20 Easy Minecraft House Ideas

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Minecraft holds excellent potential for incredible building projects… but not everyone has the time, patience, or creativity to spend hours gathering resources and placing blocks for their base. Sometimes, having everything stored inside a dirt house might be more than enough! However, you can always find a nice balance between complexity and looks if you know where to look. Here we share 20 easy Minecraft houses so that you can get your base up and running in no time!


Modern Cliff House

Cliff Modern Easy Minecraft How Tutorial How To
Screenshot by Random Steve Guy

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Concrete blocks come in handy for making a modern-looking home, especially if you decide to use White Concrete. By following this video tutorial by Random Steve Guy, you won’t need to spend an entire day coming up with a good and easy Minecraft house idea for your Survival world. Once you’re done, you get an incredible sight of your surroundings from above, and it even features a pool area above to replenish your Bucket or have some fun splashing away!

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Starter Boat House

Water Pirate Boat Minecraft House How to Build Easy Tutorial
Screenshot by Nexy

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If you decide to build on top of a body of water, you could go with a boat design to look fantastic and functional at the same time. Since we are talking about easy Minecraft houses here, this video tutorial by Nexy is a quick way to set up a base above the water without spending hours laying the foundations. The interior is minimalistic due to space constraints, leaving only the basic crafting table, a furnace, and another crafting station of your choice near your bed.


Underground House

Underground Base Survival House Minecraft Easy Simple
Screenshot by Folli

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Do you feel like doing some digging? We have an easy Minecraft house underground that’s easy to build but doesn’t slack off in looks. This video tutorial by Folli even suggests an excellent interior decoration layout so that you can access everything you need in your Survival world. The glass roof allows for natural light during the day and a complete view of any potential mobs spawning on the surface at night. While the blueprint showcases four entrances, you can leave it with two or one if needed. You can now live the underground life in style!

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Treehouse Survival Easy House Base Minecraft How To
Screenshot by Ayvocado

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Setting your base up the ground is the perfect way to avoid getting attacked by Creepers and ruin all of your hard work. And it doesn’t need to be a complicated design to make it work! With the following video tutorial by Ayvocado, you can build an easy Minecraft treehouse from the ground up. It blends with any biome well if you choose any wood variant, and it has fantasy vibes that fit perfectly in any Minecraft world. We think it’s a reasonable deviation from the traditional houses you often see, and you can complement your base with a simple bridge to connect with your surroundings.


Mountain House

Cave Mountain Easy House Base Minecraft 1.17 Accessible Day 1
Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

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Next, we present this fantastic video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage showcasing an incredible house design for Minecraft that you can try out yourself from day 1. This is one of those easy Minecraft house ideas that you can place anywhere in your world since you only need to dig a bit into an elevated terrain to start. Once you replace the walls, floors, and roof blocks with Oak and Dark Oak blocks, you will appreciate the complete transformation into a cozy refuge in no time!

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Mushroom House

Mushroom Fairy Cottagecore
Screenshot by DaphneElaine

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Why should we follow the traditional house design we’re all familiar with if there’s no gravity holding the blocks down? It’s time to let your imagination run wild with a hint of cottagecore aesthetic with this easy Minecraft mushroom house by DaphneElaine. Here we have a less conventional house design made out of Mushroom blocks that you can find in the Dark Oak forest or, more rarely, the mushroom fields biome. Become the fairy you always wanted to be!

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Starter House

Minecraft 1.17.1 Starter Survival Wood House Quick Easy Tutorial
Screenshot by Sv Gravity

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The following video tutorial by Sv Gravity is perfect for players who want to put more effort into their first base without going overboard. There’s enough space to place some chests, a Crafting Table, and a Furnace, and you can start growing your food immediately right at ground level. The great thing about this design is that you can use whatever wood combination you have at hand to create a nice contrast between the columns, roof, and walls.

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Two-Player House

Two Player Coop Easy Minecraft Video Tutorial House Blueprints
Screenshot by Sv Gravity

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Playing Minecraft as a solo adventure can be the perfect panorama to unwind after a hard workday. But sometimes playing with friends is the best way to experience the game. Here we have an easy Minecraft house design by Sv Gravity again, showcasing a simple yet functional layout with two separate ambiances and a Nether portal in the middle for easy access. The building project is small enough to build relatively fast if you have another player, so it’s perfect if you’re more interested in adventures!


Compact House with Porch

Compact Small Easy Video Tutorial How to Minecraft House Base
Screenshot by Cubey

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Spawning in a new Minecraft world tends to follow the same route. Find the nearest tree and start punching the logs right away. The following video by Cubey will guide you in creating a beautiful cabin made almost entirely out of Oak Wood blocks, so there’s no need to move too far from your spawn point to gather all resources. The video starts with a 3×7 foundation area in the ground and adds some columns to create a lovely, cozy home where you can spend the night away from mobs. 

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Winter Cabin

Minecraft Winter Snow Cosy Cabin House Survival Building Idea Easy
Screenshot by Balzy

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Winter in Minecraft can be all year round if you happen to stumble upon a snow biome. You can take full advantage of the cold vibes with this video tutorial by Balzy, which is a small and easy-to-build winter cabin featuring a chimney and beautiful interior decoration to make it a truly cozy home. Spruce blocks are the obvious choice for these bases since the color palette is a nice contrast against the white snow! We instantly think about hot cocoa and some comfort food in front of the fire.


