Which Region PS5 Should You Buy? Explained

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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You might have seen a lot of different region options when purchasing a PS5. Some sellers will tell you to buy the EU version while the JP version will be listed for a tad bit cheaper. So, what is the truth? Which region should you go for when buying a PS5?

All regions are the same for the PS5. It’s just a matter of availability. Just pick the one that is cheaper for you and is readily available in stores near you.

Let me tell you more about what the region stuff meant in previous consoles and what it means today for the PS5.

Different Region Options for the PS5

Different Region Options for the PS5

As we’ve already explained in our Region Locking guide, games are not region-locked on the PS5 console. You’ll see a lot of different region options when buying a PS5. Some sellers will even price them differently to indicate some benefit in buying one region over the other when that’s not true.

To clarify any confusion,

  • There is no difference in the specifications, compatibility, game support, or controller layout in the different regional options of the PS5.
  • Any physical game you buy will work on any console having any region.
  • You can play online in all regions.
  • The digital code you get with a PS5 bundle might not work, as it can only be claimed on a PSN account having the same region as the PS5. (This is probably the only downside if you buy a bundle and already have a PSN account.)

I hope this short article has clarified any confusion you might have had regarding the whole regional thing around the PS5. There’s nothing to worry about. Buy whatever region is cheapest for you / is readily available. All you need to consider is whether you should buy the Disc or Digital version.

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