15 Minecraft Beach House Ideas

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Paulina Rodriguez
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Starting a new world in Minecraft opens the doors to endless possibilities. If you’re into the building aspect of the game, choosing a biome to place your first Survival base can be a challenging decision. Why not choose the beach shore to start a new adventure on this occasion? We’ve compiled a list of Minecraft beach house ideas to spark the creativity within you or give you a quick solution to your Survival needs. Whether you’re into modern homes or trying to emulate the tropical vibes, we hope you can find your next building project here!


Seashore House

Beach Cabin Survival Base for Minecraft 1.18.2
Screenshot by Legendary53

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We all know there are two types of Minecraft players– the miners and builders. The latter will certainly enjoy recreating the following seashore boat base shared by Legendary53. We acknowledge it will require some time and patience to pull off in a Survival world but rest assured the effort is 100% worth it! The material list includes several wood variations and Iron Trapdoors for the external structure, and with the Red Wool roofing, you can be certain that your home will stand out from afar. The creator has shared their building world here for download if you need further references for your rendition of this Minecraft beach house design.


Beach Cabin

Cute Minecraft Beach House Idea Video Tutorial 1.18
Screenshot by Zaypixel

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Some players enjoy building their bases in Minecraft resembling a real-life home, and who wouldn’t love to live next to the sea? Zaypixel has uploaded this fantastic video tutorial for a Minecraft beach house consisting of Oak and Spruce block variations. The attention to detail in this house is admirable, and the overall size makes it a perfect option for a Survival base. There’s nothing like returning from your adventures to a cozy home with a primary bedroom on the second floor and the main area with the essential crafting stations!


Tropical Island Beach Home

Tropical Island Beach House Water Minecraft Design 1.18

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Having a Minecraft beach base can add an exciting variety to your building project with interesting designs, and the following video tutorial by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT is proof of this. The combination of Spruce and Jungle blocks isn’t an obvious choice for many Minecraft players, but we must admit that it works wonderfully when used in a tropical island setting. You can have a wooden dock and deck on top of the water to extend your base and, potentially, add more details you see fit. Find your nearest beach biome and start building!

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Easy Fishing Hut

Easy Minecraft Fishing Beach Home Tutorial 1.18.2
Screenshot by Mr. Mirror

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Something about fishing in Minecraft makes it a calm, relaxing experience. By only focusing on the bait’s movement and catching the flying fish, you can have a renewable food source in any body of water. So why not build a fishing hut to set your designated fishing space? The featured video tutorial by Mr. Mirror features a dock to place your boats for easy access and a small sunbathing area with two orange beds facing the coast. As part of the fencing around the hut, the barrels are an excellent, multifunctional detail that we wish more creators implement into their Minecraft house designs!


Beach Hut

Tiny Beach Hut Tutorial for Minecraft 1.18.2 Design
Screenshot by NeonKKN

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If you’re already demotivated by the idea of building a big Minecraft beach home, the following video tutorial by NeonKKN can be an excellent alternative. With a small farm on the side, you can easily build this set up in your first Survival days to shelter from hostile mobs. It’s all about maximizing the small hut space, with Barrels in the ceiling and Furnaces on the floor to ensure no block is left wasted. The Trapdoor to access the coop area is an interesting exploit that you can implement in other building projects too! 


Modern Beach Mansion

Minecraft Modern Beach House Video Tutorial 1.18 Build
Screenshot by Creative Craft

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Here we have an easy Minecraft video tutorial by Creative Craft if you’d like to have a small house on a beach. Since the video tutorial doesn’t include instructions for the interior design, feel free to add your personal twist to the project! Welcome your guests (or just yourself) with a lovely pond on the front side of the base, and you can also follow the creator’s idea of adding Jungle trees to its surroundings for an extra summer vibe. The building requires Birch logs, White Concrete, Stone, and Glass as their primary resources, meaning that you must save all the Gravel and Sand you find during your adventures.

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Small Beach Home

Small Beach House Blueprint for Minecraft 1.18 Tutorial
Screenshot by Otama The World

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The combination of Jungle and Oak blocks is not the first choice for many players, but if you’re looking to build your new home by the beach, you’ll be surprised by the results. The following video tutorial by Otama The World will get you all set in your brand-new Minecraft world, including a small outdoor patio to sunbathe. The great thing about this building project is that you don’t require a full stack of any material required, making it an accessible option for starting players. The chill vibes in this build are undeniable, so we hope you give it a try!


Boat House

Boat House Minecraft Beach Ideas for 1.18 How to Build
Screenshot by Sv Gravity

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Are you tired of living on the land? Do you want to innovate with your next base idea? Then seek no further! Sv Gravity’s video tutorial features an easy boat home primarily made out of Spruce block variations. It’s small enough to spend less than 30 minutes building the house from the ground up, but it’s also perfect for covering all your basic survival needs. Once you decide to upgrade to a bigger home, you can keep this boathouse ashore as a reminder of your humble beginnings!


