20 BEST Minecraft Survival House Ideas

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Survival mode in Minecraft is the most common way to experience the game. Dealing with hunger levels, managing your health and avoiding certain death from Creeper explosions is what makes the game fun for many players. Building a lovely house may not be a top priority when you want to defeat all bosses in this scenario. However, you can still set some time aside to try one of the 20 best Minecraft survival house ideas we’ve compiled for you.

All the showcased designs range in size and complexity, but they all feature all the essential items and blocks you might need during your Survival adventure. 


XL Base

Best Minecraft Survival Wooden House Farming
Screenshot by Zypixel

Watch Tutorial

Do you feel like tackling a big building project in your Survival world? We suggest the next video tutorial by Zaypixel, who came up with a massive structure out of Wood blocks. The white Glass blocks for the roof are a great style choice, and the several floors allow for a nice setup for your new home. Whether you decide to plant crops like the ones suggested in the video or take the opportunity to grow Nether Warts for an exciting twist, you will have plenty of farming areas to produce enough food for your adventures in one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

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How to Build Minecraft Survival Home Wood Stone Mansion
Screenshot by Folli

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You deserve to live in a luxurious mansion with everything you need at hand, right? We suppose you want to put in the time and effort to create an incredible Minecraft house in Survival mode. In that case, we can recommend the following video tutorial by Folli for some inspiration. You may feel intimidated by the video’s duration and the number of details put into the structure, but we can assure you it’s worth it for the result! However, you may want to start collecting some stacks of Wood and Stone to complete the structure in a single sitting.


Japanese House

Japanese House Survival Minecraft 1.18 Video Tutorial
Screenshot by SheepGG

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The Minecraft community has always had a weak spot for Asian-inspired buildings, and with this video tutorial by SheepGG, you, too, can hop into this trend. For this Minecraft Japanese house, you will require a trip to the deep underground to mine Deeplslate and use its variants for the exterior. The level of detail put into the blueprint is frankly admirable, and you get all your Survival essentials in a neat distribution. Who said that you could not live in style? Just be mindful of using Scaffolds to avoid constant falling while building the roof!


Nether House

Survival Nether House for Minecraft Best Design Tutorial
Screenshot by BlueBits

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Having a survival house in the Nether sounds a bit counterintuitive, right? But the following video tutorial by BlueBits showcases a menacing-looking Minecraft survival house design that fits perfectly within the Nether. You might take some time to gather all the blocks necessary to follow along with the tutorial, but the results are honestly worth the effort. The Nether Warts are an excellent replacement to the typical flowers or bushes most survival houses have, and the Nether portal as a centrepiece looks incredible.

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Cottage House Survival Minecraft Cottagecore Aesthetic Cozy Tutorial
Screenshot by Ayvocado

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The cottagecore aesthetic is all the rage in some internet communities, and Minecraft is no exception. The following video tutorial by Ayvocado would be the perfect addition to any Survival world inspired by this movement. Using Spruce and Oak blocks, you can evoke a cozy and warming feeling without leaving aside the essential Survival items and crafting benches needed. The interior doesn’t disappoint either, featuring a lovely chimney and an ingenious layout to fit every single thing you may require to survive in Minecraft.


3-Floor House

Tall House Survival Minecraft How to Build
Screenshot by Heyimrobby

Watch Tutorial

Maybe you’re having a hard time coming up with a functional structure to place all your crafting stations and chests. We have found this great video tutorial by Heyimrobby that’s easy to follow and features a wooden Minecraft survival house design with three floors and a farming area underneath it. Since the video doesn’t provide any suggestions for the interior, it’s the ideal opportunity to set up your Survival home as you see fit. If you want to jump straight into a building project as soon as you start a brand new world, this could be a good project to tackle!


