20 Minecraft City Building Ideas

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Have you ever wanted to start a new multiplayer server and start with a gigantic building project with your friends? Regardless of whether you’re planning on keeping it private or monetizing your server, an urban city is a typical project we find in these situations. There’s something about seeing modern apartments and stores in a Minecraft world that lures players to come up with their renditions. We’ve compiled 20 Minecraft city-building ideas to help you find the missing piece in your urban puzzle!


Modern Office Building

Minecraft Modern City Building Idea Video Tutorial
Screenshot by Drewsmc

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No city is complete without a couple of high-rising buildings you can see from any point on the nearby map. The following video tutorial by Drewsmc is a challenging building project to pull off in Survival mode, so we don’t blame you if you desist from recreating this gigantic office building in your Minecraft city!

If you’re afraid of losing your building from an accidental fire, you can always switch the Wool blocks with Concrete, although this may require additional resources in Survival. Regardless of your final choice, the beauty shots are undeniably impressive. Don’t forget to check out the second part to get all the necessary details in this Minecraft city building idea!


High-rise Apartment Building

Minecraft Skyscraper Concrete Idea Video Tutorial Youtube
Screenshot by HexRegulus

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If you’re searching for additional apartment designs to build in your Minecraft city, this video tutorial by HexRegulus may be the missing piece of your urban puzzle. As we always suggest with these gigantic builds, use Scaffolds and equip an Elytra to avoid any nasty falls!

Such massive dimensions require around 7 to 8 stacks of White Concrete for each floor, according to players who have recreated this building in Survival mode. We cannot deny the original designs looks outstanding, but you can use any other Concrete colour to replace the orange bits in this high-rise apartment.


Christian Church

Church Design How to Build for Minecraft 1.18.2 Creative
Screenshot by TheBuildingDuck

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TheBuildingDuck has uploaded an interesting video tutorial for a type of Minecraft building idea we don’t get to see often. On this occasion, we have a Christian church design for your Minecraft world made out of Quartz and Spruce planks. The chandeliers add a realistic touch to this Minecraft church!

Its size and complexity make for an exciting challenge for any Survival builder, so we hope you stack up on Scaffolds before starting! As a side note, an affordable alternative to the Blackstone Stairs is Deepslate Stairs added in the 1.18 update.


Coffee Shop

Modern Coffee Shop Multipurpose Minecraft Building Design Grian
Screenshot by Grian

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The following video tutorial by Grian will guide you in how to build a Minecraft coffee shop. We’ve chosen this design because it’s a beautiful and versatile building combining Dark Oak and Dark Prismarine, and includes interesting details that you can recreate in other Minecraft building designs. For instance, the windows include Glass Panes with Glass blocks to switch the monotonous texture, and the flooring made out of Polished Andesite and Furnaces is a combo we haven’t seen before!

The great thing about this Minecraft video tutorial is that you can adapt the idea for any other shop or store you need in your city, so we hope you try out this design!

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Large Suburban House

Large Minecraft Surburban Home Design How to Build
Screenshot by Greg Builds

Watch Tutorial

Almost any Minecraft city will eventually need a suburban area for its players. If you want to go the extra mile, you can try the following video tutorial by Greg Builds, where Birch Planks and Quartz take the stage in this lovely suburban home. The entire structure is 22 blocks wide, 13 blocks tall and 16 blocks long, so we hope that you already have a nice, flat surface to start this build! Featuring a luxurious interior design with a bathroom and kitchen area, we recommend you install furniture mods to have a functional Survival base!



Minecraft Prison City Building Idea 1.18
Screenshot by Greg Builds

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Public multiplayer servers must include mechanisms to punish players breaking the rules, whether by temporarily banning these perpetrators or transporting their characters to a prison area. The following video tutorial by Greg Builds combines stripped Wood logs with stone to build a small prison you can use for decoration purposes or adapt it as an actual prison area for your Villagers or friends.

Set aside a 20×21 space and stack up on Stripped Oak Logs, Iron Bars and Stone Brick Walls for the exterior. If you’re worried about people trying to escape their confinement, there are several plugins you can use in a multiplayer server to configure this Minecraft prison build as indestructible. Good luck escaping from here!



