How to Beat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

Big Bro is Really Annoying.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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The Black Rabbit Brotherhood rules the Malum District in Lies of P. As you navigate to the end of the district, you’ll have to fight the tyrant siblings. P will be fighting the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood first and then the rest of the siblings again much later in Lies of P.

This is a gank boss fight and proves to be quite difficult for most players. You’ll have to move around a lot, prioritize targets, and utilize your Specter smartly to not let him die early.

We’ll mention the big bro’s moveset in detail, but if you still can’t beat him, there is also a cheese method.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Fight

Black Rabbit Brotherhood
The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Pinocchio will have to fight the Black Rabbit Brotherhood twice. Your first encounter will be at the end of Malum District. Here, your main focus will be the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P.

All other siblings will also join in on the fight, but they won’t have HP bars. Getting rid of them will be relatively easier. You must summon your Specter for this fight to even the odds, as it is a 1v4 encounter.

You can use whatever Legion Arm you want, but we recommend Puppet String or Flamberge. The Eldest Sibling will be the aggressor throughout the fight. The others will join the fight once you deplete his HP past a certain point.

  • The Youngest sister joins first once you deplete 25% of his HP
  • The Eccentric brother joins once you deplete 50% of his HP
  • The Battle Maniac brother joins once you deplete 75% of his HP

The other siblings can easily be backstabbed whenever they are aggro’d towards your Specter. Farm as many backstabs as you can to easily kill them.

Eldest (Massive Cleaver Sword)

Lies of P Eldest of Black Rabbit Brotherhood Feature
Eldest Brother

Let’s first discuss the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s moveset in Lies of P. He uses a giant sword that has massive damage and reach. The real problem is the speed of his attacks.

  • Uppercut: Swing his cleaver sword from the ground up to throw you in the air and deal massive damage. P can block or sidestep this attack to get a few hits in.
  • Overhead Slash: He can smash his sword into the ground to pin you. He can do it once or chain it into a deadly triple-swing combo. Sometimes he likes to pair the combo with a jump attack as well. You can parry this attack to deal massive posture damage.
  • Horizontal Slash: Another attack that can either be a one-off or a three-hit combo. The Eldest swings his cleaver sword at waist length. You can roll away from the attack or try to parry it.
  • Spinning Attack: A spinning attack where the Eldest completes a full circle with his sword and then finishes with an uppercut slash. Parrying it can be too much for some, so we suggest dodge rolling away from him.
  • Jump Attack: This is by far the most deadly attack because of its insane reach and damage. The Eldest jumps in the air, locks onto you, and then slams his sword into the ground to deal massive damage.
    The problem here is that most players misjudge the range of this attack. He can cross a massive distance and still reach you. Be careful with your parry. We don’t recommend dodging away from this attack.
  • Dash Attack (Sometimes Unblockable): The Eldest charges at you and then dives with a sword attack. This attack will sometimes be unblockable and can be perfect-parried.

Youngest (Sword and Dagger)


The Youngest sister enters the battlefield once you’ve chipped off around 25% of the eldest’s HP.

Once the siblings start spawning, you should target them first instead of the Eldest. If you don’t kill the siblings first, they will eventually all gang up on you. Kill them in the order they appear while dodging the eldest’s attacks.

She can hit you with the following attacks:

  • High-Kick: She uses a high kick that sends you flying and deals damage as well. This kick can be followed up with a slashing attack. You can avoid this move by stepping back or parrying it.
  • Blade Dash (Unblockable): She dashes with dual blades to deal massive physical damage. You can either move away from the straight line she will be charging in or hit her with a perfect parry.

Eccentric (Spear)


Keep thrashing the Eldest until half of his HP is gone. That’s when the Eccentric brother will join the fight. He uses a spear and has good reach. Here is a look at his moveset:

  • Spear Thrust: He uses simple thrust attacks that have a good reach to poke you. It can be a single thrust or a combo of three or four hits. You can dodge, roll away, or parry all of the thrusts to break his posture.
  • Jump Attack: A standard jumping spear attack that can be parried or dodged based on your playstyle.

Battle Maniac (Saber Sword)

The last one to enter the moshpit, the Battle Maniac joins the party when the Eldest is down to the last 25% of his HP.

  • Melee Slash Combo: He uses a slashing combo at you that can easily be parried or dodged. The siblings don’t have extensive movesets when you fight them for the first time. They are just there to make life hell for you with chip damage.
  • Sword Strike: A generic sword strike that can be dodged or parried.

The idea here is to deal with the siblings as they spawn and then leave the Eldest for the last. If you don’t kill them fast enough and keep attacking the Eldest, they will eventually spawn and gank you in a 1v4.

Cheese the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

Cheese the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, using Throwables.

If you can’t time the fight properly and end up dying a lot, don’t worry! We have a cheese strategy for this fight for you. You’ll need the following items to successfully cheese the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P:

  • Thermite Bombs x5
  • Shock Cells x5
  • Acid Bombs x5
  • Any other throwable you want to use

Buy or farm these throwables and then equip them to your upper/lower belt and extra bag as well. You need to summon your Specter and start the boss fight. Keep your Specter safe and start damaging the Eldest until the Youngest spawns.

Now move away and let the enemies aggro on the Specter. All you need to do now is lock onto the Eldest, equip your throwables, and unload them as quickly as possible. Don’t waste them. Aim properly and wait for him to be stationary.

He will go down by the time your bag runs out of throwables. You can watch the video above to understand how the strategy will play out.

And that’s how you send the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood packing in Lies of P.

If you are new to Souls games, you should check our beginner’s tips guide for Lies of P to understand the game’s various mechanics better. Stay frosty, check your corners when exploring new areas, and check WIG daily as we post more Lies of P boss guides.

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