Wo Long Fallen Dynasty All Controls (PC / Controller)

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Umer Cheema
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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Knowing all the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty controls will help you master the game quickly and have fun while roaming the massive world. While the game offers a great tutorial, it can still be quite overwhelming for a newer player to remember all the controls. So, we have listed down all the default keybinds of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty on the PC and controller.

You can see the keybinds for both the keyboard/mouse and controller. The best part is that you can even use a controller while playing the game on PC, so, make sure that you check out both keybinds. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started!

PC Keyboard Controls – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PC Controlls

Getting to know the keybinds before you play the game will help you have a better time. If you are having issues remembering the controls, check out the table below for all the PC Wo Long Fallen Dynasty controls.

Normal AttackLeft click
Spirit AttackLeft Click + Shift
Move ForwardW
Move BackS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Move Camera UpI
Move Camera DownK
Move Camera LeftJ
Move Camera RightL
Switch Locked-On TargetLeft Arrow Key
Switch Locked-On Target (2)Right Arrow Key
Show Character MenuEsc
Show Gesture MenuG
Use ItemQ
Switch Between Item ShortcutsShift + 1
Switch Between Item Shortcuts (2)Shift + 2
Deflect CounterattackT
Wizardry Spell 11
Wizardry Spell 22
Wizardry Spell 33
Wizardry Spell 44
Switch Melee WeaponWheel Down
Switch Melee Weapon (2)Wheel Up
Switch Ranged WeaponShift +3
Switch Ranged Weapon (2)Shift +4
Martial Arts 1C
Martial Arts 2V
Summon Divine BeastZ
Divine Beast ResonationX
Encourage Companion 1Y
Encourage Companion 2H
Walk Speed (Slow)Alt
Aim Ranged Weapon Ctrl
Shooting (Ranged Weapon)Left-Click
Shooting (Ranged Weapon) 2Enter
ZoomWheel Up
Start Photo ModeP
Accept Request to Join Co-OpN

Controller Keybinds – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Controller Keybinds

If you want to play the game on a controller, knowing the keybinds beforehand will help you enjoy the experience much more. Whether you are playing on a console or are using a controller on your PC, the same keybinds will apply.

Normal AttackSquare
Spirit AttackTriangle
Move Left Analog Stick
Camera AdjustmentRight Analog Stick
Switch Locked-On TargetRight Analog Stick Right
Switch Locked-On Target (2)Right Analog Stick Left
Show Character MenuStart
Show Gesture MenuTouchPad
Use ItemD-pad Up
Switch Between Item ShortcutsD-pad Left
Switch Between Item Shortcuts (2)D-pad Right
Deflect CounterattackR1 + Circle
Wizardry SpellsR2 +Square/Triangle/Circle/X
Switch Melee WeaponR2 + D-pad Up/Down
Switch Ranged WeaponR2 + D-pad Right/Left
Martial Arts 1R1 + Square
Martial Arts 2R1 +Triangle
Summon Divine BeastTriangle + Circle
Divine Beast ResonationSquare + X
Encourage Companion 1R1 + D-pad Up
Encourage Companion 2R1 + D-pad Down
Aim Ranged Weapon L2
Shooting (Ranged Weapon)R2 (While aiming)
ZoomR3 (While aiming)


Those are all the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty controls that you will be using in the game. As aforementioned, all of these keybinds are set by default. If you want, you can change them according to your preference and see which controls suit you the most.

What do you think about these controls? Will you be playing the game on a keyboard or with a controller? Let us know in the comments below!

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