30 Minecraft Castle Ideas – Ultimate List

    Starting a new Minecraft world comes with many opportunities and challenges. Should you start grinding your way to getting to the end as quickly as possible? Or do you want to just focus on building a lovely village and a cozy home to settle in and live a peaceful life? There’s no wrong answer here. Many players dedicate hours into their Survival or Hardcore worlds, creating complex structures and always searching for new, fun projects to build. We think that’s why there are so many video tutorials for Minecraft castle ideas– the opportunities are endless!

    Since building a castle from scratch is by far a fundamental milestone for any player, we would love to show you 30 ideas for how to build a castle in Minecraft. These range from simple, straightforward blueprints that won’t require a lot of resources to the absolutely monumental structures that will put any other survival base into shame. Let’s get started!


    Floating Castle

    Minecraft Castle Ideas Floating Structure
    Screenshot by Twin Saw

    Watch Tutorial

    Thanks to Minecraft’s iconic game mechanics, building floating structures is only a matter of willpower and patience. The following video tutorial by Twin Saw is the first out of four segments showcasing a breathtaking floating castle in the middle of a lake. You can find part B, part C, and D as you complete each outer structure. That way, you can divide the immense castle into smaller constructions, making it a more manageable project if you want to recreate it in your Minecraft world. As always– we hope you’re careful while building this in Survival by equipping an Elytra and place a lot of Scaffolds!


    Massive Medieval Castle

    Mssive Medieval Castle for Minecraft Blueprints
    Screenshot by A1MOSTADDICTED

    Watch Tutorial

    We want to start with a gigantic Minecraft medieval castle that will keep you busy for days at an end– you will need about 6400 Stone blocks for the whole castle to give you some sense of scale for this building idea! With a whopping 5-hour video, A1MOSTADDICTED has placed a lot of effort into offering a fun, educative video tutorial detailing every section of the structure, with an entrance area and a massive central tower to decorate at your heart’s content. If you want to recreate this in Survival, we wish you all the luck in the world to complete it!


    Desert Castle

    How to Build a Desert Castle in Minecraft Tutorial
    Screenshot by BlueBits

    Watch Tutorial

    Building in the desert biome isn’t the first choice for many players for their construction ideas. However, there’s so much potential with Sandstone blocks to create something majestic. If you’re looking for a template to create a new Survival base, the following video tutorial by BlueBits will set you on your way to producing the perfect Minecraft desert castle. It is a massive construction, requiring a 33 x 53 block area and around +2600 Sandstone block, between stairs, slabs, walls, and texture variations. The blue Terracota is a nice colour choice that steers away from the typical orange used in desert buildings.


    Japanese Castle

    Japanese Castle Minecraft 1.17 Video Tutorial
    Screenshot by BlueBits

    Watch Tutorial

    Many content creators love to upload their Minecraft Japanese castle renditions because its architecture is so iconic. BlueBits presents us with this video tutorial that requires you to allocate a 59 x 75 block area to fit a castle reaching 67 x 48 x 39 blocks in width, length, and height, respectively. As you can probably tell by now, this will be no small project– some of the resources needed can be pretty tricky to obtain if you haven’t grinded your way through an Ocean Monument. However, you can replace the Dark Prismarine with Warped planks, stairs, and slabs if needed.


    2-Player Winter Castle

    Minecraft Mountain Castle Ideas Multiplayer
    Screenshot by daxar123_builds

    Watch Tutorial

    You decided to set up a Minecraft server with your friend and need a great idea for your shared base. Look no further! We have a winter castle blueprint that daxar123_builds has uploaded on their channel, with two bedrooms and all the Survival essentials covered. You and another player can search for the perfect mountain cliff to place the foundations and create the ultimate fortified castle. 

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    Blackstone Castle

    Minecraft Blackstone Castle Design
    Screenshot by Stevler

    Watch Tutorial

    Blackstone is a great contender for building a Minecraft castle due to its texture and colour. Its only main disadvantage comes from how complex it is to gather resources from the Nether compared to Cobblestone. However, this shouldn’t deter you from trying out this idea by Stevler using a 31 x 31 block area for the outer walls, a castle entrance, and the castle itself. If you’re playing at a server, this can be the perfect lair for your group of friends as you traverse the Minecraft lands and fight other players and mobs. Hopefully, everyone can lend a hand in gathering all the necessary blocks and items for its construction!


    Big Medieval Castle

    Minecraft Medieval Castle Ideas How to Build
    Screenshot by Stevler

    Watch Tutorial

    We’ve all been there. Trying to build a Minecraft medieval castle from scratch is something everyone has tried to do at some point in their lives, right? If you’re interested in a castle blueprint with a wizard tower, warehouse, two defensive towers, a horse corral, and central fortified walls, there’s another video by Stevler that will be the perfect place to start Keep in mind that you’ll need more than 4500 Stone blocks in different formats and uses Spruce logs and planks for the wooden details. Allocate a 40 x 37 block area for the foundation, and start placing blocks!


