Mind Scanners Review – Take a look inside the Mind

    Mind Scanners is a dystopian interface-based simulation game from The Outer Zone, and Brave At Night. It's a fascinating look into mental illness, dystopian psychiatric methods, and doesn't shy away from putting players in a fairly uncomfortable position. There...

    CryoFall Review: Survival Goes 2D

    CryoFall Review: CryoFall is a classic wood-punching survival game in a 2D world that just barely misses the mark on its interesting premise.

    Resident Evil Village Review – Survival Horror Excellence

    Resident Evil 8 Village is a sequel to the survival horror title that came out in 2017. It features the return of Ethan Winters, who has to go through a series of horrific environments, face tons of unique enemies,...

    Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos Review – Cozy Zelda Inspired Roguelite

    Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is an adventure rogue-lite from Heliocentric Studios and Team17. It features local, and online co-op, which many other games in the genre lack. With a gorgeous aesthetic and clear inspiration from older Zelda titles,...

    Narita Boy Review: Ride The Synthwave!

    Narita Boy Review: An 80s inspired neo-retro action-adventure platformer that packs an experience so indulgent yet somehow not totally silly.

    The Caretaker Review – I hate acid throwing Spiders

    There are plenty of horror titles on the market, especially on Steam, but it can be pretty hard to stand out in a meaningful way. The Caretaker is a survival horror title that does enough to separate itself while...