20 BEST Minecraft Mansion Ideas

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Minecraft is the perfect playground to play out any fantasy you’d like. No matter if you’re a veteran player or just trying the game for the first time, one of the best things to do is to build a gigantic house for yourself. The sky is the limit for what you can have as a base! That’s why we’ve compiled the 20 best Minecraft mansion ideas if you’re feeling a bit uninspired. These video tutorials range in complexity and size, but they all share the luxury and commodity you can only really get from a fancy mansion. Let’s see what they offer!


Giant Suburban Mansion

Giant Suburban Mansion for Minecraft 1.17 1.18 Video Tutorial Modern
Screenshot by FlyingCow

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We kick off this list with one of the most fantastic Minecraft mansion ideas we’ve seen in a while. The following video tutorial by FlyingCow has come up with a realistic-like design, taking no expense in making it look luxurious and elegant. The building uses several Quartz block variations and Light Gray Terracota for the external structure, finishing in Andesite and Birch Planks. 

We will understand if you’re not the biggest fan of Andesite, so you might want to replace it with Cobblestone or similar resources. Overall, it’s a great video tutorial that’s easy to understand and will be an exciting challenge to complete in Survival mode!


Wooden Mansion

Wooden Spruce Mansion Cool Minecraft Survival Base Ideas
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

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Do you want to have a big home but don’t feel like gathering rare resources? Here we have a fantastic video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage, and this is one of those Minecraft mansion ideas that mostly relies on easy-to-obtain resources from the Overworld. Specifically, you will need several Dark Oak and Oak stacks– because, you guessed it, it’s a wooden mansion!

Note that there are some minor tweaks you may want to do if you’re going to recreate it as faithfully as possible. For instance, the chimney room requires one extra block to ensure the chimney is five blocks wide. While there are no instructions for the interior, that’s only the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild!


2-Player Survival

Multiplayer Minecraft Mansion Two Players Server How to Build Base Design
Screenshot by IrisGenie

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Playing Minecraft by yourself can be a chill experience, but if you’re able to enjoy it with friends, you’re almost guaranteed to have an exciting time together. That’s why we’re also sharing this Minecraft mansion by IrisGenie designed for two players in mind, including a small stable for your horses and farmland surrounding your home for growing your crops. 

The house layout requires several stacks of Oak, Stone Bricks and Spruce blocks, but it’s just a matter of looking at the beauty shots and seeing that all that effort is worth the results. Besides, if you plus another friend can tackle this building project, you can finish your Minecraft mansion in no time!

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Mushroom Mansion

Cottagecore Minecraft Mansion Video Tutorial 1.18 Idea Cute Home
Screenshot by jjaaxxthelegend

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Inspired by the cottagecore aesthetic, the following video tutorial by jjaaxxthelegend has a stunning, spacious mushroom mansion with two floors and a lovely entrance. The roof uses Mushroom blocks and Red wool, but you can also use Concrete or Terracota if you want. 

We’re in love with the attention to the minor details here. The tiny mushrooms blooming from the roof add that extra magic spark to this Minecraft mansion, and the combination of plain Cobblestone with Mossy Cobblestone makes for a much richer texture and worn-down look.


Modern Mansion

Minecraft Modern Mansion with Pool 1.18 Tutorial Survival Creative Mode
Screenshot by Brandon Stilley Gaming

Watch Tutorial

The following video tutorial by Brandon Stilley Gaming is a great source of inspiration for people searching for Minecraft mansions with a modern twist. You’ll need to clear out a 52×56 space area for this building project to fit the main entrance, the villa itself, and other minor exterior details.

Using Concrete for modern buildings is a no-brainer at this point, so if you want to recreate this video tutorial or similar Minecraft mansion ideas in your game, start stacking up on Sand and Gravel! We suggest placing the Concrete Powder in its final place and then using a bucket of water to convert it into Concrete.


Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mysterious Mansion Stone Oak Base Minecraft 1.18
Screenshot by BigTonyMC

Watch Tutorial

Who remembers when Woodland mansions were introduced in Minecraft 1.11? While we appreciate it whenever Mojang spices up the world generation with these structures, it’s also a good source of inspiration for your next Minecraft mansion. 

In this case, BigTonyMC has come up with a variation on the Woodland mansion you may find in that biome, using Stone Bricks, Granite, Spruce blocks and Smooth Sandstone for the exterior. If you’re having issues understanding the layout, you can find the measurements here. You can also watch the interior’s video here if you want to continue decorating your brand-new mansion’s interior.


