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Amazonians, we fight for Themyscira!

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Aleksandar Lukic
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After several live-action and animated movies, we are finally getting a dedicated Wonder Woman video game! And, the studio that’s tasked with it is the phenomenal Monolith Productions. They earned high acclaim with their Middle Earth titles.

However, the Wonder Woman game release date still seems quite far away. The studio has made a few announcements, but no solid promises. We now take a look at all the available info so far. Also, the DC fans have been vocal about what they want to see in the upcoming game.

This would be the first stand-alone game for the character of Wonder Woman. She has appeared in other games before, of course. Injustice 1 & 2 and DC Universe Online were particularly acclaimed. We included them in our 15 best superhero games list.

Wonder Woman Game Release Date

Wonder Woman Game All we Know so far
Chris Pine and Gal Gadot as Steve Trevor and Diana in Wonder Woman (2017), Warner Bros.

There is a strong belief on the web that the development of this game is farther along than it might appear. Monolith Productions have been posting a lot of job openings for working on the upcoming Wonder Woman title. This hopefully means that they are well on the way and are filling out the workforce deficits that spring up as they go.

However, the Wonder Woman game release date is at least two years away, but probably more. It is also possible that the launch might coexist with a release of a future movie installment. But Warner Bros. Pictures has made no announcements on that. If you want to share your expectations with us, please do so below.

Wonder Woman Game will be an Open-World Action Adventure

Wonder Woman in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Warner Brox. Home Entertainment, Warner Premiere

The studio has already announced that the upcoming game will be an action-adventure. This was expected. But the fans were delighted to know it would be an open-world game with plrenty of blood and gore. This means that many of the mechanics from the acclaimed Middle Earth titles will be included here. We refer to the ground-breaking Nemesis System, of course!

We Will Get the Nemesis System From Middle Earth Games

Wonder Woman Game Nemesis Sistem
Monolith Productions introduced the groundbreaking Nemesis System in their two Middle Earth games

The Nemesis System is a gameplay innovation created by Monolith Productions. It was introduced in their brilliant 2014 title Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The short explanation would be that it is a villain generator. The system uses procedural generation to build unique NPCs.

Each villain has its name, look, unique set of abilities, traits, and even a personality. This last bit adds to the immersive experience of the game greatly. The villains will taunt you when you first encounter them with one-liners that just raise the stakes of the game.

The Nemesis System
An example of how the Nemesis System works

Procedural generation also opens up the possibility of infinite replaying. Wonder Woman game is set to be an open-world adventure. This means that the player would often revisit the same areas or go to new areas without a pre-determined linear path.

However, in the sequel Middle Earth: Shadow of War, the nemesis system was greatly upgraded. It became a full-on story generator. The system was enabled to spin highly personal and unique narratives based on the player’s interaction with the Orcs.

By including this system in the upcoming Wonder Woman game, the developers will greatly expand the single-player experience. However, it is likely that Monolith Productions will attempt to improve it even further.

We liked the nemesis system so much that we included both Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War in our top 10 games like Skyrim list. Check it out if you are looking for something to enjoy while you wait for this title.

Wonder Woman Game’s Story Is Set in the DC Universe

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Monolith Productions pointed out that the game will have an original storyline. It is set in the official DC Universe. This means that the story and everything happening in it will be canon.

The studio says the players will become Diana of Themyscira and fight to unite the Amazons and the humans. This teases a greater level of threat, something on a global scale. The primary Wonder Woman villain is Ares, the God of War, but it is unlikely that he is the “new threat”.

Other Wonder Woman villains include Cheetah, Doctor Psycho, Giganta, and Circe the sorceress. All of them are capable of creating trouble on a large scale, but they are also not new. People pointed at a picture that followed an ad poster by the Monolith studio, which shows Cheetah, and many assumed she would be in the game.

Other characters from the DC Universe we might meet are surely other Amazons. Besides her mother Hippolyta, we might see Antilope, Menalippe, Timandra, Acantha, Aella, Artemis, Egeria, Epione, Niobe, and many more.

We Will Visit the Island of Themyscira

the Island of Themyscira
Themyscira as portrayed in the WOnder Woman (2017) movie, Warner Bros.

The first announcement for this game said: “she will fight to unite the warriors of two worlds. You are Wonder Woman”. Also, in the trailer, the voice of Diana’s mother Hippolyta opens the monologue by saying that a new threat has come to their shores.

This indicates that the game will be set on the shores of Themyscira. But, it does not mean it will be limited to that island. Since she says that it is a “new threat”, this probably means new villains. However, it does not rule out the familiar villains out. We might still see them.

“Unite Old Enemies” – Are Atlanteans in the New Wonder Woman Game?

Wonder Woman All We Know Athlanteans
Wonder Woman fighting Aquaman on the cover of the Flashpoint comic book, DC Comics

The official description from Monolith Productions is rather vague. It states that Princess Diana of Themyscira will fight and attempt to “unite her Amazon family and the humans from the modern world.” We know that the humans, especially men, are not welcome on the island.

But, we are not sure if the humans could be referred to as “old enemies” to the Amazonians. Atlanteans first come to mind when we think about their old antagonists. However, Princess Diana’s character development in the comic books does make her an ambassador and a peace maker of sorts.

She is the one to bridge civilizations and make peace with the world. To bring peace to her warrior tribe who know nothing but war and isolation. The Amazonians are beautiful and powerful women, but they are alone and isolated on an island. So, we might see this as a guideline for the story.

Is Wonder Woman Game Influenced by the Snyderverse?

Zach Snyder Wonder Woman game
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Zach Snyder’s Justice League(2021)

We hope there will be some influence! Zack Snyder and his version of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, contributed enormously to the character. It could be said that the entire game cashes in on the success of the four Snyder movies with the live-action version of the character.

But, we cannot be certain how and if that influence will manifest. This is aside from the already obvious traces of Gal Gadot’s performance. The animated movie versions of Wonder Woman began resembling Gal after her debut in the role, which is one example.

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