15 BEST Minecraft Barn Ideas For 1.17

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Paulina Rodriguez
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Food in Minecraft is a fundamental game mechanic for Survival and Hardcore players, considering how you can regenerate health and recover stamina when consuming any of the food items available in the game. Once you learn about the best food in Minecraft, it’s only a matter of some hunting and planting to sort out your hunger. Having a barn to keep your inventory well-organized and protect your animals from running away sounds like the perfect weekend project, right? You can look into our 15 best Minecraft barn ideas to choose one that suits your needs when you start growing crops and breeding animals. All of them are great for any Survival or Hardcore world. Let’s go!


Large Barn

Best Minecraft Barn Ideas 1.17
Screenshot by Keralis

Watch Tutorial

This video tutorial by Keralis features a beautiful Oak and Spruce barn that you can build in your world without much hassle. You may need several stacks of resources to get this project going, but the good news is that you can adapt the building to how much space you have available. This is one of those Minecraft barn ideas that includes a horse stable to keep your companions sheltered from rain and mobs.


Simple Barn

Simple Barn Minecraft Survival World
Screenshot by SheepGG

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There’s no need to try building a gigantic barn when you can have this beautiful and barn design in Minecraft, brought to us by SheepGG. For this blueprint, you only need to set a 23 x 17 block area foundation to follow the instructions– the results are stunning thanks to the Stripped Oak logs and Spruce planks. We love how the tutorial includes Spruce trapdoors and Barrels to add more life and texture to the structure!


Animal Barn

Minecraft Best Animal Barn Multiplayer
Screenshot by ItsMarloe

Watch Tutorial

Some players don’t like the idea of having all their animals crammed together in inhumane farms, no matter how efficient it can be. We have this video tutorial by ItsMarloe, with more than enough space to keep pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens for those looking to have a free-range animal barn. While there aren’t any guidelines for interior decoration, you can always try new furniture ideas to adapt the barn to whatever you want!

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Stone & Wood Barn

Stone and Wood Barn Best Minecraft Building Idea

Watch Tutorial

Up next, this video tutorial by Mr Mirror shows us that the timeless wood + stone combo works wonderfully when you’re planning to build an outdoor barn. It’s the perfect addition for any medieval-themed farm or city, and you can keep your animals and farming resources neatly organised without breaking the immersion.

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Barn & Horse Stable

Horse Stable Minecraft Barn Design 1.17
Screenshot by ExecutiveTree

Watch Tutorial

ExecutiveTree has released a straightforward video tutorial for a barn with stables, including three sections to keep your animals and even has enough space to include a farm. You only require a couple of stacks of Stripped Oak and Spruce blocks to create the exterior for this particular project. The interior decoration consists of every crafting station you may need in Survival alongside an enchanting table. There’s even enough room to set a Nether portal if you wish to do so!

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Rustic Barn

Rustic Minecraft Barn Idea Grian 1.17
Screenshot by Grian

Watch Tutorial

If you’re the type of player who just wants a simple survival base to start, Grian has an excellent video tutorial to build a lovely, rustic barn that doesn’t require too much attention to detail. It only requires materials you can obtain right after spawning in a brand-new world, and you can set up your base with all the necessary crafting stations, chests and beds. This is one of those Minecraft barn designs that perfectly balances functionality with aesthetics. You can even replace the materials with Quartz and Red Stained clay to go with an American style.


Classic Barn

Classic American Style Barn Blueprint Minecraft
Screenshot by Ector Vynk

Watch Tutorial

If you’re looking for some classic Minecraft barn designs, we can suggest the following video tutorial by Ector Vynk, where they showcase how to build an American-styled barn. Unlike most building ideas showcased in the list, you will need Quartz, Stone Bricks, and Red Stained Clay blocks to follow each step. We can assure you the effort to gather all the necessary resources is worth it– use your favourite shaders and texture packs to make it shine!

