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Anwell Patdu
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Have you ever been in a gunfight that just took forever because no one could hit their shots? I know I have – more times than I’d like to admit. It’s embarrassing, especially when you’re on a Discord server with your friends. There’s really no other way to prevent this than good ‘ol hard work. So, I took the time to find the 5 best aim training maps in CS2 that you can use to improve your game.


Aim Botz – Aim Training (CS2)

Playing on the Aim Botz map.
Playing on the Aim Botz map.

Created by: Mr. uLLeticaL™-S
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Let’s start things off strong with the Aim Botz – Aim Training (CS2) map. I’m sure old-school CS players will instantly recognize the map, as it has been a household name for years. I’ve personally dinked thousands of heads on the map. It came back better than ever in CS2, with increased functionality and new features that improve your intense training sessions.

It retains that original vibe with a 360° range and the familiar twelve bots that instantly spawn back after being taken down. For some timed sessions, there’s a set of Aim Botz challenges you can try out. Personally, I find the most exciting feature to be the option to switch between melee weapons, giving you access to all the base knives in CS2 without having to use commands.


CSStats Training Map (CSGOHUB)

Playing on the CSGOHUB map.
Playing on the CSGOHUB map.

Created by: ESLGaming
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ESL Gaming is one of the biggest esports events organizers in the CS2 scene. They’ve teamed up with CSStats.gg to create CSGOHUB. The map is set behind an office building, highlighting decent customization options. Similar to many others, players have the freedom to select their preferred weapons and adjust the number of bots. The spawn locations also come with three preset options: Near, Mid, and Far.

When you get bored of destroying standing bots, you’ve got the choice to play two other game modes. Rush has bots running straight at you with their knives out, making for great movement training. On the other hand, Shuffle tests your overall CS2 skills with bots strafing and hiding behind objects. Honestly, once I saw “Created by ESLGaming,” I instantly knew this was an excellent CS2 aim training map.



Playing on the CS2_aim map.
Playing on the CS2_aim map.

Created by: azy
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If there’s one map that’s got the CS community in a buzz, it’s CS2_aim. Players are constantly raving about it, and the numbers show since it’s one of the most popular workshop maps in CS2. In fairness to them, the map definitely delivers. You can set the maximum bot count to 20 and customize their spawn distance location and strafing options.

Unfortunately, the only game mode available is timed 100 kills. However, you can add spice to your sessions by forcing bots to jump or crouch. If that’s not enough, you can always increase the challenge using the uneven ground option. Did I mention you can also test out the different knives here?


Aim Training – Quick WarmUp (CS2)

Playing on the Aim Training map.
Playing on the Aim Training map.

Created by: ✪ Dreazc0v¯\(ツ)/¯
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As the name suggests, the Aim Training map by Dreazc0v is excellent for warmups or training sessions. It offers simple yet plenty of customization options, allowing you to train your aim in a variety of ways. If the regular training doesn’t excite you, there are three additional rooms you can use to step up your training sessions. One of the rooms is already available, featuring a rush game mode where bots run toward you with their knives out in a 360° arena.

The other two rooms are still in the works, but the description indicates a reaction area and a deathmatch mode is coming soon. Drezc0v has got me hyped for what’s to come. While it’s already quite popular, I think it deserves more recognition as it’s definitely one of the best aim training maps in CS2, just from the variety and scenarios alone.


Aim_Rush / Aim training map

Playing on the Aim_rush map.
Playing on the Aim_rush map.

Created by: Joe Biden
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Here’s a workshop map that’ll surely get your blood pumping. Aim_rush isn’t like traditional aim training maps; it puts all of your in-game skills to the test by putting you in custom 1vx situations. Each bot varies in skill level, creating this dynamic where every round feels different. There’s nothing you can do to prepare.

While the map presents minimal customization options, the experience is good enough that little to no changes are required. It creates this intense feeling of knowing that enemies are rushing you. Honestly, you’ll be surprised at how challenging yet enjoyable every round can get.

Wrapping Things Up

After careful deliberation, I’ve given the title of the best CS2 aim training map to Aim Botz. It’s a classic Counter-Strike workshop map that not only brings a sense of nostalgia but also churns out great training sessions. The crazy customizability is hard to beat and is perfect for improving specific aspects of your aim.

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