    Mountaintop Castle

    Mountain Castle Minecraft Tutorial
    Screenshot by BigTonyMC

    Watch Tutorial

    Some biomes are often overlooked when searching for an ideal place to settle. However, placing your base on the top of a mountain can be an excellent way to have a full view of your surroundings without compromising security. If that description caught your attention, you should check out BigTonyMc’s video tutorial on a mountaintop castle in Minecraft. With Stone, Blackstone, and Spruce blocks, you, too, can have this gorgeous base in your world and rule your kingdom with an iron fist– the latter is optional! We hope that you have enough chests or Shulker boxes to carry around so many blocks to the construction site… unless you’re using a storage mod to help you with that!


    4-Tower Castle

    Minecraft Medieval Castle Blueprints
    Screenshot by One Team

    Watch Tutorial

    You’ve found a nice coast area where you’d love to build a magnificent stone castle. If you’re up for a challenge, this video tutorial by One Team will guide you every step of the way in creating a fantastic rendition of a medieval castle with a central courtyard. It will be no small task– the intricate wall designs and the overall dimensions can get overwhelming very fast for Survival players!

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    End Castle

    End Castle Minecraft Design Idea
    Screenshot by Lex The Builder

    Watch Tutorial

    The End is an often-overlooked realm for structures, aside from the occasional Enderman farm. Overall it is a hostile place to be, but the End Stone bricks have a lot of potential for a Minecraft castle if you know how to combine them properly with other materials. The following video tutorial by Lex The Builder showcases a breathtaking construction reaching about 18 or 19 blocks tall, with Purple Stained Glass for the windows. The colour palette is perfect for the End, and it’s an excellent way to enclose the End Portal once you find it underground… if you’d like to put in the effort!


    Medieval Concrete Castle

    Classic Medieval Castle Minecraft Design Idea
    Screenshot by Grian

    Watch Tutorial

    It was about time to showcase a classic rendition of a medieval castle for those players looking to recreate that iconic European era in their world. The following video comes from Grian, a content creator fairly known in the Minecraft community as an active member of HermitCraft. On this occasion, they twist the classic formula by using Gray Concrete instead of Stone as their primary block for the building. The video tutorial is easy to follow and the design is simple yet rich in detail– We didn’t expect less from Grian!


    Castle Ruins

    Minecraft Castle Ruins Idea How to Build
    Screenshot by BigTonyMC

    Watch Tutorial

    A pristine, shiny castle doesn’t have the same allure as an ancient, long-forgotten one when you consider the effort behind making it look like that. Perhaps what kind of loot can you find inside, we wonder? Making yet another appearance on our list, this video tutorial comes from BigTonyMC, showcasing a castle torn down by time and weather with a single tower standing. The structure adds a lot of charm to the environment and the entire construction won’t take too much time if you already have Stone and Oak logs lying around your chests. Of course, you can repurpose its interior as a starting survival base, but as a standalone decoration works perfectly fine too.


    Hill Castle

    How to Build Hill Castle Minecraft Video Tutorial
    Screenshot by DiddiHD

    Watch Tutorial

    DiddiHD decided to go all out in this video tutorial showcasing a massive castle in Minecraft set on a mountain cliff for everyone to admire from afar. As you would expect from a Minecraft hill castle with these dimensions, you will also need to check out the second, third, and fourth parts uploaded in their channel for the full instructions. We recommend you slow down the video to x0.75 speed in case you get lost in the process. Fortunately, you can download the schematics for reference. We can assure you the results will be 100% worth it. Good luck with your mission!


    Blackstone Medieval Castle

    Minecraft Blackstone Medieval Castle Blueprints Design
    Screenshot by Stelver

    Watch Tutorial

    The 1.16 Nether update introduced some nice-looking blocks to add even more variety to your Minecraft world. If you want to steer away from the classic Minecraft medieval castle constructions, Stevler uses Blackstone and Basalt for their interpretation of this classic concept. Note that the entire tutorial is divided into three videos: one for the main structure, another one for the fortress walls, and the final part showcases the interior design. You may take some time to gather all the necessary resources for it, but the results are so worth it– just slap some nice shaders and any resource pack of your liking to enhance those beautiful dark colours!

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    Little Castle Base

    How to Build Minecraft Little Castle Tutorial
    Screenshot by BigTonyMC

    Watch Tutorial 

    Can you guess who’s next on our list? That’s right, BigTonyMC makes another appearance on our list with a more compact depiction of a stone castle for Minecraft. Don’t get fooled though– you will still need to spend some hours to construct the entire edification if you’re planning to do so in your Survival world. Note that the author has published two more videos for this construction to showcase additional structure details and interior decoration. The commentary is entertaining and should give you plenty of instructions to complete it in no time!


