Why Can’t I Summon in Elden Ring – Explained

Check out the potential issues that might stop you from summoning.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Elden Ring features amazing PvP that is extremely fun to partake in. This is especially true after the colosseum update that allows you to fight other players in an arena like a gladiator. However, many players are facing summoning issues with the game. That is why this guide will show you why you can’t summon in Elden Ring.

If you cannot summon other players for multiplayer, worry not because we’ve got a few solutions for you. Plus, if you cannot summon Spirit Ashes, we will also show you what you need to do for that as well. Since Ashes can help you take out bosses easily, they are almost crucial for a new player. With that said, let’s get started!

Elden Ring: Multiplayer Summoning Issue

It is extremely annoying to get summoning issues when you want to play PvP. While the devs have fixed a lot of the server issues that plagued the game before, some players still cannot summon. There are multiple reasons why this might happen, and we will go over all the potential fixes for it.

Make sure that you try out all of these solutions so that you can fix this problem and play PvP without any issues. If you are still having problems after doing everything we mentioned, let us know in the comments below.

Restart the Game

This is the first thing that you should do if you are having issues with summoning. If you are certain that the servers are working fine, make sure that you restart your game. Doing so will refresh all the settings and you will be able to summon other players without any issues.

While this might not work for everyone, it is worth restarting your game. Since this step doesn’t take a long time, it doesn’t hurt to do it.

Check your Internet

If the servers are working fine, you might want to check if something is wrong with your internet connection or not. Sometimes, you might think that your internet is working but it might be causing some issues. To check your network, make sure that you browse some websites to see if everything is working or not.

If the problem lies within your internet, you can restart your router and wait a while for your internet to get back up. After it’s on, launch Elden Ring and check if everything is sorted out or not.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your NAT type might be strict. In that case, contact your service provider and ask them to change it to open so that you can easily get into matchmaking. Having a strict NAT type restricts your matchmaking with other players which might cause summoning issues.

Enable Cross-Region Play

While you won’t need to do this in most cases, turning on cross-region matchmaking can help you out a lot. If you are in an area where not a lot of players are playing the game right now, make sure that you enable this setting. This will allow you to play with players around the world.

However, keep in mind that you might face lag issues since you will be often against players far away from you. If you do not mind that, having this setting enabled is the way to go.

Elden Ring: Spirit Ashes Summoning Issue

Now that we’ve talked about multiplayer summoning issues, let’s take a look at why you can’t summon Spirit Ashes. Since Spirit Ashes can help you defeat bosses and large groups of enemies easily, they are essential for a newer player.

Not being able to call them is a massive downside. While the game has a simple mechanic of summoning Ashes, there are a few reasons why you can’t do it.

No Rebirth Monuments Around

Firstly, you can only summon Spirit Ashes if there is a Rebirth Monument. You can spot them by looking at the left side of your screen and seeing a white gravestone mark. When this appears, it indicates that you can use your bell to summon Spirit Ashes.

However, if you do not see this sign, you will not be able to summon it even if you use the bell. The good thing is that almost every boss fight allows you to summon Spirit Ashes. Plus, some areas where you might find a lot of enemies also allow you to summon.

Low FP

Low FP

Every Spirit Ashes that you have in your inventory uses FP. Some of them use a higher amount of FP than others. So, if you are low on FP or do not have enough in total due to low stats, you will not be able to summon.

The best way to gain FP is to either use your Flask of Cerulean Tears, rest at any Site of Grace, or level up your Mind stat. This will allow you to have enough FP when you want to summon your Spirit Ashes.

A Cooperator is in Your World

If you are playing online with other players, you will not be able to summon Spirit Ashes. This is usually the case when you are playing co-op with another player. To solve this problem, wait for the cooperator to go back to their world and then use the Spirit Ashes.


And there you have it; that’s everything you need to know about why you can’t summon in Elden Ring. Whether you are facing multiplayer summoning issues or Spirit Ashes summoning problems, following this guide will allow you to solve both of them.

Did you manage to solve your problems with this guide? Are you still stuck on a particular step? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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