Albion Online Best Solo Builds for Beginners (2023)

Don't like playing with friends? Here are the best solo builds for Albion Online!

Marc Torzar
Marc Torzar
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Roaming the vast open world of Albion Online as a solo player is not an easy task, especially if you’re a beginner. There are two keys to successful and profitable solo open-world roaming: good map awareness and game sense and having the best solo builds available.

While good map awareness and game sense come with time through experience, knowing what builds to wear is just a scroll away.

In this article, we’ll share with you the best solo builds for beginners of Albion Online. These builds are designed to help you experience the excitement of solo open-world roaming without breaking the bank.

What Makes a Build Good for Solo Open World?

When roaming the open world as a solo player, the risks are higher because there’s no one else to give you a hand. But the rewards are also potentially bigger since you’ll have all the riches to yourself.

A good solo build for the open world involves two key features: high mobility and substantial damage output.

Moreover, cheaper builds are preferable since beginners likely don’t have much silver to spare (yet).

High Mobility

Bloodletter build using four abilities in a row
See how far you can go with the Bloodletter within just a few seconds

Mobility is perhaps one of the most important aspects of Albion Online PvP. The player with the better mobility will almost always come out on top in most situations.

Having high mobility allows you to run after and catch your targets. It also gives you more room to outmaneuver and outplay your enemies, allowing you to win even outnumbered fights.

But winning a fight doesn’t always mean killing the other player. Some situations may be almost impossible to win due to various factors (e.g., being outnumbered 1 vs 5+, or facing builds that counter yours).

However, if you have the best mobility in these situations, you can play smart and just run away—and live to fight another day.

Substantial Damage Output

Killing an enemy player using Battle Bracers build, one of the best solo builds in Albion Online
Dragon Leap! Punch-Punch. Triple Kick!

Aside from high mobility, a good solo build for beginners should also have substantial damage output. Although good mobility allows you to engage and disengage whenever you please, it’s your damage output that ultimately kills your opponents.

If you don’t have enough damage output with your build, then there’s no use chasing other players.

Moreover, higher damage output also means more efficient mob clearing. Solo roaming the open world isn’t a PvP-fest 100% of the time. It also involves hunting down mobs in the open world for some juicy fame and loot.

So, wearing a build with good damage makes you more efficient in your activity.

Cheap Market Price

Lastly, since you most likely don’t have much silver yet as a beginner, you’re better off starting with relatively cheaper builds.

The cheaper your builds are, the more sets you’ll be able to afford. The more sets you can afford, the more deaths you can endure.

And as any Albion Online veteran would say, the more you die, the more you learn.

But this doesn’t mean that you should restrict yourself to random cheap builds. The builds we included on this list involve just the right balance of effectiveness and affordability.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best solo builds for beginners looking to roam the vast world of Albion.


One-Hand Spear Solo Open World Build

One-Hand Spear solo open world build
One-Hand Spear Solo Open World Build

The One-Hand Spear is inarguably one of the most versatile weapons in Albion Online. Coupled with a flexible build set, it’s the perfect weapon for roaming the open world.

The Spear weapon tree is well-rounded due to its access to several good W abilities. Its choices for the W ability slot offer varying utilities that excel in different situations.

Forest of Spears (W1) is the most efficient W ability for PvE, although it’s unreliable in PvPs. However, you won’t have a better choice early on as you still need to unlock the other abilities.

Once you gain more fame and unlock abilities, Impaler (W5) is your best option for its higher damage output and AoE slow.

Some experienced players may also opt for Deflecting Spin (W4), but it’s more difficult to use and weak against certain matchups (e.g., builds with interrupts).

Harpoon (W6) is also a good alternative as it allows you to catch targets up to 16 meters away. It’s an amazing gap-closer and CC ability in one.

The only downside is that it’s single-target only. It’s also a difficult skillshot to land, so beginners will need some practice first.
What makes the One-Hand Spear amazing for solo open-world roaming is its signature ability, Reckless Charge, which provides excellent mobility and good damage.

Animation of One-Hand Spear's Reckless Charge ability

Reckless Charge is a powerful dash that deals damage and interrupts all enemies your hit. It has a decent range of 13 meters with only a 20-second cooldown. The damage from Reckless Charge depends on the number of Spirit Spear Charges you have, and you’ll always have plenty thanks to your Lunging Strike (Q1).

Lunging Strike is an excellent source of consistent damage. One poke from this ability doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but it only has a 3-second cooldown.

It also applies a weak slow on all enemies hit, allowing you to chase or kite them much more effectively. Not to mention, it works well with Reckless Charge by providing you with consistent Spirit Spear Charges for maximum damage output.

The rest of the build is just your typical open-world set that boosts your mobility and kiting ability, provides extra damage, and offers utility.

Torch is your off-hand choice for the bonus attack speed and cooldown reduction, and Hunter Hood is a great headpiece for added survivability.

