5 BEST Valorant Agents for Beginners (2022)

Marc Torzar
Marc Torzar
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Are you a newcomer to Valorant and can’t decide which agent to choose? Do you want to know who the best Valorant agents for beginners are?

Riot’s Valorant has seen a quick rise in popularity since it was officially released in 2020. Understandably, this popularity boom led to a massive influx of new players—some of which are veterans from other FPS games like CS:GO, while others are entirely new to the genre.

If you’re new to Valorant, you might find it difficult to choose from the very diverse pool of agents in this game.

But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. We have here the list of the five best Valorant characters for beginners.

Criteria for Ranking the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

On this list, we only have one main criterion: having straightforward abilities and simple mechanics.

This generally means the agents’ abilities should not involve any complex mechanics and/or require additional, external conditions to use.

Beginners already have to mind the fundamental mechanics of FPS games, which include having a good aim and great game sense. Therefore, picking agents with simple mechanics and straightforward abilities lets them focus more on these fundamentals.



Sage, the Best Valorant Agent for Beginners

Well-known for her ability to heal and resurrect dead allies, Sage is a beginner-friendly sentinel who is useful at any skill level. Her abilities revolve around the usage of her radianite orbs to provide aid to her teammates and slow down the enemy.

Sage is one of the first few agents who are automatically unlocked for new accounts—and for a good reason. She is undeniably one of the easiest agents to play.

If you’ve played her at least once, you know that her abilities have some of the simplest mechanics in the game.

Her Barrier Orb lets you place a sturdy wall that prevents anyone from passing through. This is perhaps her most difficult ability to use, which doesn’t mean much since her entire kit is fairly simple.

You can adjust the orientation of Barrier Orb depending on the terrain, and it requires a few seconds to fortify. Other than these, there’s nothing else “complicated” about this ability.

The rest of her abilities are very straightforward as well.

Her Slow Orb allows you to throw a slowing orb to a target area that spreads upon landing. Any agent walking through the affected area has their movement slowed by 50%.

Healing Orb is Sage’s signature ability. It lets you, well, heal your ally or yourself. Her ultimate ability is Resurrection, which basically allows you to resurrect a dead ally.

Sage’s abilities are very simple and easy to understand, which makes her the best agent to try for beginners.



Brimstone, a smoker/controller in Valorant

Brimstone is another Valorant agent that is unlocked from the start. He is a reliable controller whose abilities are very straightforward.

Wait, a controller agent for beginners?

Controllers aren’t exactly the most beginner-friendly agents in Valorant, mainly due to the pivotal importance of smokes in this game. However, Brimstone’s overall uncomplicated kit makes him arguably the easiest controller agent to play.

His Stim Beacon provides multiple buffs to him and his allies within a small area, which include a speed boost, faster fire rate, and better equip, reload, and recovery speed. Just throw it close to your team, and every ally in the area gets buffed!

Brimstone also has the ability Incendiary, which launches a fire grenade to a target location and deals significant damage to anyone in the affected area. Although it requires some practice to aim properly, Incendiary is pretty easy to land thanks to its decent-sized area of effect.

Brimstone’s signature ability, Sky Smoke, is the easiest smoke to use for beginners. It doesn’t involve any distance or height adjustments nor any pre-round setup shenanigans. (I’m looking at you, Astra.)

All you have to do is look at your tactical map and pin the exact location where you want to place your smokes, then cast to summon the smoke clouds. You can also place multiple smokes at the same time, allowing you and your team to enter a site more quickly.

Orbital Strike is Brimstone’s ultimate ability. It’s basically a delayed nuke with a large area of effect. It deals tremendous damage to all players in the target area, and any enemy caught for more than a second within the area is guaranteed to die.

As you can see, Brimstone’s abilities mostly involve point-and-click mechanics. Beginners shouldn’t have a hard time using this agent.



Phoenix, Best Valorant Agent for beginners playing duelist

Next on this list is the impatient and sometimes arrogant duelist, Phoenix. Similar to Sage and Brimstone, he is also one of the first few agents that are unlocked automatically.

Phoenix’s playstyle mirrors his overconfident and reckless personality. His abilities allow him to play aggressively as an entry frag for his team while also providing some forms of recovery.

One of his abilities is Curveball, which lets you throw a fire orb that flashes affected players for 1.5 seconds. Casting this ability is simple—you just have to get used to the angled projectile of the fire orb.

You can also choose to throw the orb either to the left or right, which lets you enter a site effectively as long as you time (and direct) it correctly. The main idea is to use it around corners and away from where your teammates are.

Take note: Don’t use Curveball straight at the enemies because you’ll probably also blind your teammates and yourself.