    Small Castle

    Compact Small Minecraft Medieval Castle 1.17
    Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

    Watch Tutorial

    In some cases, less is more. There’s no need to spend so many hours on any building project if you don’t want to, and you can still come up with a beautiful base to call your home in no time. For that same reason, TheMythicalSausage has come up with a cozy Minecraft small castle video tutorial for Survival players, adding a lot of character into the concept with a chimney, a small horse corral, a kitchen area, and a bedroom. The design allows you to expand into an underground cellar if you need an extra storage room.

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    Desert Fortress

    Desert Castle Fortress Minecraft How to Build
    Screenshot by Crafting Vibes

    Watch Tutorial

    As we’ve mentioned before, setting a base in the desert biome can be challenging if you consider the lack of natural resources and the menacing Husks always luring even during the daytime. However, it also holds great potential for a thematic castle built with Sandstone. This video tutorial for a Minecraft desert castle by Crafting Vibes shows a 33 x 33 block area with four defence towers, the main house, and an inner courtyard. The castle layout will allow you to snipe mobs from afar using your Bow or Crossbow easily. We love how the leaves and vines add just the necessary green touches to the entire castle!


    Simple Survival Castle

    Minecraft Simple Survival Castle Base Singleplayer
    Screenshot by Nexy

    Watch Tutorial

    What if you want to challenge yourself to create a smaller structure that can still cater to all of your Survival needs? Building a Minecraft small castle can be a fun project that won’t require many hours to complete. This design by Nexy includes an enchanting room, a small bedroom, a kitchen, and stables. The author even went the extra mile by building the entire thing in Survival, using Scaffolds to reach more complex areas. We always appreciate it when they ditch Creative mode to set realistic expectations on the construction!

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    Compact Survival Castle

    Castle Minecraft Survival Base Tutorial
    Screenshot by Mr Smoose

    Watch Tutorial

    If you have about 22 or 23 stacks of Stone Bricks and Cobblestone, then you’ll be all set to follow along with the next video by Mr Smoose. This Minecraft castle tutorial also includes a giant red flag on top of the building and works wonderfully as a survival base for a single player. Keep in mind that the tutorial doesn’t include instructions for the interior decoration, but that should only grant you more liberties to reinterpret and adapt it for your needs.

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    Fortified Castle

    Minecraft Castle Building Idea Stone
    Screenshot by Heyimrobby

    Watch Tutorial

    If you just want to build a classic stone castle, we have you covered with this video tutorial by Heyimrobby. While they don’t disclose the total number of resources needed for the entire project, you can still rely on a lot of Stone and Cobblestone blocks to construct a 4-tower castle with a moat. We suggest you slowing down the video to x0.75 speed so that you can properly see the number of blocks placed and their location inside the blueprint. The design is as straightforward as it can get, so you don’t need to worry about complex shapes and layering block after block!


    Starter Nether Castle

    Nether Castle Minecraft Survival Base
    Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

    Watch Tutorial

    Players who get to the Nether for the first time can get spooked by the endless hazards and dangerous mob living in that realm. However, it also holds valuable resources that will help them progress further into the game. So why not use these exclusive blocks to create a dark castle in the Overworld? TheMythicalSausage returns to our list with a structure made out of Blackstone and Nether bricks. Balancing the dark colours with Soul Lanterns, it works as a perfect evil headquarters to plan the most macabre schemes you can think of. We give it our thumbs up and we encourage everyone to use Nether blocks more often in their buildings!

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    Survival Castle with Moat

    Watch Tutorial

    One Team brings us the following video tutorial for a Minecraft simple castle, perfect for those looking to have plenty of space for their storage and crafting stations. For this structure, you will need to clear out a 25 x 20 block area and an outer ring of about 3 or 4 blocks for the moat and entrance gate. We like how the roof includes small crop areas where you can grow your food, although there is so much potential to use other furniture ideas to add depth to this building’s interior.


    Castle Gate

    Minecraft Castle Gate 1.17 Video Tutorial
    Screenshot by BlueNerd Minecraft

    Watch Tutorial

    Let’s place ourselves in the following scenario– you want to fortify a village so that you can finally start crafting an iron farm or trade with a Librarian villager to get the Mending enchantment book.  This video tutorial by BlueNerd Minecraft shows step by step how to build a castle gate that you can build as a standalone structure or use with other Minecraft castle ideas. While this particular entrance doesn’t include a Redstone contraption for opening and closing its gates, it can still be a beautiful addition to any fortified medieval city.

