12 Best Minecraft Farm Ideas, Ranked (2023)

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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There are various concepts in Minecraft that are true in the real world. For one, your resources in survival mode are finite. Everything has a limitation, and it’s a good idea to establish some self-sufficiency. 

One way to do this is through farming.

Besides providing resources, a well-designed farm can also take your Minecraft base’s appearance to new heights.

In this article, we’re going to check out some of the best Minecraft farm ideas for resources or design purposes.  


Multi-Level Farm 

Multi-Level Farm

If you want an appealing crop farm that is efficient at the same time, then look no further. This multi-level farm by Avomance has a small footprint design with multi-levels, allowing you to farm more crops in a smaller area. 

This multi-level farm also runs on a single bucket of water, with water flowing down to the lowest level. In the video, the farm sits on a 5×5 crop grid, but you can make it bigger or even smaller depending on your needs. 

You can also add more levels to the farm but you might need to use more water buckets to supply water on all levels. 


Automatic Cherry Farm

Cherry Farm

The Trails and Tails update added the Cherry Biome to Minecraft, which features cherry blossom trees and cherry blocks. If you love these new blocks, building this automatic cherry farm from Rays Works will allow you to collect cherry logs, planks, and leaves faster. 

Rays’ design features an AFK planting and collection system that allows you to do other things in your world.


Aesthetic Cottagecore Farm

Cottagecore Farm

This farm design from Croissant Cat is one of the best-looking builds we’ve seen so far. It has a cottage-core vibe and will easily fit in most builds. This farm features different flowers and crops like wheat, sweet berries, and glow berries. 

The farm sits on a 7×7 circular grid with oak logs used for fencing. To complete the look, decorations like pumpkin scarecrows, beehives, and lamps are carefully placed across the farm. 


AIO Barn Farm 

AIO Barn Farm

This all-in-one farm from Rectic 7 features six automatic farms inside a barn, making it one of the best Minecraft farm ideas out there. Besides its practicality, the barn’s overall design is also appealing. It should fit any country-style builds or even medieval ones if you replace wood with cobblestones.

This barn demonstrates great use of space where you’ll find an automatic egg farm, wool farm, feather farm, leather farm, milk farm, and food farm. 


Simple Cow Farm

minecraft farm ideas

Food is one of the primary resources you’ll need to survive on Minecraft. This food farm by Lomby features a simple design that can be easily replicated in the early stages of your playthrough. 

This cattle farm breeds cows and automatically cooks the calves. This simple cow farm uses andesite blocks for the structure. You’ll also need three dispensers for lava and water, an observer, some hoppers, a storage chest, and trapdoors. 

With this farm, you’ll never have to worry about running out of food


Shulker Shells Farm

Shulker Farm

If you need Shulker Boxes for a specific build, farming shulker shells, in The End, can take a lot of time. Fortunately, this scaffolding shulker shell farm by Shulkercraft can help you generate over 1400 shells per hour automatically. The farm can fit on almost any biome except savannas, badlands, deserts, and nether. 

This scaffolding farm also looks amazing since it’s suspended in the air, and its multi-level structure looks great from afar. 


Raid Farm

Raid Farm

Here’s one of the simplest, yet effective, Minecraft raid farm ideas from Skavio that takes advantage of a typical mob farm design and Bad Omen status to simulate raids in a controlled environment. As a result, you can farm illagers without taking damage and collect various resources. 

However, the highlight of this farm is the potential to farm hundreds of emeralds and dozens of totems of undying within a short period. 


AFK Crop Farm

AFK Crop Farm

Growing crops in Minecraft requires attention and time. However, if you don’t want to do manual labor, you can use this AFK farm by Voltrox. This is one of the easiest auto farms that can be used for farming carrots, wheat, potato, and more. 

Voltrox’s design features two 9×9 grids with a collection system in the middle. With this farm in place, you can carry on with other tasks while waiting for your crops to grow. 


Emerald Farm

Emerald Farm

Trading with villagers usually involves emeralds. If you engage in a lot of villager trades, this emerald farm from Gorillo will suit your needs. Materials used for the farm include glass blocks, observers, dispensers, Redstone dust, and trapdoors. 

Of course, you will also need to employ a shepherd for this farm and use sheep for their wool. 


AFK Fish Farm

minecraft farm ideas

Most AFK farms in Minecraft prioritize function over aesthetics. However, this AFK fish farm by BlazeDude is functional and visually appealing at the same time. It also sits on a small footprint and uses basic resources, making it easy to create in the early stages. 

This fish farm also produces a lot of treasure loot, unlimited fish, enchanted books, and more.


Wood Farm 

minecraft farm ideas

This wood farm from OinkOink is one of the most practical designs we’ve seen and yields over 7000 wood logs per hour. Materials used for this build are very simple and should not be hard to obtain in the early stages. 

Whether you are crafting tools are building houses, you’ll most likely need some wood. With this, it’s simply practical to have a wood farm in your world. 


Iron Farm

minecraft farm ideas

If your gameplay requires a lot of iron, setting up an efficient iron farm proves beneficial.

Voltrox’s simple iron farm design offers an excellent solution for obtaining iron fast in the early stages of your game. With a few resources and a reasonably sized area, you can create a productive iron farm capable of generating over 300 iron per hour. 

This review provides a gallery of innovative Minecraft farm ideas, from aesthetically pleasing farms to practical AFK farms, blending function and form seamlessly.

Farms included on our list not only ensure survival but can also serve as great attractions.

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