Tower House

Tower Medieval Minecraft House Building Idea Quick Easy Video Tutorial
Screenshot by Sv Gravity

Watch Tutorial

Many players love the medieval vibe and build castles, towers, and bridges to emulate a majestic kingdom over time. But you can always start small and plan a simple building project to test your ideas. The following video tutorial, once more uploaded by Sv Gravity, works as the perfect addition to a village or just as a standalone edification. It’s always pleasant to watch creators build their Minecraft house ideas in Survival so that you, too, can have a look into how the process would look like in your game.

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Jungle Treehouse

Jungle Treehouse Base Survival Minecraft Easy Tutorial How to Build
Screenshot by Soboo

Watch Tutorial

The jungle is a fitting spot to plan a treehouse and take full advantage of the gigantic trees to move around safely. We’ve included this Minecraft house idea by Soboo in our list because it looks stunning from the inside, and it doesn’t require complex patterns or inaccessible resources to achieve it. You can quickly look into your surroundings thanks to the open walls and you can either climb to your base or use an Elytra to enter in style!


Cave House

Cave Hidden Minecraft Easy House Beginner Design
Screenshot by Smithers Boss

Watch Tutorial

There’s no need to find the perfect flat spot on the surface to build an easy Minecraft house. With this video tutorial by Smithers Boss, you can use any naturally generated cave to dig and modify the area. The interior decoration allows you to have everything you need at hand on two floors, including a fully-maxed-out enchanting table. Of course, if you plan to build this in Survival, don’t forget to place some torches inside!


Medieval House

Medieval Minecraft House Easy Idea Survival Cute
Screenshot by Cubey

Watch Tutorial

The medieval times are an almost endless source of inspiration for survival bases, villages, and more. However, you don’t need to invest many hours of gameplay in emulating the same vibe if you want to take it easy. The following video tutorial by Cubey showcases a lovely, compact home where you can show off to your friends with its incredible design without relying on complex block placements. 

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Modern Ocean House

Modern Undeweater Easy House Minecraft Ocean Biome Building Idea
Screenshot by WiederDude

Watch Tutorial

We already have a list with 15 Best Minecraft Underwater Base Ideas, but some of the showcased designs may be a bit too over the top. Instead, we offer a more accessible video tutorial by WiederDude that will look amazing without needing to go overboard. It’s only a matter of placing some Kelp underwater to place the first few blocks and, hopefully, have some good timing to avoid drowning. We strongly suggest using a Turtle Helmet or any other helmet with the Water Breathing enchantment.


Birch Starter House

Birch Wooden House Starter Easy Design Minecraft Best How to Build
Screenshot by Folli

Watch Tutorial

While many easy Minecraft house ideas prioritize using Oak Wood blocks due to their availability in any biome, some players may find Birch trees more often during day one. By following this video tutorial by Folli, you can put this type of wood into good use and build a lovely home with stairs leading to your bedroom and a small farm on the ground floor. We believe is a lovely design to place in any biome and decorate its surroundings with some vegetation.

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Small Modern House

Modern White Small House Minecraft Easy Quick Build Survival Mode
Screenshot by

Watch Tutorial

If you want to stick with the modern aesthetic but don’t feel like constantly risking your life over the cliff’s edge, we have a smaller alternative that could also work. The following video by Random Steve Guys is proof that you just need a small building area to come up with something creative. It includes a basement where you can fill it up with chests or continue expanding your house further into more complex structures if that’s your future aspiration. We love such a clean a simple bedroom with a nice view to the outside!


Survival House

Cobblestone Easy Simple Complete House Minecraft How to Build Tutorial 1.17
Screenshot by Heyimrobby

Watch Tutorial

Survival houses are a must-have for shelter and storage, especially when you’re going through the first days. This beautiful starter house design by Heyimrobby relies on accessible resources like Cobblestone and Oak Wood to create a two-floor home. The original blueprint showcases ample windows for a nice view of your surroundings and a small farm area to grow crops. No area is left without a purpose, making it an ideal base for Survival players if you could infer that from the title.

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Underwater Dome

Easy Minecraft House Underwater Dome Glass Roof Easy Tutorial Design
Screenshot by TheNeoCubest

Watch Tutorial

Choosing the underwater to set a base is no small feat. You need to figure out how to create a pocket of air to work in your project correctly, and some players don’t have enchantments or potions for breathing underwater. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to go through the challenging route to emulate this Minecraft house idea by TheNeoCubest. You get a complete view of your surroundings, the access is quick to incorporate into the building, and it’s the perfect solution for when you don’t want people to find your secret base!


Beach Modern House

Beach Ocean House Nice Modern Easy Minecraft Base Survival
Screenshot by Smithers Boss

Watch Tutorial

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice walk on the beach and watch the sunset from the comfort of your home, right? With this easy Minecraft house video tutorial by Smithers Boss, you can have the perfect beach home as a getaway base if you want. While the resources needed aren’t so accessible when you’re just starting a new world, the design is as straightforward as it gets, and the instructions are easy to follow throughout the entire video. What a pleasant home to live in!

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Our list is over now! Hopefully, we gave you some cool video tutorials to look into and explore new, easy Minecraft houses to emulate in your Minecraft world. You don’t need to be the best architect in the world to have a nice and functional base, right? That’s the beauty of video games, after all!

What do you think about these house designs? All videos showcase clear layouts and types of resources needed to emulate their blueprints in any Minecraft world, but we would love to hear your feedback. Do you think we actually hit the mark with the difficulty level? What other building ideas you’ve tested by yourself? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!f

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