Xbox Series branding hints at imminent Xbox Series S announcement

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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It seems Microsoft is discreetly promoting the Xbox Series branding across retail outlets and rating boards to include an upcoming Xbox Series S announcement, perhaps Microsoft plans on placing the spotlight in September on the console that has time and again made subtle and not so subtle appearances.

Xbox Series S announcement could be sooner than expected

It seems that Microsoft is making it a point to make all the changes toward Xbox Series as opposed to Xbox Series X.

The first signs of this were discovered by Twitter user Andrew Marmo.

You can look at the enhanced images in better resolution below:

The platform listed only mentions the Xbox Series X
The platform listed mentions Xbox Series

For the people thinking this is a simple typo, another online listing cements the theory when we look at Koch Media listings for a couple of upcoming Xbox Series X games.

You can see enhanced images of the above images below:

How the listing currently shows new games added to the collection
How it used to show

Rumors have long been circulating about the existence of the titular console, but Microsoft has yet to publicly acknowledge the existence of the console at any level.

Where the Xbox Series X is the Xbox One X equivalent of the new console generation, the Xbox Series S is the Xbox One S of the upcoming console generation.

For now, Microsoft and Sony have entered the longest game of chicken as they have a stand-off waiting for the other to announce a price to allow one to undercut the other.

However, as the price of the Xbox Series X and the PS5 continues to evade us, we can take comfort in the fact that if the Xbox Series X is out of your budget, the Xbox Series S is a potential entry into the next-generation consoles for you.

While Sony doesn’t have an answer to the mystery console, we can assume that a new console will follow a few years after the launch of the PS5.

What are your thoughts on the mystery of the Xbox Series S? Let us know in the comments section below!

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