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Barn & Crop Land

Minecraft Animal Pen Crop Barn Survival
Screenshot by SidioMC

Watch Tutorial

Living the farm life implies having some farmland to care for, right? With this video tutorial by SidioMC, you can have a beautiful rustic barn surrounded by crops so that you never run out of food for your animals and yourself! It’s a great build to place in a flat area or near a village. While it might require several stacks of resources to complete, we think it’s 100% worth the effort!

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Wooden Barn

Wooden Barn Minecraft Medieval Idea
Screenshot by Zaypixel

Watch Tutorial

This beautiful Minecraft barn video tutorial by Zaypixel features a nice kitchen, sleeping area, storage for all your crops and small animal pens perfect for a Survival singleplayer world. It’s a gorgeous building with great attention to detail in its decoration and shouldn’t take too long if you already have the necessary resources. However, note that the author has uploaded the layout here since the video doesn’t have the correct measurements. Oops!


Stone Barn

Minecraft Building Design Stone Barn 1
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

Watch Tutorial

Are you looking to add a stone barn to your farm? The following video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage will guide you through all the necessary steps to build a complete barn with stables and animal pens to keep your animal pen for horses, cows, pigs, and chickens safe from any hazards. It’s the ideal structure to build as your operation centre before going headfirst into an exploring adventure. If you want to steer away from Minecraft barn ideas exclusively reliant on wood, this could be the perfect choice for you.


Spruce Barn

Wood Barn Animal Pen Minecraft Survival Hardcore
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

Watch Tutorial

Suppose you already have gone through several building projects, and now you want to get a barn to keep all your animals protected. Why not try the following tutorial by TheMythicalSausage? It even includes a pen for the elusive rabbits if you want to farm some rabbit legs for your potions. You can recreate this structure in almost any Minecraft version, so feel free to experiment with other construction blocks to fit your base’s theme!

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Medieval Barn

Medieval Barn Minecraft Building Design
Screenshot by Random Steve Guy

Watch Tutorial

Random Steve Guy shares the following video tutorial for a fantastic medieval barn for Minecraft. It’s made almost exclusively out of Spruce blocks and features a cosy area to keep all your Survival essentials in order. You can have several horses on the sides of the building if you’re looking to move around in style. Most building ideas in Minecraft rely a lot on Spruce logs and wood as part of their primary colour palette but feel free to modify the design to use other wooden blocks, like Oak or Spruce.


Small Barn

Minecraft Small Barn Building Idea Survival
Screenshot by LTA Tutorial

Watch Tutorial

Most of the time, we just need a couple of each animal available to breed and recollect resources from them. The following video tutorial by LTA Tutorial features a clean barn design for your Survival world, only demanding resources you can acquire in the Overworld. As the name implies, it’s one of those plain Minecraft barn ideas that adds a lot of charm to your game, and it’s the perfect extension to your Survival farm. Go ahead and build it!


Survival Barn

Survival Best Barn Minecraft Idea
Screenshot by Fedo

Watch Tutorial

Fedo has shared this video tutorial where they will take you through every step into creating a fantastic Minecraft barn for your Survival needs. All materials needed are easy to acquire from the start, and there’s no need to follow intricate blueprints to construct the barn itself. We like how they use Barrels to lay the foundations for the silo– they’re an aesthetically pleasing block to use in your building ideas beyond their original use as storage!

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Simple Wooden Barn

Best Wooden Barn Animal Horse Minecraft Survival
Screenshot by Servasius

Watch Tutorial

Let’s admit it, some of us don’t have enough time or energy to start a building project that will require hours of gameplay to complete. Players looking for inspiration for their Minecraft barn might get interested in the following video tutorial by Servasius. You only need different wooden blocks to decorate the outer frame and keep your animals in their pens.

Which Minecraft barn idea was your favourite? Are you trying to follow any of these video tutorials in your Minecraft game? Let us know in the comments below! 

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