If you have silver to spare, you can also use a Fiend Cowl to counter enemy buffs like Wanderlust and Life Steal Aura.

The combination of Mercenary Jacket, Thetford Cape, and Soldier Boots offers good survivability and mobility while navigating the open world. You can also upgrade to Undead Cape if you have extra silver.

Mercenary Jacket works very well with spears in general. Using Forest of Spears with Bloodlust allows you to restore a large percentage of your HP within a few seconds. It’s a good comeback combo, especially if your enemies don’t have any purge.

Assassin Jacket is a nice alternative since it’s great for kiting, escaping, and sneaking up on your targets. It’s also the perfect tool for losing aggro in case you encounter enemies while fighting mobs.

For potion and food, Healing Potion and Roast Pork boost your survivability without burning too much of your silver.

One-Hand Spear Solo Open World Build List

  • Weapon: One-Hand Spear
  • Off-Hand: Torch
  • Head: Hunter Hood
  • Chest: Mercenary Jacket
  • Shoes: Soldier Boots
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Healing Potion
  • Food: Roast Pork

Estimated total cost: 136,700*


Battle Bracers Solo Open World Build

Battle Bracers Solo Open World Build
Battle Bracers Solo Open World Build

The main selling point of the Battle Bracers is its insane mobility and outplay potential. It has several interrupts and disables that allow you to outplay and outmaneuver multiple enemies at once.

Using this weapon involves a lot of jumping around and hitting your enemies with your combos. With the right build, Battle Bracers can be one of the best solo open-world weapons for beginners.

The War Gloves weapon tree offers some of the most mobile and arguably exciting abilities in the game.

Dragon Leap (Q1) and Triple Kick (W1) are your bread-and-butter abilities, and they have almost everything you need as a solo open-world roamer.

Not only do these abilities provide good mobility and interrupt, but they also dish out good damage. On top of these, they both have relatively short cooldowns, so you can keep spamming them to your heart’s content.

The best part is that they’re readily unlocked from the beginning, so beginners don’t have to spend too much time leveling up the weapon.

The signature ability of Battle Bracers is Falcon Smash, and it’s the final piece to the weapon’s fantastic array of potent combos.

Animation of Battle Bracers' Falcon Smash ability

Like many of War Gloves’ abilities, Falcon Smash is a two-part ability that combines damage, utility, and mobility.

The first part lifts you in the air for two seconds and makes you immune during the duration. Then, you can recast it to dive toward a target area up to 15 meters away, dealing damage within a small radius.

For the rest of the set, you go with the typical Hunter Hood + Assassin Jacket + Thetford Cape combo for good damage, utility, and mobility. If possible, try upgrading to a Fiend Cowl for its purge.

Moreover, you use Hunter Shoes (or any leather shoes, really) for the Refreshing Sprint ability. The added effect of cooldown reduction synergizes well with the rest of your abilities.

Invisibility Potion fits this build well, further boosting the build’s outplay potential. You can also use it as an additional escape tool or for sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies.

But for a cheaper alternative, Resistance Potion provides you with more survivability (just make sure you know when to time it).

Roast Pork is the standard food for most solo melee builds that lack sustain and survivability like the Battle Bracers.

Battle Bracers Solo Open World Build List

  • Weapon: Battle Bracers
  • Head: Hunter Hood
  • Chest: Assassin Jacket
  • Shoes: Hunter Shoes
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Resistance Potion
  • Food: Roast Pork

Estimated total cost: 127,900*


Bloodletter Solo Open World Build

Bloodletter solo open world build
Bloodletter Solo Open World Build

Bloodletter is one of the strongest weapons in the game, and it’s one of the best weapons for solo players. It has high mobility and insane burst damage, and it’s flexible enough to fit a wide range of builds for various types of content.

However, we placed this build a little lower on this list because the weapon is a bit expensive compared to the other weapons on this list. In fact, it’s the only artifact weapon on this list.

But if you already have a decent economy, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. The extra silver you’ll spend will prove to be a very worthwhile investment in the long run.

Deadly Swipe (Q2) is the standard Q ability for this build. It offers you decent mobility while also boosting your overall damage output.

For the W slot, Chain Slash (W5) is one of the most powerful abilities available to the Dagger weapon tree. It deals good damage to multiple enemies in a small area while making you immune during the cast.

Unfortunately, you need to reach level 85 in the Dagger tree to unlock it—and beginners probably won’t reach that without several dedicated fame farming sessions.

In the meantime, Throwing Blades (W2) and Dash (W3) are decent options if you haven’t unlocked Chain Slash yet. Throwing Blades offers slightly more consistent damage, while Dash gives you slightly more mobility. Shadow Edge (W4) is another great gap-closer ability that you can use for chasing or even escaping.

The Bloodletter’s signature ability, Lunging Stabs, needs no introduction (but we’ll introduce it anyway).

