Baizhu Genshin Impact Build Guide (Playstyle, Weapons, Artifacts, and More!)

What business brings you here, might I inquire? Some charlatans peddling ineffectual medicines again, no doubt?

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Welcome to Baizhu's Build Guide!

Hello, and welcome back to another Genshin Impact build guide, folks! Genshin Impact version 3.6 is now live and FINALLY. Finally. Players have been waiting for Baizhu (and his snake Changsheng), the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, ever since the traveler journeyed to Liyue.

Baizhu, titled Beyond Mortality, is a 5-star Dendro catalyst user currently settled in Liyue. Baizhu‘s kit focuses on healing based on the character’s max HP, although he can also be used to provide some DMG bonuses to your team comps.

To celebrate Liyue’s best physician finally becoming available for play, here’s how to build Baizhu with the best weapons, talent upgrades, and artifacts. In his article, we’ll also be mentioning some of the best team compositions that fans can use with Baizhu. Keep reading for more!

Baizhu as shown in youtube trailer

Baizhu’s Passive Talents

Talent NameTalent Description
Five Fortunes ForeverBaizhu gains 20% Healing Bonus when your active character has <50% HP OR
gains 25% DMG Bonus if active character HP >=50%
All Things Are of the EarthCharacters healed by Baizhu‘s shields will increase their Dendro-based reaction DMG by 2% for every 1000HP he possesses below a 50,000 HP cap.

Aggravate and Spread DMG dealt will be increased by 0.8%
Herbal NourishmentCollecting harvestable items heals your current active character by 2.5% of Baizhu‘s max HP.
Baizhu’s Passive Talents

Baizhu’s Normal And Charged Attacks

For his normal attack, Baizhu can perform 4 attacks with his catalyst that deal Dendro DMG
Baizhu’s charged attack consumes a certain amount of stamina to deal AoE Dendro DMG after a short casting time.

Baizhu normal and charged attacks

One important thing to note is that Baizhu is not a ranged normal attacker like The Wanderer; instead, he falls into the melee range of attacks like Heizou.

Baizhu’s Elemental Skill

Baizhu summons an aggressive Gossamer Sprite, which deals DMG up to 3 times. However, if there are no opponents nearby or 3 strikes have been dealt, the Sprite will disappear and heal all nearby party members by some percentage of Baizhu‘s max HP.

Baizhu elemental skill

The exact HP recovery depends on your skill’s talent level. If Genshin fans want to build a heal-focused Baizhu, upgrading this talent as much as possible is the way to go!

Baizhu’s Elemental Burst

Baizhu: Dendro shielder. Upon activation of this ability, Baizhu creates a Seamless shield. This shield can absorb incoming impacts and can absorb Dendro DMG with 250% effectiveness.

Baizhu elemental burst

Baizhu generates a seamless shield every 2.5s which heals the active character based on Baizhu’s max HP.
Also, the shield attacks opponents by unleashing Spiritveins which deal Dendro DMG when the following conditions are met:

  • When a character is under the protection of a Seamless Shield and its duration ends, a new one is generated, or when it is shattered.

Baizhu’s burst has an 80 energy cost and should be players’ primary focus when building the character.

Baizhu’s Constellations

A brief note is necessary here.. Baizhu at C0 is an amazing unit. Please do not feel forced to roll for a character’s constellations. They are nice to have and can boost a character’s effectiveness but aren’t worth spending real-world currency on unless you have a large reserve of expendable income.

Attentive Observation
Baizhu's C1 icon
Baizhu‘s Elemental Skill, Universal Diagnosis, gains one additional charge.
Incisive Discernment
Attacking any nearby opponent unleashes another Gossamer Sprite, which deals 1 instance of 250% Baizhu’s ATK as Dendro DMG.

This Sprite will also heal for 20% of what Universal Diagnosis’ would have healed in that instant.

|-> This DMG is considered Elemental Skill DMG

–> This effect can be triggered once every 5s.
All Aspects Stabilized
Baizhu's C3 icon

The Hidden Ebb and Flow
Baizhu's C5 icon
The character’s C3 and C5 upgrade the talent levels of Baizhu‘s Elemental Burst and Skill, respectively.
Ancient Art of Perception
Baizhu's C4 icon
After using his Elemental Burst, Baizhu will increase all nearby party members’ Elemental Mastery by 80 for 15s.
Elimination of Malicios Qi
Baizhu's C6 icon
Baizhu‘s Elemental Burst Spiritvein DMG increases by 8% of his max HP.

Additionally, when either of Baizhu‘s two Gossamer Sprites hit opponents, a Seamless Shield is generated without fail.

–> This effect can be triggered only once by each Gossamer Sprite.
Baizhu’s Constellationsbrav

Baizhu’s Best Artifact Sets

Baizhu‘s kit revolves around his capabilities as a supportive character. Therefore, his best artifact sets include:

Artifact NameDescription

Deepwood Memories

Deepwood Memories
2-Piece Bonus
Dendro DMG Bonus +15%

4-Piece Bonus
After Elemental Skills or Bursts hit opponents, the targets’ Dendro RES will be decreased by 30% for 8s. This effect can be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field

Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige
2-Piece Bonus
Elemental Burst DMG + 20%

4-Piece Bonus
Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members’ ATK by 20% for 12s. This effect cannot stack.