Speaking of site entry, Phoenix’s Blaze can help you push a site by creating a wall of flames. This wall blocks player vision and inflicts damage to anyone who comes in contact with it (except Phoenix himself). Similar to Curveball, you can choose to curve the fire wall by bending its direction as you cast.

Phoenix’s signature ability is Hot Hands. This allows you to throw a fireball that scatters on the ground and deals damage to any player standing on the burned area (again, except Phoenix).

You might be wondering: why isn’t Phoenix damaged by his fire wall and fireball?

Well, aside from making sense thematically, this is also thanks to his passive ability, Heating Up. Not only does it prevent him from taking damage from his own skills, but it also lets him heal from them for a small amount.

Staying true to his name, Phoenix’s ultimate ability, Run It Back, allows you to go Rambo against your enemies for 10 seconds. Whether you die or live during its duration, you’ll go back to the location where you cast this ability with full health.

Despite the additional features of Phoenix’s abilities, they mostly require minimal effort and are still easy to understand.



Sova, best Valorant agent for beginners playing initiator

In contrast to the arrogant Phoenix, Sova is a humble former archer who fills the role of an initiator agent. He is a reliable and experienced strategist as clearly exemplified in his abilities.

Owl Drone is a recon ability that lets you control a drone to survey a site. Controlling the drone isn’t much different from controlling your agent—just use the arrow keys (WASD) for movement and the mouse for direction.

Shock Bolt is your main damage-dealing utility. It’s a skillshot that requires some knowledge and experience of how its projectiles work in the game.

But even without any knowledge of fancy lineups, you can still deal a reasonable amount of damage with this ability thanks to its decent area of effect.

Recon Bolt is Sova’s main reconnaissance tool and his signature ability. Similar to Shock Bolt, knowing some lineups will definitely help you maximize this ability.

However, you aren’t required to learn them to be useful. As long as you can land your arrow on a decent location or surface, then you’re good to go.

Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, allows you to unleash energy blasts that penetrate through walls. It deals significant damage to any enemies hit, guaranteeing their death after two hits.

Aside from being a skillshot, this ability has no complicated mechanics. It goes through walls and gives you a vision of any enemies you hit, making it even easier for you to hit them with consecutive blasts.

Be wary, though, as Hunter’s Fury can also damage your teammates. So, try your best to avoid hitting them. Thankfully, you can move your cursor after every cast, which allows you to adjust your aim based on your enemies’ (and teammates’) movements.

Sova is especially useful in maps with multiple crucial angles, such as Bind and Haven, due to his ability to check corners with minimal risk.

Although Sova’s abilities have skillshots and may demand some extra micromanagement, you can use them all from a safe distance, keeping you out of harm’s way (most of the time).



Reyna Valorant

Lastly, we have the “heartless” duelist, Reyna. She has a savage personality and is known as someone who finds joy in the suffering of her enemies.

As a duelist, Reyna’s playstyle involves aggressive attacks and fragging for your team. Her abilities synergize well together and are more effective the more enemies you kill.

The more you kill with Reyna, the stronger she becomes.

Reyna’s Leer is her main entry ability. Just cast it in the target direction, and any enemy affected by Leer gets Nearsight, which essentially forces them to only see close-up enemies.

The downside is that your enemies can shoot the “eye” of Leer, which completely negates its effect. The key is to cast Leer in a direction that is far from where you want to peek, leaving your enemies with very little time to react.

Reyna has the passive ability Soul Harvest. Whenever you kill an enemy or damage them right before they die, they leave behind a Soul Orb that you can consume using your signature abilities, Devour and Dismiss.

Devour and Dismiss are two sides of the same coin. They share the same credit cost, and they are practically two parts of an ability.

The main difference is that Devour heals you for as much as 100 HP while Dismiss makes you invulnerable for up to two seconds. All you have to do is to remember their corresponding key bindings.

Coupled with her ultimate, Empress, Reyna can wreak havoc on the enemy team. Just don’t confuse Devour and Dismiss with each other, so you don’t end up wasting both of them!

Reyna’s abilities may seem intimidating at first, especially with the different mechanics involved in her signature and ultimate abilities. But once you familiarize yourself with her abilities and their synergy more, she can be a potent yet relatively easy duelist to use.

Final Words

There you have it—the five best Valorant agents for beginners. As we’ve mentioned, they all have one thing in common: their abilities are straightforward and have uncomplicated mechanics.

Have you tried any agents on this list? Did they feel “beginner-friendly” when you played them? Let us know in the comments.

*All artworks are sourced from @PlayVALORANT in compliance with their Legal Jibber Jabber.

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