Diablo III Preview: The Monk

We just had a chance to check out the Monk for Diablo III, a class just recently announced to fans of The Lord of Destruction and his love for arsony. The Monk has long robes and seems to be peaceful, but Monks are very dangerous and designed around inflicting damage on an enemy in a short amount of time.  The trade off to the Monk’s speed and power is that it is noticeably weaker than other...[Read More]

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Preview – I Bring Tidings of Doom, The Artifacts Are The Key.

Starcraft II is irrefutably shaping up to be one of the best titles of 2010 in the RTS landscape, and this is all based on just what we have seen with one out of three faction campaigns.  Within this space opera adventure and sequel to perhaps one of the best RTS game of its time, Starcraft II lays a prominence which sways players into the nostalgic ruins of the lives of the terran, zertg, and pro...[Read More]

Comic Con 2009: Meet Our Friend From CC 2009

Our team from UK and U.S. just met this interesting fellow. We laughed, had a great time, and previewed some games together in addition to some events related to Doctor Who and Torchwood. Unfortunately, he had to depart our company and leave for his planet afterwards. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to play Aliens vs Predator there.

Heavy Rain Preview: Origami Killer Can Kill Us Any Day

Heavy Rain is simply breathtaking. Back at GDC 09, David Cage gave us an exclusive interview as to how the Heavy Rain showcase for gameplay aims and strives for the goals of Quantic Dream: to touch the emotions of any person playing and make a game relate to something never seen before. Simply put: Heavy Rain has been the best thing we have seen at E3 2009 alone, second to Lionhead Studio’s ...[Read More]

Mass Effect 2 Exclusive Preview: Shepard Lives On

Mass Effect Commander Shepard is back again in Mass Effect 2. All the rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. First off, BioWare intends to make Mass Effect 2 accessible to those new to the series. If you played the original and had the save games left over, you can continue the character from where you left off. All the choices you made, everything still had an effect. This fact alone ...[Read More]

Alan Wake Exclusive Full Demo Preview: Recrudescent Glory

Alan Wake has been at the epicenter of attention at Remedy Games and Microsoft Games Studios ever since it was announced. Heralded as another notable DirectX 10 game, Alan Wake describes the story of a critically acclaimed author Alan Wake and his tense and dark world that contributes to the atmosphere of this survival horror genre. While the game is primarily about mystery and looking for clues, ...[Read More]

Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview – Sam Fisher Is Not The Same

Sam Fisher is simply not the same in Splinter Cell: Conviction. With a brand new look, amazing hair, and a different attitude, he is simply good looking and an unbelievably anticipated force in the Xbox 360 and PC lineup for 2009. Along with the better structure, Sam Fisher goes rogue and walks away from having an operator in his ear all the time for the forces. His mission: vengeance. His cause: ...[Read More]

God of War III Preview: Kratos Goes Roar

God of War III is a highly anticipated title that PlayStation owners have been looking forward to for more than 2 years and finally their requests and pleas have been answered to revive this mythological tale of Kratos, a God of War that sought to end the life of Zeus in the 2nd iteration. The third God of War will finally end this bitter feud that was left unresolved from God of War II.

WhatIfGaming E3 2009: Xbox 360 Milo & Kate Exclusive Preview – Peter Molyneux + Steven Spielberg Let Us Experience Milo

It was shocking to imagine a world of a simple lad called ‘Milo,’ letting us interact with all its surroundings and what not. We were contacted a while ago by Lionhead Studios to have a chance to “play an unannounced title” that we remained very skeptical about: Fable III – Black & White III? Could it be? Nope. The result was even better: Natal. Project Natal is t...[Read More]

Sony Gamer’s Day 2009: inFamous, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles, and MAG

Sony invited our staff to the Sony Gamer’s Day Event in Los Angeles for April 20th and we got a hands on look at some of the hot Sony titles indicated above. All in all, we will not be previewing each of these as the hands on we received were not extensive enough to truly write a decent preview for (except inFamous for which five levels were shown) but we will let everyone in on this much: S...[Read More]

Fracture Multiplayer GC 2008: For The Drooling

Fracture is one tumultous, earth shattering, mind numbing game in the best sense. Having played it at E3 previously, we loved it and so did 1,000 other industry specialists to nominate it for several of our Best of E3 Awards Prize. Fracture features a world which can dynamically change according to what the user does to it. Nothing goes as far as to dent just a texture, but the entire scope of rea...[Read More]

Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview – The Home Road

Ever since Silent Hill 4: The Room, Konami Digital Entertainment has been looking for a way to make the Silent Hill experience grittier, in a world of breadth and lascivious terror. With the announcement of Silent Hill: Homecoming, Konami shows that they have not only the production quality to make something very gritty, but the sheer amount of variety in an all open world where the norm is horror...[Read More]

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