Skull Mountain Base

Skull House Mountain Cave Minecraft Design Tutorial
Screenshot by Ayvocado

Watch Tutorial

There’s no need to follow traditional housing standards in Minecraft, so we think that the following video tutorial by Ayvocado combines functionality with creativity in the shape of a skull mountain base. This is one of those survival house ideas in Minecraft that rely on various blocks and items to create an exciting layout on its interior while still offering the liberty to switch around the intended design to make it your own. Besides, the menacing skull with its eyes lit with Lanterns will look sinister as hell during the night!


Ravine House

Cool Survival House Ravine Blueprint Minecraft 1.18
Screenshot by TheNeoCubest

Watch Tutorial

If you’re looking for a different approach for a Minecraft survival house design, we strongly recommend checking out this video tutorial by TheNeoCubest. You can follow along on how to build a survival base using a ravine as the foundation. It primarily uses Cobblestone and Wood blocks to create the outside frame and decorate the interiors. We bet you can tweak the idea to fit more storage or include extra furniture ideas to create a unique rendition.


Piglin House

Minecraft Piglin Nether Base Survival House How to Build
Screenshot by ChimneySwift11

Watch Tutorial

The nether isn’t the first place you usually think about as an ideal biome to set a base. After all, beds will explode every time you try to sleep in the Nether. But this shouldn’t stop you from building a Survival home where you can take refuge while exploring these barren lands. The following video tutorial by ChimneySwift11 takes a more creative approach by making the shape of a Piglin head and filling its interior with all your Survival essentials. The best part is that you get to use the Respawn Anchor instead of placing a Bed. The designs mainly rely on resources you can find in the Nether, so it will naturally blend with the environment!


Ocean House

Modern Ocean Survival House for Minecraft 1.18 Easy Design
Screenshot by Random Steve Guy

Watch Tutorial

Building your Minecraft house over a body of water comes with some advantages. Still, it’s also a challenging endeavour if you’re constantly bothered by Drowned Zombies and sometimes requires prolonged periods underwater. However, you can follow along with this video tutorial by Random Steve Guy to set a Minecraft survival house hovering right on top of the water surface. That way, you only need to worry about setting a basic foundation and building a traditional house design. We wish you the best of luck in making this ocean house in a single sitting!



Defense Tower Base Minecraft Survival Video Tutorial YouTube
Screenshot by itsMarloe

Watch Tutorial

In a Survival world, it’s essential to always know the location of nearby hostile mobs, especially if you’re going out at night or exploring a cave. You can get a 360° view from your surroundings with this Minecraft survival house design by itsMarloe that manages to fit every Survival essential within a tall tower. We strongly recommend you use scaffolds to properly build from the bottom up, especially if you still don’t have diamond armour in your Survival game to resist the constant falling. Surround the tower with some crops, and you’re all set with the bare essentials!

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Desert House

Minecraft Desert House Tutorial Step-by-Step Cool Design
Screenshot by Julious

Watch Tutorial

Not many players like settling down in a desert biome when building minecraft houses in survival. After all, it’s a mostly-desolated place where Husks don’t burn under the sunlight, and you cannot plant trees over Sand blocks. However, the potential for an outstanding survival house is still here. In this video tutorial by Julious we get a fantastic Minecraft survival house idea with Sandstone as the primary resource. The tutorial includes the internal and external decoration layout, which provides more than enough space to store your goods and take refuge for the night.


Stone House

Stone House Chimney Stable Minecraft 1.18 Survival Mode How to Build
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

Watch Tutorial

TheMythicalSausage has developed the following video tutorial for a big Minecraft survival home mostly made out of Stone, Cobblestone, and Wood. The tower attached to the main structure adds a charming touch while also offering additional space to store your items. The tutorial is easy to follow along and should keep you entertained as a more sizeable building project. As a side note, we always love whenever content creators include a smoking chimney using the Campfire’s particles!


Underground Base

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial How to Build Underground Survival House Minecraft 1.18
Screenshot by Spudetti

Watch Tutorial

We know that most players enjoy building their houses with beautiful sightings, surrounded by nature. However, we also think that digging a big hole to bury your base underground is also quite fun to execute. Why not follow the instructions on the following video tutorial by Spudetti for a remarkable, elegant underground base? Not only do you get better protection from hostile mobs, but you also get an incredible Glass ceiling to stare at the stars. Time to stack up on shovels and start digging your way through!

