Xbox Edinburgh and Count Spotted in Xbox One OS code

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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The Xbox gaming community is well familiar with the codenames for the upcoming consoles, with Anaconda being the Xbox Series X and the Lockhart being the not yet announced Xbox Series S. A couple of new entries in the Xbox One OS code have appeared. One mention of a potential new Xbox model is the Xbox Edinburgh and a mention of Count.

Xbox Edinburgh – another member of the Xbox One or the Series family?

Microsoft fans enjoy picking apart the code of the Xbox One One OS to find out about the upcoming Xbox Series consoles.

In their latest endeavors, they have stumbled upon what could be a new Xbox Series model.

According to a discovery made by Kirby0Louise, they came across a some code that mentions Edinburgh and Count.

Kirby also points out that capital city names are used fro S models in the Xbox Family

Lockhart could be the name for the Xbox Series S DevKit while Edinburgh could be the retail codename for the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Count – A new mystery.

While no one has a clue on what Count could be, that is yet another mystery that might be answered in the future.

While Microsoft has only acknowledged Project Scarlett and Project Anaconda. Scarlett being the codename for the next-generation console family and Project Anaconda being the codename for the Xbox Series X.

Project Lockhart has come up time and again but Microsoft has been fixed on keeping the spotlight focused on the Xbox Series X until now.

They haven’t acknowledged or confirmed the existence of any other Xbox Series model.

Earlier this month, Sony confirmed the existence of a disc-less PS5 model that will only work with digital games. This makes one wonder if Microsoft is also planning the same digital future.

While we don’t know the storage configurations of either console, nor their prices, Microsoft is hosting a digital event from July 21st to July 27th.

Hopefully Microsoft takes this opportunity to announce Project Lockhart, or confirm the details of the models with prices for the Series X.

With the next-generation race picking up momentum, fans are now waiting for Microsoft and Sony to show their last cards on the table. With both consoles launching in the Holiday 2020 season, competition between the two is about to heat up.

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