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    Mini Castle

    Minecraft Mini Castle How to Build Tutorial
    Screenshot by TheMythicalSausage

    Watch Tutorial

    We always say that there’s no need to go overboard to come up with a great idea. Continuing with smaller castle blueprints, we share a video tutorial by TheMythicalSausage. They have self-imposed a challenge where they can only use an 8 x 8 block area for the entire edification. The result is a mini-castle base with a top floor where you can place your bed and some chests and a main floor with every essential crammed up in this tiny space. You can always expand upon the original design as you wish, but we think that it is an ingenious and cozy idea for a Minecraft mini castle that you may want to test for yourself.


    Survival Starter Castle

    How to Build Survival Medieval Castle for Minecraft
    Screenshot by BigTonyMC

    Watch Tutorial

    Coming up next, another video tutorial by BigTonyMC can guide you with another classic rendition of a medieval castle in Minecraft. It features an upper house, squared and main tower, a typical castle gate, and an inner courtyard. The video will also guide you through the interior decoration, something that not all content creators focus on in their tutorials. It’s always appreciated to watch how to build a castle in Minecraft with a voiceover commenting on the process, especially if you cannot properly see a specific pattern just from the footage.


    Ultimate Medieval Castle

    Minecraft Castle Medieval Design Blueprints
    Screenshot by ItsMarloe

    Watch Tutorial

    We bet veteran Minecraft players are always looking for ambitious building projects for their Survival Hardcore world. After all, bragging about having a gigantic medieval castle hits different when you’ve accomplished it without dying once– we’ve all fell down to our doom before Scaffolds were added to the game. That’s why this Minecraft medieval castle blueprint by ItsMarloe will mark all the boxes for you. These types of Minecraft castle builds require a lot of resources to fully fledge out, it is true. However, considering how it features storage rooms, animal and farming areas, a brewing room, an enchanting table area, and even some expandable room if you need additional space, you will be all set for your adventures!


    Pink Castle

    Pink Castle Cute Building Idea for Minecraft
    Screenshot by MY MINECRAFT HOUSE

    Watch Tutorial

    The following Minecraft castle blueprint doesn’t follow the same pattern as the rest. Or should we say colour palette? The channel MY MINECRAFT HOUSE has come up with an adorable pink castle for your Survival world, using Concrete, Stone bricks, and Birch logs as the main resources. To follow along with the video tutorial, you should already have a 25 x 17 block area available to construct. The design doesn’t steer away from what one would expect from a Minecraft castle, but the pink colour is a nice twist in the formula. For an extra touch, you can also use a cute resource pack that will make your new castle pop! Let your imagination run wild with the interior decoration– maybe your dogs and cats can have a room for themselves inside?


    Classic Medieval Castle

    Minecraft Stone Medieval Castle Basic Building Idea
    Screenshot by Magma

    Watch Tutorial

    Cobblestone and Stone must be the most abundant blocks available in Minecraft after Dirt. They’re also the perfect resource to build a standard medieval castle with defensive walls, archer towers, and a moat to protect yourself from invaders. We think this Minecraft castle tutorial by Magma is perfect for any PvP map, particularly for a Capture the Flag scenario. Besides, you can customize the front banners and the flag poles with any colour or pattern of your liking.

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    Island Fortress

    Island Fortress Castle Survival Base Minecraft Design
    Screenshot by BigTonyMC

    Watch Tutorial

    You’ve found the perfect spot at the coast to start building your brand-new base, but you’re unsure of its exact location. Perhaps placing your Survival base over a body of water can help you slow down mobs from arriving at your hideout and allow you to have a strategic advantage for shooting arrows. If you think the same, the next Minecraft island castle by BigTonyMC can be just what you need. Setting the foundations underwater will bring a more realistic look, and overall, its design is super convenient to store all your items and more. Note that BigTonyMC has uploaded a second part detailing the interior decoration if you want to follow their instructions rather than go with your own layout.


    Simple Fantasy Castle

    Minecraft Fantasy Castle Idea Survival Base
    Screenshot by Lex The Builder

    Watch Tutorial

    Last but not least, we have a thematic castle that works wonderfully with any fantasy Minecraft world. If you have some magic mods installed and want to pretend you’re a powerful wizard, you should complement it with an awesome hideout fitting to your status, right? This video tutorial by Lex The Builder mostly requires Stone bricks and Spruce logs to complete, so you should have no problems with recollecting all the necessary resources in Survival.  As we’ve mentioned before, if you don’t have Dark Prismarine to complete the building blueprint, you can rely on Warped Stem to keep the same roof colour as the original.

    Phew! Now that was a long list. After all, so many creators have put in a lot of passion and effort into showcasing their rendition of an all-time classic edification. Whether you’re playing a world by yourself or hopping into a server with friends, every single entry is an excellent candidate on its own to recreate in your Minecraft game. Or perhaps you’d like to customise them and come up with a completely different layout? It’s up to you to decide! We just know that Minecraft castle designs are super fun to make. 

    Did any of these Minecraft castle ideas catch your attention? Have you already try to build any of these in your Minecraft game? We would love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

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