Animation of Bloodletter's Lunging Stabs ability

Experienced players know how powerful this ability is, and most would agree that it’s one of the most impactful abilities in the game.

Lunging Stabs deal significantly more damage to targets that are low on HP. It deals more than twice as much damage on enemies below 40% and can hit multiple targets at once.

A well-timed Lunging Stabs can instantly kill multiple enemy players!

Due to the versatility of Bloodletter, you have multiple options for a solo open-world roaming build. You can go for either a more damage-oriented build or a set with better survivability.

If you want to focus on damage, you can opt for a combination of Fiend Cowl, Cleric Robe, and Soldier Boots. This build focuses on wearing down your target, then using Lunging Stabs for the finishing blow.

If you prefer a more balanced build, you can go for Hunter Hood, Hellion Jacket, and Hunter Shoes. This set still has a high kill potential, but it also lets you last longer in fights. You can also upgrade to Specter Hood if you have the silver to do so.

This is an excellent build for taking outnumbered fights. But your susceptibility to purges is something that you need to always keep in mind.

Mistcaller is the cheapest and most beginner-friendly option for the off-hand slot.

Both Poison and Resistance Potions are great. Poison Potion works better with the damage-oriented build, while Resistance Potion fits the balanced build better. Lastly, Beef Stew further boosts your overall damage output.

Bloodletter Solo Build List (Damage-Oriented)

  • Weapon: Bloodletter
  • Off-Hand: Mistcaller
  • Head: Fiend Cowl
  • Chest: Cleric Robe
  • Shoes: Soldier Boots
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Poison Potion
  • Food: Beef Stew

Estimated total cost: 246,000*

Bloodletter Solo Build List (Balanced)

  • Weapon: Bloodletter
  • Off-Hand: Mistcaller
  • Head: Hunter Hood
  • Chest: Hellion Jacket
  • Shoes: Hunter Shoes
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Resistance Potion
  • Food: Beef Stew

Estimated total cost: 292,000*


Warbow Solo Open World Build

Warbow solo open world build
Warbow Solo Open World Build

The main reason why most ranged weapons don’t excel in solos is that they’re susceptible to being brawled to death. For a ranged weapon to do well in the open world, it either has to provide good survivability or be effective in kiting.

Luckily for bow enthusiasts, the Warbow excels in the latter.

The Bow weapon tree gives you access to powerful abilities that are great in different situations. Multishot (Q2) and Poisoned Arrow (Q3) are your best bets when solo roaming the open world.

Multishot is amazing for PvP, especially for kiting melee enemies. It has a knockback and an interrupt, along with decent damage and a very low cooldown.

On the other hand, Poisoned Arrow works great for PvE. It deals high single-target damage, which is perfect for quickly killing upgraded/boss mobs.

Ray of Light (W1) and Frost Shot (W2) are both strong W abilities for open-world roaming, and they’re available right from the start. Ray of Light allows you to kite and disable your targets, while Frost Shot also takes care of any mobility problems.

These abilities make Warbow an excellent kiting weapon, especially against melee players.

But the main damage source of Warbow is its signature ability, Magic Arrow. While the previous abilities give you access to interrupts and mobility, Magic Arrow provides you with much-needed damage to finish off your enemies.

Animation of Warbow's Magic Arrow ability

Magic Arrow is a straightforward ability—it deals damage to the first enemy it hits, and its damage depends on how far the enemy is (technically based on the time that has passed, but they’re practically the same).

This may be a simple damage-dealing move, but it fits the kiting playstyle perfectly.

You’ll find the rest of the set very familiar at this point.

You have the Mage Cowl mainly for Force Field to counter melee enemies. Any cloth headpiece can work. But if you have the budget, Fiend Cowl is the best option due to its Purge.

Then, you have Assassin Jacket, Hunter Shoes, and Thetford Cape. You can switch the Hunter Shoes with Soldier Boots if you don’t feel like being too aggressive. The same goes for upgrading the Thetford Cape to Undead Cape (if you have enough silver).

Resistance Potion helps improve your survivability even by just a bit, and Pork Omelette improves your overall damage and mobility via cooldown reduction.

Warbow Solo Open World Build List

  • Weapon: Warbow
  • Head: Mage Cowl
  • Chest: Assassin Jacket
  • Shoes: Hunter Shoes
  • Cape: Thetford Cape
  • Potion: Resistance Potion
  • Food: Pork Omelette

Estimated total cost: 111,400*

Final Thoughts

Solo open-world roaming in Albion Online is a risky activity. You need plenty of experience before you get the hang of it.

But don’t let the fear of death stop you from trying out this exciting and potentially profitable content!

We’ve made this list of the best solo builds to help you get started. You can also check out our guides for the best mounts for ganking and best mounts for gathering in Albion Online to help you decide which ones to use on your solo adventure.

*All prices indicated are based on April 2023 Albion East marketplace average listings for Normal-Good quality.

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