Genshin Impact 4.0 Leaks, Release Date, And All We Know

Another update cometh!

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Welcome to Genshin Impact 4.0 Leaks And All We Know!

Welcome back, folks to another Genshin Impact Leaks and All We Know article. This one is a big one. Version 4.0 will finally bring a new region for players to discover. Fontaine is finally set to release within the game, but that’s not all. This update will also bring new characters, weapons and gameplay mechanics!

Considering the fact that every update lasts 6 weeks, and HoYoverse skips 3.9 as predicted, gamers can expect the new version to be released on August 16th. This is of course not set in stone and any factor can cause a delay in the update. Now, without further ado, let’s break down all the juicy content that HoYoverse couldn’t keep secret for Genshin Impact 4.0!


The following content is based on user-provided content from Reddit and Twitter. Although we have tried our best to provide you with reliable content, these leaks do not indicate the final product and are mere speculations until the update rolls out in its totality.

Here’s a summary of what to expect from the new version:

Genshin Impact 4.0 Banners:

Several reliable sources have predicted the same Phase I and Phase II banners for Version 4.0. The first Phase is bound to introduce a new character into the game, as has been the case in previous updates. Therefore it is expected that 5-Star Lyney will make an appearance in Phase I. Lyney is a Pyro and sibling to Lynette, a 4-Star Anemo who will likely be in the same Banner as Lyney. Both are new characters belonging to Fontaine.

Lyney and Lynette

5-Star Yelan is expected to reappear alongside Lyney in Phase I. Yelan is a Hydro-Bow and one of the best characters in the game. She last appeared in Version 3.4. The name of Yelan’s Event Wish is Discerner of Enigmas. This pairing makes sense as both the characters will nicely complement each other’s playstyle.

Phase II will likely not introduce any new 5-Star characters into the game. 5-Star Zhongli and 5-Star Tartaglia(Childe) are predicted to make a rerun in the Second Phase of Version 4.0 Banners. Childe has been spotted in some of the cutscenes in Fontaine by avid fans so it makes sense if he makes an appearance. He was last seen in Version 3.2, and his Event Wish is Farewell of Snezhnaya. Zhongli is a Geo-Polearm last seen in Version 3.0.

Childe and Zhongli Banners

Freminet, a new Cyro character that will be introduced in the game, is going to be part of the Banners as well, although it is unclear which Phase he will be introduced in. Gameplays for all 3 of these new characters have been leaked on Instagram.

Travelers can view these character gameplay here:

New Characters in Genshin Impact 4.0

HoYoverse is not very good at keeping secrets, which is why we’re writing this article in the first place. Leaks from internal servers have revealed concept art for a bunch of new characters belonging to Fontaine as well as other regions that will be part of the new update. Over 15 characters got leaked from the servers, and @HutaoLover77 on Twitter compiled a list of them, shown below:

(one image here, it ain’t uploading)

It should be noted that it’s not necessary that all of these characters will be part of the 4.0 update. They will slowly get added as the game progresses. Some might be part of Version 4.1, some might get added in 4.2 etc.

The new region of Fontaine will also bring new NPCs that players can engage with. A few of these NPCs have also been leaked by reliable sources:

New Weapons in Genshin Impact 4.0

Since this is a major update, the developers are planning to release a bunch of new 4-Star weapons as well as a new 5-Star weapon to go with Lyney’s Banner. The First Great Magic is a 5-Star Bow that will be part of Version 4.0. It is rumoured to have a Base ATK of 608 and 66.2% Critical Damage.

As for the 4-Star Weapons, players will be able to try out more than 10 weapons in the new update! The ones that have been leaked thus far are:

  • Wolf Fang-Sword
  • Finale of the Deep-Sword
  • Crossing of Fleuve Cendre-Sword
  • Talking Stick-Claymore
  • Tidal Shadow-Claymore
  • Ballad of the Fjords-Polearm
  • Rightful Reward-Polearm
  • Sacrificial Jade-Catalyst
  • Flowing Purity-Catalyst
  • Scion of the Blazing Sun-Bow
  • Song of Stillness-Bow


Map of Fontaine

The entire underground map for Fontaine has been leaked, and gamers would be happy to know that the new region is quite big. It is expected that Fontaine will be located near the Sumeru desert and players will have to reach the map by water through a Port located near Sumeru. Here’s the full map:

Fontaine Map

Court of Fontaine

One of the main attractions in the new region will be the Court of Fontaine, a building with a huge stage for the people of Fontaine. This new building’s purpose will not just be exploration, but the court is expected to introduce a brand-new mechanic in the game whereby players will be able to carry out actual court cases. “Your honor, I plead oopsie daisey”. Imagine that. A video showcasing the interior of this Court of Fontaine has been leaked:

New Transportation Device and Mechanics

The transportation device for Fontaine, the Anton Roger, has been leaked as well. It is a shark-shaped glider that appears to be carrying a boat in which players can sit. It will be used to explore the new map from above:

Since water plays a big role in exploring the new map, Version 4.0 will bring new underwater mechanics to the game. Players will be able to speed up their character while swimming so they can move around faster. Furthermore, a separate stamina bar for swimming is expected to be included in the update as well.

Well, that’s all folks! We are still a month away from Version 4.0 and so much stuff has already been leaked. It just goes to show how much new content this update will bring. Which new item from the update has got you hyped up? Let us know in the comments. Until next time!

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