Modern House

Modern Survival Minecraft Base Design 1.18.1 How to Build Beach Biome
Screenshot by Laya Minecraft

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If you’re into the minimalistic style, a modern base is a perfect fit for you! This Minecraft beach house idea by Laya Minecraft features a lovely combination of Spruce blocks and Quartz in a two-floor layout. You must pay close attention to the blocks’ placement since it doesn’t feature voiced comments, but don’t let that steer you away from recreating this build! The rooftop patio is perfect to chill out with friends in a multiplayer server or use as an outpost to snipe hostile mobs from afar. The choice is yours to make!

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Starter Seashore House

Seashore Simple Minecraft House Beach Base Tutorial
Screenshot by Grey Jay Crafts

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Here we have a lovely starter Minecraft home that’s perfect for players spawning next to a wonderful ocean view. Grey Jay Crafts has uploaded this video tutorial where the Minecraft beach house design is very simple to execute. The banners give the building a summer vibe that’s perfectly fit for this list! Spawn in a new world and gather the main resources for the exterior: White Concrete, Oak blocks and Glass. Add some Oak Leaves on top to give a more worn-out look to your base, and enjoy the view before starting your next adventure!


Modern Home with Pool

Minecraft Modern Beach House Pool Build Design 1.18.1 1.18.2
Screenshot by TSMC

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While we all know that Minecraft physics allows any structure to stand on its own, adding pillars gives the home a realistic look. The following video tutorial by TSMC places the entire structure hovering on top of the water. While the original design requires Quartz for the main structure, you can also replace it with White Concrete. Having a pool on top of the ocean with Red Glazed Terracotta at the bottom is a decoration idea we haven’t seen frequently in these video tutorials. We must say it’s a nice exterior decor touch for your base, especially if you add some fish to the mix!


Survival Beach Home

Simple Minecraft Home Beach Biome Build 1.18.1 Farm Crops
Screenshot by duwelsheyss

Watch Tutorial

Take inspiration from this video tutorial by duwelsheyss for your next Minecraft base project. If you already know what you’re doing, gathering the necessary resources and completing this project shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes off your gaming session. The materials list includes Oak Planks, Spruce Fences, Oak Stairs and Slabs, making it an accessible build for the early game! If you’re playing in a multiplayer server where you get a land plot assigned, this is perfect for maximizing the space available to produce crops and set your Survival essentials. You can also replace the crops with a small coop or animal pen at the surface level. 

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Fishing Shack

Fishing Shack Simple Minecraft Video Tutorial Beach Vibe
Screenshot by AlexMayo

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Here we have another fishing hut video tutorial by AlexMayo with a dock and boat to either use as a base or leave it as environmental decoration. While it’s true that the original structure isn’t located within a beach biome, we think you can easily recreate it at a seashore and obtain stunning results. After all, it’s all about adapting these Minecraft home designs to your particular needs! The smoking chimney and the decked boat are the details we enjoy showcasing in our lists, but feel free to go for other outdoor decoration options.


Exotic Beach House

Modern Island Home Video Tutorial Ocean 1.18.1 Beach Design
Screenshot by CurtisBuilds

Watch Tutorial

If you want to place your home next to the beach, here’s another design you can recreate in your Minecraft Survival world. The following video tutorial by CurtisBuilds requires Stone blocks, Jungle Wood, Stained Glass and Smooth Quartz, without many vivid details that may steer the eye away. The second floor with the main bedroom and the base floor working as a living room lands the minimalistic vibe pretty well!


Island Beach House

Minecraft Island Beach Base for 1.18.1 Survival Dock
Screenshot by KeyStellar

Watch Tutorial

Do you want to live away from civilization? Take some inspiration from the following video tutorial by KeyStellar to build your Minecraft beach home on a small island. The small dock with the fenced boats, the outdoor dining area and the interior decoration are ideal for any setting, although you may want to expand the house further if you’re looking to fit all the necessary crafting stations in a single place. Regardless of that, it’s one of those functional, creative Minecraft beach house ideas we must include in our list.

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We know that Drowned can spawn within any body of water, so we suggest adding underwater lights to avoid this unpleasant situation. You can either use Glowstone or place Sea Lanterns to correctly light up the underwater area surrounding your base. Just as a side note, the latter is easier to achieve if you build a Guardian farm to get enough Prismarine Shards! 

We’re looking forward to hearing your opinions on these lovely Minecraft beach house ideas. Are you recreating any of these designs in your world? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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