Minecraft Minimarket Building Idea City Tutorial
Screenshot by Brandon Stilley Gaming

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The following video tutorial by Brandon Stilley Gaming features an amazing minimarket requiring Quartz combined with Orange Concrete for the walls and Gray Concrete for the roofing to achieve a simple, clean look. The building’s dimensions will provide you with plenty of space to place chests and items for sale! Using Black Tinted Glass Panes is an excellent way to create more interesting-looking windows and give a bit more privacy from prying eyes. Note that the creator has uploaded a second video where they detail how to recreate the interior decoration, so make sure to check that one out as well!



Cinema Idea for Minecraft Survival Singleplayer Video Tutorial
Screenshot by TSMC

Watch Tutorial

What else could be missing in your city, aside from the essentials? What about building some much-welcomed amenities, like a cinema? The following video tutorial by TSMC will fit perfectly in your town if you’ve gone with a modern vibe. The red and white colour combination is reminiscent of the classic popcorn packaging we see in real life, but you can always swap the colour palette to your liking. Decorate the exterior with custom paintings if you want to take it a step further with the setting!

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Gas Station

Gas Station Minecraft City Building Idea 1.18 Creative.png
Screenshot by TSMC

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Some Minecraft city building ideas aren’t meant to be 100% functional but rather add richer details to the environment for immersion. That’s the case with the following video tutorial by TSMC, which we recommend complementing with stationary vehicles you can build for extra attention to detail from other YouTube tutorials.

Build a gasoline station with an ingenious combination of Stairs, Item Frames, Quartz and Concrete. Don’t forget to switch the White, Blue and Red Concrete roofing to any other colour combination to fit the rest of your city’s aesthetic!


Water Park

Minecraft Water Park Build Urban Design 1.18
Screenshot by HALNY

Watch Tutorial

If you feel like you’re missing an interesting amenity, this Minecraft water park idea can be the cherry on top to complete your project. In the following video tutorial by HALNY, the entrance features two connected pools and a sunbathing area with colourful sunshades created with Iron Trapdoors and Carpets.

You will also build a water slide that you can adapt its height to your liking with a bit of imagination and several water slides to compete with your friends. As many Minecraft building ideas nowadays, you can recreate the structure with lots of Concrete and patience.


Modern Hotel

Modern Building Hotel Minecraft 1.18 Video Tutorial
Screenshot by TSMC

Watch Tutorial

White Concrete is the perfect block for a modern building, and the following video tutorial by TSMC is an excellent example of this. As a Minecraft city building idea, we have this fantastic hotel building that also combines with Birch Planks, and the good news is that you can adapt the design to make it as tall as you see fit. Since the entire building is small, there’s not much room for adapting it as a solid base, but the modern hotel layout is excellent for filling up a city. 



Simple Hospital Build for Minecraft 1.18 City Project
Screenshot by HALNY

Watch Tutorial

Any respectable city should have a hospital, right? This video tutorial by HALNY showcases a hospital building idea for Minecraft, which doesn’t require endless stacks of resources. The interior features the main entrance and two patient rooms on each side, and, as a bit of extra, you can use this video tutorial to include an ambulance near the main door. We think it’s a great addition for any city project in Survival due to its minimalistic design and easy-to-obtain blocks needed.

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Small Cute Pharmacy Store Idea for Minecraft City 1.18.
Screenshot by TSMC

Watch Tutorial

Maybe your Minecraft city building idea needs extra structures to improve its realism, and what better way than to add a pharmacy into the urban environment? We think any multiplayer server can benefit from these types of buildings if you adapt them to sell potions. Whether you’ll put the building into good use or recreate it for decoration purposes, the following video tutorial by TSMC features a small-sized pharmacy requiring a 17×13 space area.

Its material list includes a lot of Black Stained Glass Panes, Birch Planks and Quartz. While the interior decoration places several chests filled with potions, feel free to use mods or plugins to set an actual marketplace within the pharmacy!