Winter Mansion

Winter Wonderland Mansion for Minecraft Survival Singleplayer
Screenshot by ToxicKailey

Watch Tutorial

Setting your home inside a snowy biome is the perfect setting for a cozy, welcoming home. So why not go all out with this beautiful winter mansion design created by ToxicKailey in the following video tutorial? The logs combined with the large windows make for an impressive structure from the inside and out. You can pause the video or check the comments section to find a full rundown on the number of blocks and items required for this build.

ToxicKailey has another video here detailing their ideas on their mansion’s interior. In the end, you will end up with two rooms for your Survival essentials, an entrance hall, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room to wow your visitors. If you’re looking for comfy Minecraft mansion ideas, we have a perfect candidate here!

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Spruce Mansion

Spruce Mansion Base for Minecraft Survival Singleplayer or Multiplyaer 1.18
Screenshot by Folli

Watch Tutorial

Spruce wood is another popular resource for building incredible homes, and the following video tutorial by Folli will demand *a lot* of Spruce block variations to include. Combined with Cobblestone and Oak fences, this Minecraft mansion design features long windows and spacious rooms to fit all of your Survival essentials and a bit more. 

The interior looks stunning, and the best news is that you won’t need to worry about running out of space for chests or other essentials. As a side note, we’re always happy to see creators build their blueprints in Survival mode since it helps players manage their expectations before recreating them in their worlds.


Large Fantasy Mansion

Large Fantasy Mansion Home for Minecraft 1.17 1.18 Video Tutorial Design
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

Watch Tutorial

TheMythicalSausage always has a fun way to narrate their building process, and their video tutorial for a sizeable medieval fantasy mansion doesn’t disappoint. Not only it’s a fantastic home from its looks, but it’s also the ultimate Survival home for any Minecraft player looking to store, enchant and craft everything in a single place before a big adventure. As a reference, you’ll need some stacks of Stripped Warped Hyphae for the roof and combine Dark Oak with Spruce and Oak blocks.

The mansion can hold a small aquarium, a dining area, a brewing room, and even a gorgeous library with Nether portals and an enchanting table in the interior. Unfortunately, if you want to understand better how to decorate the interior, you’d have to pause the video and try to determine what blocks and items are required.


Medieval Mansion

Medieval Mansion Old Home Minecraft Survival Base Idea
Screenshot by BigTonyMC

Watch Tutorial

The medieval aesthetic is trendy among Minecraft players due to its easy execution and great visuals. If you want to build a medieval mansion, get some stacks of Wood blocks and Stone, and you’re ready to go! BigTonyMC has uploaded another excellent video tutorial to showcase a luxurious estate, including a tower and smoking chimney. If you need some inspiration for the interior, you may find that video tutorial here.

The original design has some areas made out of Calcite, but you can substitute it with other similarly coloured materials. However, note that the front door gap should only be one block wide, so don’t forget to add an extra block on each side rather than following that part of the tutorial to the letter.

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English Country House

English Cottage Mansion Minecraft Video Tutorial CTI Optifine
Screenshot by Blisschen

Watch Tutorial

Bricks are the perfect block for building more realistic buildings in Minecraft, and here we have an excellent way to use them in an English country home. The following video tutorial uploaded by Blisschen shows several time-lapses of this fantastic mansion’s external structure. They’ve also uploaded a second part to showcase how the interior decoration gets made.

Note that Blisschen achieves the mansion’s style in the video by using the Custom Item Textures option in Optifine with a combination of texture packs they’ve listed in the description section. If you want to download the original building, you can do so here, but we strongly suggest reading through their instructions to ensure you can properly use the files without breaking anything.


Oak Survival Mansion

Oak Mansion Minecraft Survival Base Easy Tutorial
Screenshot by Vaalo

Watch Tutorial

Oak forests are one of the most common biomes you can find when starting a new Minecraft world. We think that building a mansion primarily with Oak blocks should be an easy task, right? The following video tutorial by Vaalo relies a lot on this resource for the main structure, with some minor details in Stone and Cobblestone. The building’s size makes it a manageable building project for Survival mode, and the interior allows you to fit all crafting stations and chests you might need during your adventures.


Victorian Haunted Mansion

Victorian Minecraft Home Haunted Mansion Spooky Design 1.18
Screenshot by BlueBits

Watch Tutorial

The Victorian era is a perfect source of inspiration if you want to own a spooky mansion. The following video tutorial by BlueBits shows a detailed, elegant home with two floors and a layout that’s quite reminiscent of those times. But the great thing about this video tutorial comes from the two versions you can build from the same structure. The material list includes different wood variations, like Dark Oak and Oak block, Polished Blackstone, and Brown Terracotta.  If you’re looking for a worn-down, abandoned look, it’s only a matter of removing some blocks and adding lots of vegetation and Cobwebs!


