulty spotting them.

Using a metal pickaxe will significantly speed up the coal mining process and increase the efficiency of your mining runs as well. Be sure to bring one!

There are no fast travel points in the surrounding desert areas, so we suggest bringing flying mounts like Vanwyrm with you to make material transport much easier.

Coal Location #2 – Verdant Brooks

If you go towards the Verdant Brooks Rocky Mountains, you’ll be able to farm coals very easily at two locations that are relatively close to each other. You can see the exact node spots marked in the image above.

Even though these spots are located in a trek-heavy area, the area around the nodes is flat. You can even create a coal mining-focused base here and assign some base pals (like Digtoise) to focus on mining this material.

The base setup will be similar to the one we suggested in our guide where we taught you how to set up an AFK Ore farm in Palworld.

You can also find coal in dungeons. It might be a rare occurrence, but if you are an explorer who pays attention, you can also farm some coal while exploring dungeons.

We recommend sticking to the two locations in the mountain area for farming coal in Palworld. You can farm a consistent quantity of coal while remaining safe. Because safety matters when you want to optimize how much material you can mine or farm per run.

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