You Can Now Install Xbox Game Pass Games With Amazon Alexa

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Microsoft continues to up their game when it comes to improving the Xbox Series family experience. In what could be the oddest news you might read today, the Amazon Alexa will soon be able to download games from your Xbox Game Pass to your Xbox console with a voice command.

Amazon Alexa is taking your game to the 22nd Century

We all might have or know someone who has an Amazon Alex in their home. It is a handy device for getting on the fly questions answered or placing quick orders without needing a web browser.

However, it seems that a new application for it could already be in front of us in collaboration with Microsoft.

According to Tom Warren, a known journalist for The Verge with a specialization in the world of Microsoft, he shared a new feature the speaker will soon offer.

This is great for people who own an Xbox console in their home and also an Amazon Alexa device in their home. Offering a new level of convenience for players and customers who don’t wish to power up the console to put the latest game on download.

While the article in Tom’s tweet is not yet live as of the time of writing this news, we trust the journalists story and eagerly await for further details on how the potential partnership between the two devices will work.

While Microsoft already offers an unmatched gaming experience with the Xbox Series consoles and the mobile application, the addition of Amazon Alexa into the ecosystem is something that many fans will be ecstatic to try out.

The feature will definitely be aimed at Western consumers who are the most likely demographic to own an Xbox console and an Amazon Alex device in their home, but adding a level of convenience for two devices to communicate each other is something that is truly revolutionary.

While PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series Series consoles have been able to schedule downloads from the web browser or official app, this now makes it possible to download content to your system without looking at any screen.

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