Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S storage can be swapped without reboot

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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According to a tweet reply by Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X, you can actively swap the on-board SSD storage for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S without the need of powering down the console or rebooting it.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S storage can be switched easily

It seems that the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will definitely allow gamers to take advantage of next-generation storage options in an entirely new way.

According to a tweet by Jason Ronald, you can actively swap between storage on the Xbox consoles without the need of powering down the console or rebooting.

The new swappable SSD shaped like cards can be hot swapped without the need of powering off or rebooting the console, which adds a level of convenience to the customer.

While the new consoles will definitely boot up faster than current-generation consoles, it still is a great option for customers to directly plug their new storage in like a cartridge on a Nintendo Switch.

While the tweet in question only addresses the Xbox Series X, it is a given that both systems will use the same storage options since the Series X and Series S share the velocity architecture.

While the prices of the next-generation of storage is going to cheap, we can expect competition to increase the variety and choice of the options, leading to an eventual drop in price down the road.

1TB is barely enough storage for next-generation games and this is evident in current-generation consoles where a 500GB hard drive can barely fit 2-3 AAA titles in it, or just 1 Call of Duty game.

With the boom of next-generation hardware, video game file sizes are expected to grow in size or stay the same, but it would be difficult to reduce the sizes of these games.

While we still don’t have an idea of what the next-generation holds for us in terms of game sizes, all we can say is to make due with 1TB until the markets make an opening for more competition at lower prices with larger storage options.

What are your thoughts on the new feature of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? Let us know in the comments section below!

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