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Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Monday, June 22nd, 2015
8:07 PM

Sunset Overdrive Review: The Apocalyptic Fun Has Just Begun


Insomniac Games has been creating some of the best franchises for Sony Computer Entertainment for a long time – most notably Ratchet & Clank along with Jak & Daxter. This time, they take their creative genius over to Microsoft with Sunset Overdrive – an open world action adventure which features zombies and a lot of heart in every part of the city. There is action here that ranged from jumping on railways speeding you to one dimension of the city, while being able to thrive and call the world your own.


Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Monday, November 24th, 2014
9:03 PM

The Evil Within Review: Horror That Falls Flat On Its Face


The Evil Within is all about the crazy, the looney, and the insane. That is where everything starts, and rather than take a realistic approach, The Evil Within opts to take a bland approach to storyline that often deters people from the reality of the tension in the situation of being trapped in an insane asylum and combines it with the mediocrity that is terrible gameplay. The Outlast copy cat in The Evil Within hardly does  anything constructive in ways of a horror title, and often times there are elements that get disappointingly repetitive for a title that could have held so much promise – like the shining and brilliant example of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Friday, October 17th, 2014
11:17 PM

Forza Horizon 2 Review: Kicks Drive Club’s Ass


Often most games try to reach too far and for the clouds.  Drive Club is this title that fails miserably. And to top it off – how terrible a game can be to offer such a marketing campaign as “Forza-killer” and then follow up with such disappointing performance that made me snore in front of the wheel. Thankfully there is Forza Horizon 2 for anyone actually looking to spend their money on a title that is not possibly one of the most deluded titles in history. Forza Horizon 2 is exceptionally metallurgical in terms of the quality of features offered, and the pure adrenaline rush of the specialty that is one thing: DRIVE. Forza Horizon 2 keeps the pace up with incredible details from environment to the cars themselves, full weather system, and yes open horizons in a open-world driving game similar to EA Black Box’s Need For Speed open world. Forza Horizon 2 really carries on the legacy that Forza Horizon started – and creates a stunning title in the process and one of the best racing titles out so far.


Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Friday, October 10th, 2014
5:26 PM

Silent Hills Developer Deciding Between First Person and Third Person Point of View


It is always a pleasure when I run into Kojima. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Kojima several times and dealing with a multitude of his translators. It is always appreciated that he at least tries to speak English with me which shows a sign of respect for me and something I am happy about. Recently at GamesCom after a panel on ‘PT’ I was the only one to bring up the fact to Kojima on how he really appreciated my insights when Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots came out – where I was one of the world’s first players. Today I am happy to see a series that has long been in trouble finally see some light: Silent Hills. Below is a transcript of our conversation. Mind you it was not an official interview but a conversation with one of my most favorite game developers on trying to get any information for a series I always loved as a child which ended up getting into the wrong types of gameplay mechanics.

WhatIfGaming: I can’t believe you’re going to actually make it with Norman! I just have to ask with that aside, is the game going to be first person or was that entirely unrelated from the demo?

Hideo Kojima: Not sure yet. Development is cycling between either allowing players to choose to play the whole game in first person or third person, or keeping it fixed third person and having some areas be first person only. Either way we want to do something with first person. The game will not be out more than likely until 2016, lots of time left.

WhatIfGaming: Will the title be open-world or will it be linear?

Hideo Kojima: All I can say is Fox Engine is meant for open world. I cannot discuss more on the game design itself in detail yet.

So there you have it – official word from Kojima. Anyone wondering if the first person view will be completely discarded should not be too worried. Kojima asserted there is a lot of time until release for the game, but at least the options are being considered. I guess most people will just have to trust him on this one.

Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Friday, August 15th, 2014
5:07 PM

The World’s Only Real Watch Dogs Coat Replica & UbiWorkshop Scam Artistry

Ubisoft has been a disappointment when it comes to Watch Dogs. The game’s lackluster visuals propped through false advertising and linear boring gameplay to create something that was only slightly memorable to us and many others. To continue this trend, UbiWorkshop, a shop division located right next to Watch Dogs developer Ubisoft Montreal, also released a rather weird looking Watch Dogs Leather Replica that looks absolutely atrocious – coming in at a whopping $1,199.99 price for a coat that does not resemble the game protagonist’s jacket whatsoever. Below you can see the UbiWorkShop jacket version and the actual in-game jacket version.

UbiWorkshop Fail

The horrendous design clearly shows the lack of workmanship or any common sense in the matter. The coat color is not even a remote light brown, and the inside is not adorned with the iconic orange embroidery anywhere. $1,199.99 for this coat is a sheer rip-off and Furthermore, it is numbered (As if anyone cares to actually own such a horrendous coat) but also has a nifty map of Chicago at the bottom in the back which has no purpose whatsoever! Not only should UbiWorkshop be ashamed like Ubisoft’s developers that eagerly love to lie to the public about E3 2012 visuals matching the retail release, but they should seriously take this item down and discontinue it.

We received our coat from the nice people at which is the closest coat which comes to the visuals of the actual Aiden Pearce Leather Jacket. We took our coat, and sent it off to one of our own custom dyers who ended up finalizing the coat to look just like Aiden Pearce’s coat. While CosplaySky tried to find the exact leather materials to make the coat in the fashion of Aiden Pearce’s coat, they found it much too expensive to do without heavy dye’s (which deteriorate the leather’s look and something they do not specialize in) – which in my opinion would not matter much when it comes to the rough texture of Aiden’s jacket. So, we opted to just have it sent to us. The original coat itself is marvelous. It does not match the color pattern (black and brown areas) as the original game’s jacket…but it looks exquisite in its construction of quality and workmanship.

Watch Dogs Coat

Dyeing is an option someone can seriously consider as we did. Personally, we loved the original brown look – which had a more subtle and elegant appeal whereas the dyed version to match the game’s jacket seemed to have a lot of contrast in reality and seemed more like a costume than an actual jacket that can be seen with elegance and subtlety.

Posted By: Usman Ihtsham
ON Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
8:03 PM