Small Medieval Mansion

Small Medieval Mansion Build for Minecraft 1.18.1 How to Build
Screenshot by LionCheater

Watch Tutorial

Whenever we talk about mansions, most of us will think of enormous and highly detailed buildings. However, sometimes you just want to have a nice house in your Minecraft game to store your stuff and protect yourself from hostile mobs at night. The following video tutorial by LionCheater prioritizes more height differences and minor details than using a lot of flat surfaces to fill.

The mansion features cobblestone foundations, Stone walls, and wooden floors, which are the classic ingredients for a medieval structure in Minecraft. As a side note, since the entire video includes timestamps, the instructions for setting the interior design start at 27:08.

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Big Cottage Mansion

Cottagecore Aesthetic Cottage Home Mansion for Minecraft Cute Design
Screenshot by BigTonyMC

Watch Tutorial

BigTonyMC deserves another appearance on our list since they’re constantly uploading new and incredible Minecraft mansions video tutorials for us to enjoy. On this occasion, we have a colossal cottage home that requires Stone Bricks, Oak and Terracota. It’s a clean and traditional design that includes a decorative water mill and stables on each side of the mansion, although these are 100% optional and don’t affect your mansion’s setup when removed. We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below if you’ve decided to try recreating this design in Survival!


Rustic Mansion

Rustic Mansion Simple Build Minecraft Tutorial YouTube
Screenshot by Cryptozoology

Watch Tutorial

Cryptozoology has uploaded this video tutorial that combines Cobblestone variations and Andesite for the foundation, topped off with Spruce blocks and Terracota to make a great contrast with Blackstone. The rustic style blends perfectly with almost any Minecraft biome, and the tutorial also takes great length in showing an excellent interior layout to replicate in your world. If you’re looking to upgrade your starter base, his Minecraft mansion design works perfectly as a Survival home!


Fantasy Mansion

Fantasy Mansion Idea for Minecraft 1.18 Epic Build
Screenshot by BigTonyMC

Watch Tutorial

The following video tutorial by BigTonyMC lasts about an hour and a half to show the blueprints and necessary materials in great detail. We love how creators use newer blocks to reinvent old formulas like this! The combination of Stone Bricks, Spruce and Copper looks stunning from every angle.

The video itself doesn’t include the design for the interior. However, you can check a different series in their channel with parts 1 and 2 that features all you need to know for your fantasy-styled mansion’s interior.

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Modern Villa

Modern Minecraft Villa Garden Decoration Blueprint 1.18.1
Screenshot by Akila Gaming

Watch Tutorial

If you’re into the modern Minecraft aesthetic, we hope you have enough White Concrete to build this massive villa. Akila Gaming has shared this video tutorial showcasing how to build a beautiful mansion, including a living room, bathroom, main bedroom, kitchen, storage room, and even a guest bedroom in case a friend wants to drop by. It’s one of those Minecraft mansion ideas that’s easy to spot in the distance!

The exterior is pretty straightforward to build, considering that at 0:40 you can find the home’s dimensions and general layout for your reference. With a 1-hour video tutorial, most of it focuses on showing how you can recreate its interior, so hopefully, you’re taking down notes as you watch!


Simple Modern Mansion

Simple Modern Home Minecraft Build Mansion Idea 1.18
Screenshot by Rizzial

Watch Tutorial

Rizzial has uploaded a modern symmetrical mansion requiring Quartz Blocks, Oak Planks and Gray Concrete as the primary resources. The two stairs on the side of the building are an excellent addition to an already stunning home, where the interior includes a living room, bathrooms, a primary bedroom, and more. Each wing is connected via the second floor, which helps if you’re planning to build this base with another player in mind. Besides, their video tutorial is super easy to follow regardless of whether you’re attempting to recreate it in Creative mode as they do in the video or Survival.

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Nether Mansion

Nether Mansion Minecraft Build Tutorial 1.18 Design
Screenshot by Julious

Watch Tutorial

We can all agree that the Nether is a scary realm, but it’s also an attractive place to build a mansion, right? The following video tutorial by Julious showcases a small Minecraft mansion design using only materials you’d find in that realm. We suggest you place it in a strategic area where Ghasts won’t blow up your base, and don’t forget to include a Nether portal for easy access to the Overworld and vice versa. 

Some players don’t like to spend too much time constructing and want to get straight into the action. That’s why this is one of several Minecraft mansion ideas that are easy to pull off in less than an hour if you already have the materials in your inventory.

So many mansions, so little time to build them! With all the new blocks and items introduced with the latest release, the options available when designing your next base are almost endless.

Which one was your favourite design? Is there any content creator whose video tutorials haven’t appeared here yet and you want to give them a shoutout? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading!

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