How to Get Better at Call of Duty – 5 Tips to Not Suck

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Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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Who doesn’t want to get better at Call of Duty? If you’ve been hitting a slump in COD recently and can’t figure out how to improve your overall skill in the game, then this is going to be the perfect guide for you.

Having thousands of hours worth of FPS experience, I’ve taken up the responsibility to share some valuable tips with my readers to help them improve at COD in a short span of time.

With Modern Warfare 3’s release just around the corner, now would be a great time to get warmed up before jumping into the new game. So, here are my top 5 tips to help you get better at Call of Duty!


Know the Map

Know the Map - Get Better at Call of Duty
Greenbergh Hotel Map (MW2)

Whether you are a Warzone player or a regular multiplayer enjoyer…learning the ins and outs of the map is crucial for you. If you know the map, its rotations, the flanks, and the crafty corners, you’ll have a massive edge against your opponents.

Knowing the map also helps you to position yourself better and anticipate enemies at certain moments during rounds. Prefiring corners also goes hand-in-hand with map knowledge.

To learn the Warzone map, I suggest that you keep dropping and exploring one section of the map until you get used to its flow and then move on to the next one. Time taking? Sure. Effective? Yes!


Learn the Recoils

Learn the Recoils - Get Better at Call of Duty

You’ve worked on your map knowledge. Great. The next most important thing is taming your weapon. Spend time in the Gunsmith to tweak your weapon however you like it, and then spend time with that weapon.

Learn its recoil patterns on short-medium and long ranges. Knowing how your gun kicks can help you in nailing nasty shots even at long distances in Warzone.

What good is an extended magazine if you end up whiffing 70% of the shots? To counter that, find the right parts that complement your playstyle and then stick to them for some time.


The Balance Between Aggressive / Passive Play

Aggression - Get Better at Call of Duty

Once you know the map and have a good grasp on your weapon’s recoil, then comes the next and slightly tricky bit. Knowing when to be aggressive and when to linger back to let your enemy make the first move is crucial.

Let’s say you are holding the staircase of a tall building in Warzone. Why would you push an enemy that is coming upstairs? Instead, you should position yourself advantageously and wait for them to pop their heads around the corner.

On the flip side, if you are trapped in a small room with multiple exits, it would be a good idea to quickly get out and try to flank your enemy before they even realize it is happening. Of course, they might have trapped the place up, so that’s where your luck/observation will save you.

The point I’m trying to make is that learn to take calculated risks and weigh the risk/reward factor before making a move. You’ll get better at this with practice and by facing enemies of different playstyles.


Learn from Your Losses

Learn from Your Losses - Get Better at Call of Duty

You can’t win every game or every gunfight. You will lose quite often. The most important thing here is to figure out why you died. Was it bad positioning? Did you whiff your shots? Were you making too much noise? or was it plain old luck?

Having patience is very important if you want to get better at Call of Duty. Once you start distinguishing your losses and learn from them, you’ll become a better player at an alarmingly fast pace.

This is a tried and tested method that works not only for COD but for other FPS games as well. Experience and observation are two of the best teachers.


The Right Loadout Matters

Loadouts Matters

The right loadout matters in every scenario. If you are playing MP, then your loadout must be adequate for the game mode/ map you are playing. LMGs won’t do you any good on small, boxy maps with abrupt corners.

You won’t have enough time to ADS and land shots. That’s where SMGs come in. Similarly, you have to decide what kind of loadout you want to run based on how the circle is shrinking in Warzone. Assault Rifles and SMGs for urban fights. LMGs and Sniper Rifles for open stretches.

Spend time making a few different loadouts for different scenarios, and you’ll be Gucci!

These were some of the most crucial yet basic tips I’ve had in my mind for new and struggling Call of Duty players to get better. I hope you find this guide to be both useful and encouraging and keep up the grind!

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