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Spruce House

Spruce Wood House Stable Farm Easy Survival House Minecraft Tutorial
Screenshot by Zaypixel

Watch Tutorial

Spruce blocks have a rich dark brown colour that you can incorporate into your Minecraft survival house for variety and aesthetic purposes. The following video tutorial by Zaypixel offers a simple base that mainly uses Spruce blocks to lay its foundations. If you’ve found a nice taiga biome or wooded mountain to settle in, this building project should be quick to execute. We must admit that we always appreciate whenever creators take their time to show their designs while building in Survival mode. No unrealistic expectations or nasty surprises there!


Two-Player House

Two Player Multiplayer Survival Home Minecraft Server
Screenshot by Heyimrobby

Watch Tutorial

Starting a new adventure alongside a friend in Minecraft is always an exciting moment. It’s only a matter of time until you’ve gathered enough resources to build a shared base, so having a good layout from the start is vital. The following video tutorial by Heyimrobby includes a Nether portal right in the middle and two main entrances. That way, you can access your bed directly, and in the center room, you can place an Enchanting Table and additional storage. Great execution!

Also: Why not add a customized design from one of the 30 Best Minecraft Banner Designs into your home? Banners are easy to craft and are the perfect item to enrich any room!



Fortress Building Project Minecraft Survival Complete Base
Screenshot by Folli

Watch Tutorial

Are you up for a challenge? The following video tutorial by Folli is a massive Minecraft survival house project that requires a vast, flat surface area to pull it off. However, we cannot deny that the result looks impressive, with a central tower that you can repurpose as a bedroom. With more than enough space to fit a farm, a Nether portal, some animals or more storage room, the courtyard shows plenty of potential for having all your Survival essentials at range. Just be mindful of illuminating the area properly so that no hostile mobs spawn inside at night!


Underwater Base

Best Minecraft Survival House Idea Underwater Base Hidden Base
Screenshot by Zaypixel

Watch Tutorial

Building on solid land may be the first choice for a survival house, but why not have a secret hideout underwater? The following video by Zaypixel shows how to build a great base at the bottom of the sea, with an elegant design and a glass roof to see the aquatic mobs swim around. We strongly suggest using a potion of Water Breathing or placing a Conduit nearby to avoid drowning while working on the project. As a fun fact, we have already showcased this design in our 15 Best Minecraft Underwater Base Ideas since its execution is simple and looks quite cute, so we hope that you give it a chance to replicate it in your Minecraft world! 

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Medieval House

Medieval House Survival Minecraft Design Tutorial How to Build
Screenshot by Zypixel

Watch Tutorial

Survival players may want to focus on exploring the land and improving their gear to defeat bosses instead of spending too much time on their houses. The following video tutorial by Zaypixel is the perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality, and the result speaks for itself. You don’t require a lot of time to lay the foundations and decorate its interior, which you can constantly adapt as you see fit. It’s a lovely house to live in, and we suggest going further with a lovely garden surrounding it to make it look even better.


Simple House

Survival House Simple Design Nether Portal Minecraft 1.18 How to Build
Screenshot by Heyimrobby

Watch Tutorial

You don’t need to come up with complex designs to have a beautiful Minecraft survival home. We show this video tutorial by Heyimrobby as evidence, where the exterior uses mostly Oak Planks and some Cobblestone, adding minor details for the stairs and outer structure. Most building projects include logs to act as supporting beams, but you can achieve a breathtaking look without them in this design. You will even have enough space to fit an Enchanting Table and a Nether portal!

When it comes to building a survival house, Minecraft offers almost infinite opportunities to let your imagination run wild. Which one of these designs was your favourite? Is there any specific house you’d love to have in your Survival world? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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