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Dark Souls 4: Rumors, Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

Elden Ring hit shelves earlier this year, and within a few months,

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Titanfall 3: Release Date, Leaks & Everything We Know So Far

Ever since being officially acquired by Electronic Arts (EA) back in 2017,

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Ghost of Tsushima 2: When are We Returning to Feudal Japan?

Greenlighting Ghost of Tsushima, instead of tasking Sucker Punch Productions with a

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Ghost of Tsushima PC: Port Releasing Sooner than You Think

Sony has been surprising us lately with its recurrent retractions of the

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When Will Horizon Forbidden West Release on PC?

Guerrilla Games took Aloy's odyssey up a notch with the highly anticipated

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Control 2: Release Date, Rumors & Everything We Know So Far 

The release of Alan Wake in 2010 was the biggest landmark in

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Fallout 5: Release Date, Leaks, and Rumors 

Bethesda has always been one of the leading developers in the gaming

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Phil Spencer Gives Assurance on Keeping Call of Duty On PlayStation

According to Xbox head Phil Spencer in a recent interview, Call of

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PlayStation Plus Essential November 2022 Games Are Here

Here is your first look at the PlayStation Plus Essential November 2022

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Devil May Cry 6: Release Date, Story & Everything We Know

Adrenaline is one thing no other game gets pumping better in our

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