2-Piece Bonus
Increases Elemental Mastery by 80.

4-Piece Bonus
Upon triggering an Elemental Reaction, increases all party members’ Elemental Mastery by 120 for 8s.

Maiden’s Beloved

Maiden's Beloved

Ocean Hued Clam Ocean Hued Clam

2-Piece Bonus
Character Healing Bonus +15%

4-Piece Bonus
Using an Elemental Skill or Burst increases healing received by all party members by 20% for 10s.

2-Piece Bonus
Character Healing Bonus +15%

4-Piece Bonus

|->When the character equipping this artifact set heals a character in the party, a Sea-Dyed Foam will appear for 3 seconds, accumulating the amount of HP recovered from healing (including overflow healing).

|->At the end of the duration, the Sea-Dyed Foam will explode, dealing DMG to nearby opponents based on 90% of the accumulated healing.

–>Only one Sea-Dyed Foam can be produced every 3.5 seconds.

–>Each Sea-Dyed Foam can accumulate up to 30,000 HP (including overflow healing).

–>There can be no more than one Sea-Dyed Foam active at any given time.

–>This effect can still be triggered even when the character who is using this artifact set is not on the field.
Baizhu’s Best Artifact Builds!

Baizhu is a character who relies primarily on Energy Recharge and HP to be most effective in players’ team comps. Thus, players should try stacking a decent amount of either stat to maximise the effectiveness of their Baizhu build.

The exact numbers depend on innumerable factors, including; team comps, playstyle, character builds, etc.
However, generally players are going to want to go for somewhere around 150% ER, and around 25K HP.
For ones circlet, goblet, and sands, players should try stacking ER and HP to hit these numbers.

Baizhu’s Best Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon Description

Jadefall’s Splendor

Jadefall's Splendor
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 1:
Base ATK: 510
Bonus Energy Recharge 45.9%

Primordial Jade Regalia
For 3s after using an Elemental Burst or creating a shield, the character

->Restores 4.5 Energy every 2.5s
->Gains 0.3% Elemental DMG Bonus for their corresponding Elemental Type for every 1,000 Max HP they possess, up to 12%.

–>Primordial Jade Regalia will still take effect even if
the character is not on the field.

Favonius Codex

Favonius Codex
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 5:
Base ATK: 510
Bonus Energy Recharge 45.9%

CRIT hits have a 100% chance to generate 6 Energy for the character.

–>The effect can trigger once every 6s.

Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 5:
Base ATK: 510
Bonus HP 41.3%

Using an Elemental Burst regenerates 6 energy every 2s for 6s.

During the same duration, all party members will generate 6% HP every 2s.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 5:
Base ATK: 401
Bonus HP 35.2%

When switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24% for 10s.

–>This effect can only occur once every 20s.

Hakushin Ring

Hakushin Ring
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 5:
Base ATK: 565
Bonus Energy Recharge

Sakura Saiguu
Triggering an Electro elemental Reaction gives a 20% Elemental DMG bonus for 6s to all characters who’s elemental type was involved in that reaction.

Elemental DMG bonus gained in this way cannot stack.
Baizhu’s Best Weapon Builds

Baizhu’s Best Teams

And that takes us to our next and final section, Baizhu‘s teams. Baizhu‘s a wonderful all-rounded support character who isn’t broken or weak. His primary purpose is to support your team with his shields, healing, Dendro application, and occasional DMG support.

  • Baizhu and Cyno have powerful synergy when together in the same team. Ever since his release in Genshin Impact version 3.1, Cyno has lacked Dendro support who can match his burst’s duration. Enter Baizhu, a good off-field Dendro applier who can stay alongside Cyno for most of his burst’s duration and can help him consistently proc the Quicken reaction.
Cyno, Fischl, and Kazuha Character Cards

Other than Baizhu, the team has Fischl and Kaedehara Kazuha. The former character can act as an Electro battery for your Cyno and Kazuha can buff your teams Elemental DMG and also proc Swirl. Note instead of Kazuha, someone like Yelan or Xingqiu can also be good team members if players fancy proccing Hyperbloom reactions as well.

  • Nilou‘s Bountiful cores can only be formed when her team comprises Hydro and Dendro characters. Such a team does well with Baizhu supporting it, providing Dendro, shields, and healing effects. Nilou‘s Bountiful cores can hurt players own characters, so a potent healer like Baizhu is a must-have in such a team.
Nahida, Yelan, and Nilou Character Cards

For a second Dendro character, a viable off-field applier could be the Dendro archon herself. Nahida has outstanding off-field Dendro application abilities. Someone like Xingqiu or Yelan is also needed to meet the teams insane Hydro application requirements.

  • Both of these team comps can be mixed to bring out another powerful team comp, Quickbloom. Such a team deals DMG by proccing both Quicken and Hyperbloom reactions and makes use of powerful Electro , Dendro, and Hydro characters. Such a team can include, but is not limited to Yae Miko , Kuki Shinobu, Lisa, Yelan, Xingqiu, Kokomi, Raiden Shogun, Al-Haitham, and Tighnari.
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