Minecraft Warehouse Structure Storage System Multiplayer 1.18
Screenshot by NewFreedomMC

Watch Tutorial

If you want to tackle a different building project with friends, we’d like to suggest the following video tutorial by NewFreedomMC for a Minecraft warehouse. The spacious interior can work as a Survival operation centre or storage room, and most of the required materials are easy to obtain with teamwork and several mining sessions. If you haven’t found End Rods yet, we suggest using Glowstone or Lanterns to illuminate the interior properly and avoid hostile mobs spawning.


Small Modern House

Simple Small Modern House Minecraft City Planning 1.18

Watch Tutorial

If you’re planning to create a suburban area, perhaps you’d like to keep the Minecraft house designs as simple as possible. Whether these homes will actually work as bases or they’re only meant for decorative purposes, this video tutorial by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT can give you a hand! We love the elegant combination of White Concrete with Black Stained Glass Panes, and having a small farm just underneath the foundation adds a useful Survival utility to the build! This modern home only requires a 5×5 space area, so it’s easy to recreate once you understand the layout and have the resources.


Modern Townhouses

Minecraft Modern Townhouse Idea TSMC YouTube Tutorial
Screenshot by TSMC

Watch Tutorial

We have this outstanding video tutorial by TSMC as another alternative for housing in your Minecraft city. Using Oak Planks with White and Gray Concrete results in an aesthetically-pleasing, modern home with three floors to place your furnaces, bed and chests for your Survival essentials. The best part about this Minecraft modern house design is that you can easily put them right next to each other to create townhouses, giving your city a unified look without losing its charm!

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Train Platform

Train Station Minecraft 1.18 Railway Design Urban Idea
Screenshot by Ector Vynk

Watch Tutorial

Rails and Minecarts have always been part of the game’s core mechanics, and it’s a fun way to move around from point A to B without wasting your hunger bar running. Any big city worldwide must have some sort of public transportation for its citizens, which is also valid for your Minecraft urban planning! The following video tutorial by Ector Vynk is a simple yet elegant train platform design that you can incorporate into a functioning railway system powered by Redstone. Build several of these throughout your city, and have fun moving your Villagers around!


Aldi Supermarket

Aldi Supermarket Design Minecraft Rendition 1.18 Tutorial Building
Screenshot by TSMC

Watch Tutorial

Rather than throwing all your food inside a single chest, you can always upgrade your Minecraft city with a supermarket. Paying direct homage to the German supermarket brand, we have this video tutorial by TSMC. They take you on a detailed guide on how to recreate their Aldi supermarket idea.

We love how TSMC uses banners to spell out a sign in the front and how they decided to use Glass blocks for the roofing. The video tutorial also includes a parking lot area to continue with the realistic approach, so we hope it suits your Minecraft city project!


Sushi Restaurant

Sushi Restaurant Minecraft Food Idea for 1.18 Design
Screenshot by Servasius

Watch Tutorial

Is your Minecraft city missing a fancy restaurant? We have the perfect solution for you! This video tutorial by Servasius features an elegant sushi restaurant built with Concrete. The striped flooring combined with the Black Concrete makes for an elegant and unique aesthetic to the building project, and we bet it will work as a distinctive point of interest within your Minecraft city. Of course, the banner letters are fundamental to show everyone what to expect inside the building!


Modern City Park

Watch Tutorial

The following video tutorial by crafterjacob can be helpful guidance in adding some much-needed green areas within your city. The layout features a basketball courtyard and a simple setup for trees and flowers, making it an accessible building project for all Minecraft players regardless of their building skills. Of course, you can add a unique spin by combining several garden ideas to bring your city to life, but it’s always good to have a simple starting point to avoid getting overwhelmed.

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We know how overwhelming it can get sometimes to finish a building project in Minecraft without getting too caught up in smaller details. After all, creating a city from scratch is a pretty impressive feat!

We hope that some of these Minecraft city building ideas caught your attention! Is there any video tutorial, in particular, you’d like to recreate in your world? Are you attempting them in Survival or Creative mode? Let us know in the comments and thank you for reading!

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