Yone Combos: Mastering the Blade in League of Legends

"Fear, once named, controls no one."

Muhib Nadeem
Muhib Nadeem
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The champions in League of Legends have evolved with time, and with modern kits come modern skill ceilings. Behold Yone, a champion whose combos demand so much skill that you’re better off sticking to support Lux duty.

A rabbit in your pocket, but a deadly samurai in enemy hands. There’s more to Yone’s kit than brazenly rushing into enemy towers!

So, In this article, we’re going to list all the high-level Yone combos you need to master in order to have your enemies on the chopping board of unfairness!


Quick Burst: AA + Q + W

Despite being so simple, this is one of the most effective trading tools Yone has in his kit. You’re mostly going to use it in laning phase since you’d want to commit everything in the latter stages.

Having said that, this Yone combo lets you land a free auto alongside a Q charge, and by the time your enemy reacts, the shield from the post-W is already up. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for them to trade fairly against you.


Instant Execute: Q + Flash

As we’re all aware, Yone’s kit makes trading easy, but finishing off kills hard. There’s almost nothing you can do if the enemy decides to flash your all-in.

This combo allows you to mitigate that weakness by catching your opponents off-guard. Just like Yasuo, you’re able to buffer your Qs before Flash, so they travel along with you during Flash. This ensures that the enemy has no time to react, enabling you to go for that one-hit finisher!

While it works well on stationary targets, you’d need a serious training session in the Practice Tool to master your aim – especially in the longer lanes.

Bonus Tip: This combo also works with W instead of Q. Since W has a longer radius, but lesser damage, you can use it to pick off enemies that feel “just” outside of your range!


All-In: R + E + Q + W + AA + Q + AA* + Q

Decided to pull all stops on your enemy? Aim your Ultimate right at their face to get behind them after the cast. Use your E to reposition on the front, and use your regular trading combo => Q + W + AA.

Now, if your enemy is a burst mage, they’ll try to run back (by possibly committing a defensive flash). But on the off-chance that they’re melee, you’re bound to land the second charge of your Q.

After combo, there’s no way for an opponent to face you since the third charged Q is a ticking time bomb waiting to wreak havoc on their Health Bar. Therefore, butter them up with some auto attacks, and deal the finishing blow!

Bonus Tip: If your opponent hasn’t made any active effort to disengage, try to E back before releasing your third Q. Doing so will ensure you’re able to continue the commit and can successfully secure the kill!


Teamfight All-In: Charge(Q) + E + Flash + R + Q + W + AA* + E

This is the most surefire way to contribute everything you possibly can in a team fight. Use your surroundings to charge a Q, and press E in order to have an eject button in case things go south. Plus, you deal more damage in your E, so it’s a win-win!

From there, simply Flash and Ultimate in the face of your unsuspecting enemies. Right after the ult, land your charged Q (it should be a breeze to hit it, considering the enemies are immobile right now), and continue the knock-up for your allies to engage.

Your work is now mostly done, but make sure to leave a parting gift by W’ing them and landing as many autos as realistically possible before saying adios!

Variations: This combo can also be triggered as E + Flash + R + Q + W + AA + Q + E, allowing you to charge your Q after you engage. However, it’s not very effective, considering you give ample time for your enemies to recover and burst you down. But as the saying goes: High risk, high reward!


Gap-Closer: Flash + Q3 + R

As mentioned before, anything related to flash adds an extra layer of complexity, thus slowing the reaction speeds of your enemies. Use that to land your knock-up, and continue the chain with the aid of your Ultimate!

Just like the name suggests, this Yone combo is fast and efficient. While it does not utilize the entirety of your kit, it’s still plentiful for setting up a gank or two.

Don’t forget to do some aim training since combos related to Flash are often finicky to use and hard to land!


Buffer Q: Q3 + Flash + R

Despite being similar in nature to the Gap-Closer combo, this one serves to hit two enemies in different directions at once with the same Q! This is where the going gets tough; you basically need to cast your Q3 towards the first enemy and, in the middle of the action, flash to the second enemy.

This will cause your Q to hit both, enabling you to use your Ultimate to knock and clump both of them for extra damage!

Essential: You need to aim your Flash to position yourself in such a way that your ult can cover both enemies in one go. This means that there won’t be many use cases of this combo, but it’s still one of the sure-hit ways of winning a 2v1!


Galeforce Combo: Q3 + Flash + Galeforce + R

It’s time for us to head into the realm of animation canceling! You can cancel the attack animation for Yone’s Q if you Galeforce during the cast.

This enables you to shorten your overall combo while dealing more damage because of the Galeforce bolts. While it’s not the ideal choice considering Yone likes to build Immortal Shieldbow, the reposition makes it more than worth it if you’re opting for a team with a lucrative team fight prowess!

So, this one is pretty simple; Flash during your Q3 cast to reposition yourself. Chain the Galeforce before the complete dash goes through, and cast your ultimate to continue the knock-up!

Bonus Tip: You can use this combo as an extension of the Buffer Q to better help you reposition via the Galeforce Dash. Although, that opens a whole new window of mechanical complexity!


Prowler’s Combo: Prowler’s + Flash + Q3 + R

Building inspiration from the Buffer Combo, this one adds a little flair to the already-working formula. Having difficulty landing your first Q3? No worries! With Prowler’s Claw, you’re able to get behind your enemy and almost guarantee a Q hit.

However, considering you need to have a fair bit of attack speed in order to pull this off without the target being able to escape, it’s better for you to get at least two attack speed items under your belt.

Besides, the combo requires you to stray away from the generic Immortal Shieldbow path. So, count your losses before committing since the laning phase is going to be a nightmare otherwise!

Tip: If the current combo is too much for you, consider removing the Flash to ease some of the complexity!


Buffering Prowl: Prowler’s + Flash + E + Q3 + R

If you press Prowler’s Claw outside of range, it’ll buffer the action. Using that, you need to Flash into the enemy’s face to close the distance for the buffered Claw to move you behind the target.

From there, use your E to get back in the front and land your Q3, while finishing off with your Ultimate! Unfortunately though, this combo lacks many use cases. You can theoretically utilize the surprise factor to land a guaranteed hit in a teamfights.

However, considering the enemy units are not stationary, the buffering part can be tricky since there’s not much you can do if the target decides to dash out of your range.


That’s it, folks! We’ve visited almost every crucial combo that a Yone main needs to know in order to turbo smurf their way to the challenger. These mentioned combos serve as stepping stones for your overall proficiency with Yone, and reach higher elo.

However, the pond is much bigger than this. Therefore, use these combos as your basis to craft something much more interesting. Because at the highest level, the concept of “creating” combos takes precedence!

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