8 BEST Valorant Agents for Beginners (2023)

Everyone has to start somewhere, so start with these Valorant Agents for beginners.

Marc Torzar
Marc Torzar
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Are you a newcomer to Valorant and can’t decide which agent to choose? Do you want to know who the best Valorant agents for beginners are?.

If you’re new to Valorant, you might find it difficult to choose from the very diverse pool of agents in this game.

But don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. We have here the list of the eight best Valorant characters for beginners.

Criteria for Ranking the Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

We’ve mainly chosen agents with straightforward abilities and simple mechanics. This allows beginners to focus more on learning the ropes of Valorant and increasing their win rate.

We’ll also be including an estimated learning difficulty score for each Agent. This allows you to better understand how easy (or difficult) each one to play is. Helping you adjust, depending on your mechanical skills.



Reyna Valorant Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 4.8/5

Reyna is by far the easiest Valorant Agent to play. She doesn’t have any aimed skills, doesn’t need lineups, and is a pretty self-sufficient Agent. She is excellent when played aggressively and has a great get-out-of-jail-free card with her Dismiss ability.

The only thing she needs to succeed is to have a good aim. So make sure to use one of the best crosshairs to help you out.

Reyna’s Leer (her blind) has an infinite range, allowing you to blind anyone with line of sight to it. This makes for a great entry ability, allowing you to feed yourself kills without relying on other teammates.

Reyna’s Devour and Dismiss both require a soul orb to use. Both abilities can help you survive multiple fights.

Finally, Reyna’s Empress turns her into a “Boss Fight” character. She can easily win you a round as long as you have good aim.

She’s also one of the best carry Agents in Valorant. So if you’re a beginner looking to completely dominate games, Reyna is the Valorant Agent for you.



Sage Valorant Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 4.5/5

Sage is one of the best Valorant Agents for beginners if you want to play a more supportive role. Her abilities are pretty easy to learn and will help your team in various ways.

Sage is one of the few Agents who can provide heals. She can also revive a dead ally using her ultimate. Both of these abilities are point-and-click, so you don’t need to do much.

She can also easily hold down a site using her Slow Orb and Barrier Orb. This makes her very powerful on maps like Haven, Split, and Icebox.

You don’t need to have the best aim to contribute with Sage. As long as you can provide heals, hold sites, and use your Resurrection wisely, you’re good to go.



Brimstone Valorant Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 4.3/5

Next up, we have “Daddy Brim.” Brimstone is by far the easiest Controller role Agent in Valorant. You use his smokes by literally choosing where to put them, and they instantly drop from the sky.

After smoking, you can simply throw out your Stim Beacon whenever your team is trying to push a site. You can use your molly to clear corners or prevent pushes. Finally, your Orbital Strike can be activated by the press of a button.

No other Controller can get much easier than Brimstone. He also thrives in different team comps and doesn’t require a flashy or aggressive playstyle.

Unfortunately, Brimstone can be quite bad on some of the larger Valorant maps, so you can’t play him every time.

If you want to take your Brimstone plays to the next level, you can also learn some molly lineups. This allows you to delay the defuse even longer and can single-handedly allow you to win rounds.



Phoenix Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 4.3/5

If you’re the type of player who likes to do it all, Phoenix might be the perfect fit for you. Phoenix is a bit harder to use than our three previous picks, but he’s more flexible in terms of playstyle.

Phoenix is great when played aggressively but can also work well when acting as a second fragger. His blinds can allow you to set up your teammate or yourself for kills. Your wall and molly can be used to heal or to clear corners and block vision.

Finally, you’re ultimate is one of the best entry tools in the game. It can allow you to get free kills without putting yourself in danger. Phoenix has an entire kit that can do multiple things. He’s basically the “jack of all trades” in Valorant.

Most of Phoenix’s skills are pretty easy to use. However, they can also be used in unique ways that you should be able to learn with time. This makes him a great beginner Valorant Agent while still leaving many skills on the table for you to learn.



Killjoy Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 4.0/5

If you’re looking to chill, relax, and let your machines do the work, Killjoy is your gal. Killjoy is a great defensive anchor that can easily hold down sites on her own. She also works well on most maps, so you can keep playing her if you want to.

Most of the time, the only problem you’ll have with Killjoy is knowing where to put her Turret, swarms, and Alarmbot. Once you have your abilities set up, all you have to do is peek off Turret or Alarmbot activation. Follow it up by activating your Nanoswarms, and enemies will be dead before they even know it.

On attack, Killjoy isn’t as strong. But she can still watch flanks, clear corners using her mollies, and even delay defuses with lineups. Not to mention that her Lockdown is an amazing way to push sites.

She’s not only a great Valorant agent for beginners but also excels in high-rank games and professional play. This means you can easily main her as you climb the Valorant ranks.



KAY/O Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 3.8/5

KAY/O is a machine that was literally made for war to neutralize Radiants. KAY/O is the type of Agent that can excel in multiple things. This includes setting up your team or yourself for kills, delaying pushes, creating space, clearing corners, and entrying.

When you think about it, KAY/O’s skills are actually pretty simple. You have two flashes, a molly, an anti-skill knife, and a revivable ultimate.

I honestly think KAY/O is the perfect Valorant Agent for beginners coming from CS:GO. This allows you to still have the power of flashes and mollys in your hands, just like CS:GO.

KAY/O can be a bit harder for completely new gamers because of all the things you need to worry about in-game. But if you can learn some lineups or are coming from other shooter games, then KAY/O is an excellent option.



Jett Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 3.8/5

Jett is one of the staple Agents in Valorant. She’s probably the most popular because of all the fancy plays, insane outplays, and other clips of her that go viral. She’s actually a great beginner Agent, even though she might look like a very difficult Agent to play.

Most of Jett’s difficulty level lies in properly using her Updraft and Tailwind. Both abilities are movement abilities that allow Jett to get a better position to kill enemies. While most clips show insane mobility, you can start off slow with simple climbing onto objects using Updraft or dashing out of the way with Tailwind.

Her Cloudburst acts like normal smokes with a shorter duration, while her Blade Storm is just a weapon without recoil or inaccuracy. Overall, her abilities are easy to understand but difficult to master.

Jett is still the go-to Agent if you want to use the Operator because they just fit together nicely. As a beginner, I highly suggest activating your Tailwind before peeking so you can instantly dash away when needed.



Omen Valorant Agent select.
  • Learning Difficulty Score: 3.7/5

Omen is another great beginner Valorant Agent if you’re looking to play a more aggressive Controller role. He is also a great Agent to flank with because of his long-range smokes.

He’s one of the harder Agents to play on our list, mostly because of his high skill ceiling. However, it’s still a great way because you can slowly build your skills at Omen while also growing at the game.

His Paranoia is a great AOE ability that can be used to set up teammates or set up yourself for insane outplays. Match his Paranoia with a Shrouded Step, and you’re on your way to get some kills.

Most of Omen’s skills are easy to use. However, they can also be used in creative ways, which is what raises his skill ceiling. You also need to be quick with your hands if you’re looking to use his skills mid-fight.

I think Omen is great for MOBA or MMORPG players looking for a beginner Valorant Agent. These players are used to quick decision-making and using different skills in the heat of the moment, making them perfect Omen players.

Final Words

There you have it—the five best Valorant agents for beginners. As we’ve mentioned, they all have one thing in common: their abilities are straightforward and have uncomplicated mechanics.

Have you tried any agents on this list? Did they feel “beginner-friendly” when you played them? Let us know in the comments.

*All artworks are sourced from @PlayVALORANT in compliance with their Legal Jibber Jabber.

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