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Philosophy scholar by day, avid gamer by night—Marc spends most of his free time playing strategy/tactics, FPS, and RPGs on his laptop and console (after he's done all requirements for his graduate studies, of course!).
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IXION: 7 Beginner Tips to Get You Started

IXION is one of the latest entries to the city builder genre.

Marc Torzar Marc Torzar

IXION Review: Challenging City Builder With Exciting Space Exploration

IXION is a city-builder survival game that combines the strategic elements of

8 out of 10

Albion Online: Beyond the Veil Release Date & All We Know

It has been almost six months since the last big content update

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Albion Online Best Solo Builds for Beginners (2022)

Roaming the vast open world of Albion Online as a solo player

Marc Torzar Marc Torzar

Albion Online Best Mounts for Gathering (2022)

Resources are the foundation of Albion Online’s whole economy, and gatherers are

Marc Torzar Marc Torzar

Best Mounts for Ganking in Albion Online (2022)

Most Albion Online veterans would agree that ganking is one of the

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Best Ganking Weapons in Albion Online (2022)

Ganking is one of the best ways to make silver in Albion

Marc Torzar Marc Torzar

Albion Online Money Making Guide for Beginners (2022)

The vast world of Albion provides players with a wide variety of

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5 BEST Valorant Agents for Beginners (2022)

Are you a newcomer to Valorant and can’t decide which agent to

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